Paris Arrondissements: Where to Stay

Before deciding where to stay in Paris, it is important to know a little about the arrondissement (neighborhood) where the hotel or apartment is located. In general, hotels in arrondissements close to Paris’ city center or near Paris’s must-see sights will be more expensive. It’s important to decide if price is more important than location or vice versa before choosing where to begin looking for accommodations. This is not to say that deals cannot be found in some of Paris’ more desirable arrondissements, it’s just a bit more challenging. And, rest assured, most of Paris arrondissements are completely safe.

Maire du 5th Arr

The municipal building in Paris’s 5th arrondissement

What is an arrondissement? The city of Paris is organized according to a system of arrondissements (municipal districts / neighborhoods) that spiral out from the center of Paris beginning with the 1st and going all the way through 20. (see the Paris arrondissement map below). Paris’ arrondissements are identified by the last two digits of address postal codes, and are typically written as 17eme or 17e arr. Regardless of where you stay in Paris, every arrondissement is well connected by a wonderful Métro (subway) system that allows you to travel to any point in the city with no more than one transfer. Have a look at our arrondissement map below, to see how the city is laid out and find the best area for you to stay in Paris.


paris arrondissement map of all neighborhoods

1st Arrondissement

The 1st Arrondissement is the center of the old city of Paris and it is a great place to stay while in Paris. It is located on the Right Bank (Rive Droit) of the Seine, and is home to many beautiful historic buildings, the Louvre Museum, the adjacent Jardins des Tuileries and the elegant Place Vendome.  Because of its central location, hotels in this area tend to be more expensive. The advantage to staying here is that you are within walking distance of most of the top tourist destinations and restaurants in Paris and the area is very safe, as is most of Paris. More information on the 1st Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 1st Arrondissement

The Tuilleries in Paris

The Tuileries are a major attraction in the 1st Arrondissement

2nd Arrondissement

The 2nd Arrondissement is also located on the Right Bank and is principally known as the stock exchange and business district. The eastern end contains the garment district. While this is not an exciting tourist destination, it is a safe and quiet area with more affordable accommodations. More information on the 2nd Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 2nd Arrondissement

3rd Arrondissement

As shown on the Paris Arrondissement map above, the 3rd Arrondissement encompasses part of the Marais district, a former swamp that is now a trendy, art-filled neighborhood. This safe area is very gay-friendly and has a great Jewish quarter with excellent restaurants and shops. Be sure to check out the lovely Musée Picasso while you are here. More information on the 3rd Arrondisement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 3rd Arrondissement

4th Arrondissement

The 4th Arrondissement is at the heart of Medieval Paris. Many prominent tourist sites such as Notre Dame, St. Chapelle, and the National Museum of Art in the Pompidou Center are all here. The Marais spills into the 4e arr. and contains the Place des Vosges, known as the most beautiful square in Europe. More information on the 4th Arrondissement
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 at the place des vosges

The Place des Vosges is surrounded by shops and restaurants under beautiful arcades

5th Arrondissement

The 5th Arrondissement is located on the Left Bank (Rive Gauche) and has been known as the Latin Quarter since the early 13th century because the Sorbonne University professors and students all spoke Latin. It is still considered to be the intellectual center of Paris, and is now filled with a variety of bohemian restaurants and bookshops.  The 5th Arrondissement is also in close proximity to the glorious Luxembourg Gardens. Foodies will enjoy the food shops and cafés on Rue Mouffetard. More information on the 5th Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 5th Arrondissement

Shoppers on rue Mouffetard

Foodies love the Rue Mouffetard in Paris’s 5th Arrondissement

6th Arrondissement

The 6th Arrondissement, also known as St. Germain de Prés, is a colorful part of the Left Bank that was once the favorite haunt of Ernest Hemingway and the artist Eugène Delacroix. Today you can stroll the famous Boulevard St. Germain, or find the former homes of famous authors on Rue Jacob. The gorgeous Luxembourg Gardens are in this district as well. The little street in this district called Cherche-Midi has some great little local restaurants. More information on the 6th Arrondissement
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Les Deux Magot restaurant

A former rendezvous for Paris’s literati, Les Deux Magots is still a popular spot to dine in the 6th Arrondissement

7th Arrondissement

The Eiffel Tower, one of the most recognized landmarks and European tourist attractions in the world, is located in the 7th Arrondissement. The Invalides, which holds Napoleon’s tomb, and the Musée d‘Orsay are also found here. The Musée du Quai Branly (African and Oceanic arts museum)  is also located in this arrondissement. More information on Paris’s 7th Arrondissement
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Nothing beats the Eiffel Tower for celebrating New Year's Eve

Nothing beats the Eiffel Tower for celebrating New Year’s Eve

8th Arrondissement

The Right Bank’s 8th Arrondissement is where you’ll find the glitz, glamour, and elegance of Paris. The Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triumph, famous fashion houses, elegant hotels and restaurants are all in this exciting and beautiful arrondissement. You may pay a little more for a hotel here, but the convenience and beauty is worth it. For the best restaurant prices and authentic French food, don’t eat on the Champs-Elysées. These restaurants are geared for tourists and the value is not good. Opt for somewhere on one of the small, winding streets that branch off of the Champs- Elysées. One  exception to this would be the famous Ladurée (located on the Champs-Elysées), which is worth every euro. More information on the 8th Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 8th Arrondissement

9th Arrondissement

When staying in the 9th Arrondissement, you will see that it holds both the most elegant and the most tawdry areas of Paris. Pigalle, where you’ll find the Moulin Rouge and adjacent strip joints is here, but closer in you will see the Palais Garnier,  Paris’ elegant Opera house. Be sure to visit the Opera Garnier; its ornate décor is over-the-top and the Chagall painted ceiling is worth the price of admission itself. More information on the 9th Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 9th Arrondissement

Opera Garnier ceiling

The Opera Garnier ceiling, by Chagall is worth the price of admission

10th Arrondissement

The 10th Arrondissement centers on the Canal St. Martin and the restaurants and cafés that line its banks. The streets along the canal become car-free zones on Saturday afternoons/evenings, and all day on Sundays to make way for the cycling and rollerblading hoards. Two great train stations, Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est, are located here as is the historic Place de la République on the south end of the arrondissement. This area has become quite trendy in recent years and you will find many young people flocking to the area. Train stations tend to attract itinerants and pickpockets, so be on the alert. More information on Paris’s 10th Arrondissement
Search for Hotels in Paris’s 10th Arrondissement

11th Arrondissement

The Opera Bastille has helped to revitalize the once dreary 11th Arrondissement. There are more than a few good restaurants here to tempt you as well. This is a great place to stay in Paris. The area is safe and less expensive than the closer arrondissements. There are also plenty of good restaurants within walking distance. More information on the 11th Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 11th Arrondissement

Place de la Bastille

The Place de la Bastille in the 11th Arrondissement and in the background, the Opera Bastille

12th Arrondissement

The 12th Arrondissement has been totally revitalized and is now the new, trendy spot in Paris for the younger crowd. Known as Bercy, this area is considered by many to be the “new Saint-Germain”. The métro meteor (line 14) makes Bercy a short 10 minutes from the Madeleine stop in the center of Paris. The Parc de Bercy is a 26-acre garden at one end of this Arrondissement; at the other end you will find the restaurants, shops, and cinemas that are infusing this area with new life and excitement. More information on Paris’s 12th Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 12th Arrondissemennt

13th Arrondissement

The 13th Arrondissement centers on the Gare de Austerlitz, and is another area that has little to offer the tourist, unless you have a passion for tapestries. The Manufacture des Gobelins (a textile manufacturer) is located here at 42 ave des Gobelins. More information on Paris’s 13th Arrondissement

14th Arrondissement

Largely residential, the 14th Arrondissement is best known for Montparnasse (both the station and the towering skyscraper (Tour Montparnasse), the Paris Catacombs, and the Parc Montsouris. The Cité Universitaire is also found in this district as well as lively cafés and restaurants around the Boulevard du Montparnasse and the rue Daguerre. The northern end of the district was the home to many American ex-pats and other famous members of the literati; Hemingway, Henry Miller, F. Scott Fitzgerald, T.S. Eliot, Alice B. Tolkas, Gertrude Stein, to name but a few. At the southern end, you’ll find a quiet residential area. We love this area for great restaurants and reasonably priced hotels.  More information on the 14th Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 14th Arrondissement

Montparnasse Cemetery

Many of France’s famous citizens are buried in Montparnasse Cemetery

15th Arrondissement

The 15th Arrondissement is a quiet residential area that was once the home of the artists Mogdliani, Chagall and Leger. There are few tourist sights here except for the Parc de Expositions. More information on the 15th Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 15th Arrondissement

16th Arrondissement

The former village of Passy, the 16th Arrondissement, is a lovely residential area that holds great charm for the tourist who is looking for refined calm. This safe arrondissement has beautiful boulevards, such as the Ave d’Iena, Ave Foch and Ave Victor Hugo as well as the exquisite Bois de Bologne Park. Some wonderful museums are here, including the Guimet, the Marmottan, and the Balzac. And, you can get a great view of the Eiffel Tower from the place de Trocadero, just across the river. More information on the 16th Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 16th Arrondissement

Statues at Place du Trocadero at night

Statues at the place du Trocadero

17th Arrondissement

The 17th Arrondissement is pretty much a nice residential area and has few tourist sights. It borders on the Arc de Triumph and can be a good lodging choice if you don’t mind being a bit away from the city center. The nearby La Defense business district has many hotels and is a safe and clean area. More information on  Paris’s 17th Arrondissement 18th Arrondissement

The 18th Arrondissement

One of the most popular outer areas of Paris, Montmartre, attracts many visitors to its colorful street artists and stately Sacre Coeur church. Some of the world’s greatest artists lived here, notably Picasso, Matisse, Max Jacob, Utrillo and Renoir. There are some charming eateries in this area. Unfortunately, the area is now also home to prostitutes and souvenir shops. And some of the “street artists” are rip-off artists as well; don’t feel obligated to buy anything you did not ask for, even if they made it “just for you”! Watch out for people trying to tie bracelets on your wrist. They will trick you into buying them. Keep an eye on your wallet when you’re in parts of this area. More information on Paris’s 18th Arrondissement
Search Hotels in Paris’s 18th Arrondissement

Sacre Coeur exterior

Sacre Cour sits high on a hill. From here you can get a great view of Paris.

19th Arrondissement

The 19th Arrondissement, an ethnically rich area, is home to the Museum of Science and Industry, an absolutely wonderful museum. You will also find the Buttes-Chaumont which is a great place for children to enjoy donkey rides and puppet shows.  There are some excellent African and Middle Eastern restaurants in this area that offer quality cuisine for low prices. Look to see which ones are bustling with locals and eat there. More information on Paris’s 19th Arrondissement

20th Arrondissement

The 20th Arrondissement is another ethnically diverse area. People from all of France’s former empire can be found here, bringing their own cultures with them. The most famous landmark is the Père Lachaise Cemetery that is the final resting place for Oscar Wilde, Isadora Duncan, Colette, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison of the Doors and a host of other celebrities and politicians. If you visit the Père Lachaise cemetery, be sure to look for the grave of Victor Noir; there is a life size statue of him lying dead, killed by Pierre Bonaparte. Interestingly, the statue is said to have fertility powers. More information on Paris’s 20th Arrondissement

For our Picks for hotels in Paris, By Arrondissement check out the following posts:

No matter where you stay, Paris is quite  safe and one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Enjoy!

Written by Terri Fogarty and Jen Westmoreland Bouchard for


  1. says

    this is a very insightful article into the various Parisian arrondisements. Tourists to Paris would benefit greatly from reading these kind of blog posts when they doubt whether to opt for one or another hotel or apartment in two distinct areas of paris.

    As a Paris apartment owner often I come across questions from potential guests about the local area where my apartment is, the 14th arrondisement, how far it is to Luxembourg gardens or whether you can walk to the Latin quarter.

    I have therefore placed a link to this post on my apartment website, so that my enquirers can read about the various Paris arrondisements on unbiased sources.

    I would like to add however that the description of the 14th arrondisement on this posts lacks a bit of detail as how much of a village feel some areas of the 14eme arrondisement have. It is much like living in a little provintial town with the convenience to be able to walk to Luxembourg gardens and the Latin Quarter in 15-20 mins.


  2. Leslie Kramer says

    I am planning a trip with my family for July, for approx. 9 days. We’d like to rent an apartment. It will be my husband and me, my kids ages 17, 12 and 10. Ideally the kids each get their own bed but the younger two can share if necessary. I want to spend about $250 a night. Any suggestions?
    Also, as for which arrondissement, I’m thinking the 3rd or 4th as first choice then I’m not sure. Thanks for any info!

  3. says

    Hi Leslie,

    There are several companies that rent apartments in Paris. Here are a few reputable ones: Please note that the closer in arrondissements will be more expensive than those further out.

    This is an Aparthotel:

  4. says

    Hi Kamarul,

    I believe that Paris is a very accepting city and you would be welcomed anywhere you stay. That said, there is a Muslim community in the 18th Arr. that is quite vibrant. This area also offers touristic sights and wonderful views of the city.

  5. Colin B says

    Hello- I’m thinking of renting a flat in either the 3rd or the 6th Arr. One is in an amazing 18th century mansion in The Marais on R M le Comte. The other, in the St Germain is a small 18th century carriage house sequestered within a courtyard on R de Conde, quite cute but possibly dark and cut off from the hustle and bustle. If you had your choice, which would you prefer to stay in? The large mansion is quite nice but it somehow seems desolate and a bit lonely. Im also afraid that the alrger one is a bit far from the center of Paris…Please Help..!!!!
    Thank you

  6. says

    Hi Colin,
    Either of the two locations is right in the center of Paris, so I would base my decision on the comfort of the lodging itself. Which one fits your lifestyle. Both the Marais and St. Germain areas are very vibrant and busy, so they will be noisy at night. Perhaps being a bit set away will be conducive to getting a good night’s sleep! I am not sure this will help you make your decision…let us know how it goes.

  7. Colin B says

    Hi Terry- Thank you very much for your quick response. I do appreciate the feedback that you have provided. In your opinion the Flat that is in the Marais on R M le Comte is about how many minutes walk to the Seine? I just want to make sure that I’m not too far from the center where most of the things are that I hope to see. And you feel that the neighborhoods in the 3rd Arr will still be lively with shops and people? Once again, thanks for your feedback.

  8. says

    Hello again,

    I think it would be about a 15-20 minute walk to the Seine. I love the Marais. It is an area where you will find a younger crowd. It is known for being very art conscious. There is a good sized gay population and also a Jewish population. So, the area is eclectic with great shopping and terrific restaurants.

  9. Holly says

    Hi Terry! I’m going to be going to Paris at the end of May. Would you suggest staying in Montmartre? Or is it kind of far away from all of the main sights?

  10. says

    Hi Holly,

    I am not a real fan of Montmartre. It is worth a days visit, but it is a distance from the city center. But, everything in Paris is close when taking the Metro, so don’t let that deter you if you want to stay there.
    My reluctance to stay there is because of the seediness of the area.

  11. Angela says

    My husband and I are planning on 6 days/nights in Paris in late September -early October. We are hoping to find accommodations in the 6th and have several places in mind-hotel de Fleurie, hotel de l’Abbaye St. Germain. What do you think?
    Also, I am a bit claustrophobic and wondering how crowded metro gets and trying to gauge my comfort level. Elevators can also be an issue for me. And what about weather at that time of year?
    Thanks so much for all the valuable info. on this site and the time you obviously put into it.

  12. says

    Hi Angela,
    I haven’t stayed at either of the two hotels you mentioned, but they both look very nice, and get good ratings by tripadvisor. Great location! Since you are traveling in late September, the Metro should not be that crowded. Of course, I’d avoid rush hour when people are trying to get to work or home. Many elevators in Paris are quite small. They fit two people at the most. Most have grill work, so you feel less cooped up, but if it is an issue, either stay in a large American-style hotel, or ask for a room on the 1st or second floor. (In Europe the first floor is the floor above the ground floor. what Americans would call the second floor) I have been to Paris in September and it is lovely, but it starts to rain in Oct. so, bring your umbrella.

  13. says

    Would love to visit Paris in winter, possibly after the first of the year. Is this advisable? M husband and I would like the uncrowded feel, but want to make sure weather( we dont mind he cold!)is decent and there will still be beautiful sights open to the ublic. We want a neighborhood feel…not touristy. We oe to rent an apt. for the week. Any feedback?

  14. Anita says

    Hi, I am planning to visit Paris by myself in late Spring/early Summer. Any suggestions in terms of decent/safe areas to stay for solo female traveller? Thx!

  15. says

    Hi Anita,
    The arrondissement page gives a lot of good info on the city. Do not be concerned about safety in Paris; it is a very safe city. You do need to watch out for pickpockets in busy areas, but your personal safety is usually never in jeopardy. I generally prefer to stay in the first through 8th Arr. because I prefer to walk to most tourist destinations. HEre is a link to another post on choosing a hotel in Paris. I hope it helps.

  16. says

    Wow! An even better article than the first one I read on the 19th arrondissement. The four of us that are traveling in April will be having a “trip planning” meeting in a couple of weeks. Will be printing this article out as it has fantastic suggestions and will be a good starting point for the meeting. Thanks so much for your suggestions!

  17. Ttnguyen2 says

    Hi Terri, I am thinking about staying in a flat that is in the second district, within the pedestrian area of montorgeuil. I am worried that it will not be a good area for activities, food, cafe, bars etc because of the detail provided in this post. I imagine we would like to stay where in the third district. I see that the districts are close to one another is it okay to stay in district two and walk over to three. Or would you recommend finding something in district two. Also I am surprised that you recommend staying in district 7 or 8 because it seems far away from the the center of the city. Are those areas much more lively on the streets?

  18. says

    When staying in Paris, you will probably visit most of the districts up to the 10th.
    The liveliest districts are 3,4,5,and 6, but all have great places to eat and stay. All the districts are connected by the Metro, so it is easy to get around. There is also the Batobus, a little boat that takes you up and down the Seine. If you have a great place to stay in the 2nd, grab it…you can walk from there to most everything.
    Here is a good post for you

  19. Mitch says

    My wife and I are planning a 3 month stay in Paris in the spring of 2016. We have been to Paris once several years ago and really loved it.We stayed in the 9th arrondissenment and it was OK. We want this stay to be more of “living” in Paris rather than being tourist. Where would you recommend? Thanks!!

  20. says

    If you could find a rental in the 14th, 15th or 16th Arr. you will feel like real Parisiens. The 16th arr (Passy) is a wealthy area and has very few tourists.
    The 14th and 15th is the Montparnasse area and has some tourists, but has a wonderful neighborhood feel.

  21. Mitch says

    Thanks for the info I will start researching. Is there any other input you might have for an extended stay?

  22. says

    I recommend that you take the RER while there to see Chantilly and, my favorite, Fontainbleau. These castles and the towns that surround them are really beautiful.

  23. MIlls says

    hello terry,

    My wife has to attend college for three months in paris starting end of april until mid of july.
    She will be there by herself and i am trying to figure out the safe and economical stay option for her. He college is in 19th district.
    I am struggling to get the right information about what are the safe places to stay for a single woman for three months and what are the sources i can go by.

    Any information would be a real help.

  24. Ghazal says

    Dear Terri,

    Actually I don’t care about prices. I just want to know the best places where I can live there. Do you think 2nd district is a safe place? or u prefer higher numbers?

  25. Mitch says

    I have seen a lot of great comments about the 3rd district regarding a great area to stay. What are your thoughts regarding safety and an area to stay to get the feel of living in Paris rather than visiting.
    LOVE YOU SITE!!!!!!

  26. says

    Thanks, Mitch. Paris is generally a very safe city. I love the 3rd arrondissement and spend time there every time we go to Paris. It is a vibrant district that is gay friendly and has lots of great restaurants and bars. It is also the old Jewish district, so you can get some great deli food there. It hosts lots of artists and the beautiful Place de Vosges.

  27. Mitch says

    Hi again,
    I am reading about the severe air quality in Paris currently and I am wondering if this is something that happens frequently or if this is just a fluke. I have severe asthma and this is something that I have to pay close attention to.

  28. says

    I’m going to saint Germain in laye in May 18 for business (a week) but I would like to stay in Paris which neighborhood would be more convenient having in mind that I want to use the RER every day to attend to the meetings. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated.

  29. says

    You will need to take the RER A to Germain en Laye. The three central stops on line A are Auber, Charles de Gaulle Etoille and Chatelet les Halles. If you could stay in Walking distance to one of those Metro and RER stops, you will be in the heart of Paris in a lovely neighborhood. Of the three, Charles de Gaulle Etoille is the furthest from the center.

  30. Laura says

    HI Terri,

    Thanks so much for this great article! My husband and I will be spending 4 days in Paris as part of our honeymoon this October. We’re excited to see the sites but are even more excited to try out as much delicious local food as possible. Would you happen to have any advice for us regarding potential areas to stay in?

    Thanks in advance for your help and thank you so much for your super helpful article!

  31. says

    Hi Laura,

    There is great food throughout Paris, so no matter where you stay there will be some great restaurants. My favorite Arr. are 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 14th. You can walk to all the sights from these arr. I avoid Montmartre and the outer arrs. Here are links to Hotels that we recommend in each arrondissement, depending on your budget.

    I am also attaching a link to our favorite restaurants, by arrondissement.

    Finally, although we do not have these listed as yet on the sight, the hotel where we are staying this August is
    it is a 3-star, but nicer than many 4-star and is very reasonably priced. I have stayed here and loved it. You can ask for a room with a balcony and view.It is next to the Pantheon and a few block walk to the Luxembourg Gardens. Do not miss exploring the Luxembourg Gardens. Oh, a another fave restaurant of ours is It is small, has great food and is reasonably priced.

  32. Laura says

    Thanks so much, Terri! The links are very much appreciated and I’ll be checking all of them out. Hope you have a wonderful time in August!

  33. Adeel Younas says

    Hi Terri,

    My wife and I are planning our first Paris trip for month of August. By the way, your website was super helpful to guide us. We are looking to stay at Hotel le Tourville near Eiffel Tower. Is that a good choice or would you recommend another hotel nearby. Would you please also recommend any restaurants near by in the 7th arr? Thank you.

  34. Nyz says

    Dear Terri

    What an insightful website!!! Congratulations.
    In August, hubby and I along with our 11 year old are planning to holiday in Paris including Disneyland. As we plan to be on holidays for 14 days, we wish to do Paris, Disneyland and South of France (nice as base, visit Cote D’Azur, Cannes, Grasse, Provence). We have not firmed up any plans. Can you please advise whether it is alright to stay in Ibis / Ibis Style. Are they good? We do not wish to stay in fancy hotels due to budget constraints and secondly during our holidays, we are out of hotel around 9 am and head back only around midnight.
    can you please suggest any good ibis in the arrondissements preferred by you i.e. 4-8 please? I liked 5 & 6.

    As for DLP, would 2 days suffice? This is the main reason why our son selected Paris as our holiday destination?

    In total we plan 7 days in Paris and 7 days in Nice.

    I thank you in advance for your help and guidance.

    Wish you a pleasant day!

  35. says

    Ibis are basic hotels that offer clean rooms and sparse decor. They are part of the Accor group. Another hotel that is part of that group is the Adagio Aparthotel. These offer larger room that have kitchenettes. They may be a little more expensive, but have refrigerators, sinks and stoves. Here is an example
    Here is an idea for Nice. We like staying within walking distance of the Vielle Ville.
    Here is more on Nice:

  36. Michelle says

    Hello Terri!
    I will be traveling to Paris in the fall for a few weeks. What are your recommendations for a solo female traveler on where to stay? I will most likely rent an apartment but I’m not sure of the location. And any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  37. says

    Hi Michelle,
    Paris is a very safe place for women, especially if you stay close in. I like the 1-4th arr. because they are walkable to most attractions. Montparnasse in the 14th and 15 is very nice and more reasonably priced, It borders the 5th and 6th, so stay as close to those areas as possible. I also love the Marais (3rd and 4th) but it is getting very popular and expensive.

  38. Michelle says

    Thank you so much for getting back to me. Would you recommend staying in the 5th or 6th? It’s so difficult trying to find the right spot when I’ve only visited Paris once (10 years ago). Out of all of the arr. which two would you pick for a 27 year old solo female traveler. Thanks again!

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