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Michael Orr

Real Madrid Stadium and Tour

Real Madrid is arguably the most famous football club in the world. With nine European Cups and thirty-one domestic championships, the club is among the most decorated in Europe. At its 85,000-seat ground, the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid have an entire museum devoted to the awards, trophies and heroes of the club. Given the dramatic …

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A Visit to St. Norbert’s Brewery in Prague

Only one kilometer west of St. Vitus Cathedral and the heart of the Prague Castle complex sits St. Norbert’s Brewery, better known in Prague as the Strahovský klášter (Strahov Monastery), a Premonstratensian abbey that has been in Prague since the 12th Century. Since the 17th Century, beer has been brewed on the premises in a …

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Quick Eats in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city full of life and activity. Given the many attractions and activities available, it can sometimes feel as though there just are not enough hours in the day to take full advantage of ones time in this beautiful city. A resolution to this problem comes from the bevy of options for accessible food choices and quick …

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Warm up to English Beer

  Although everyone knows that England is an island, it sometimes takes the dissection of a particular subject to fully remember just how separate the country can be. One such point of comparison is the tradition of English beer. Warmer fermentation, as opposed to the lager-based traditions of the Czech Republic or parts of Germany , …

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Don’t Overlook Austrian Beer

In the world of beer, Austria is almost always overlooked in favor of its more famous neighbor, Germany. But to ignore Austrian Beer is to ignore a wealth of fine beer choices and varieties. Take a look at Austrian Beer Austrian beers are less distinct by region than in other countries as the most popular …

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A Guide to German Beer

  German beer has taken on a mythical quality both within that country and across the world. Many non-German beers claim to be brewed based on the specifications of the Reinheitsgebot ( or purity law), a beer regulatory standard in place since the fifteenth century. Many people have taken to very specific types of German …

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Savoring Czech Beer

  For over forty years, Czechoslovakia was all but inaccessible for westerners. As Soviet influence enveloped neighboring countries, local delicacies and tastes were, to a degree, lost or forgotten by those outside their borders. Thankfully, over the past twenty years, as Eastern Europe has opened back up and welcomed visitors from around the world, we …

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