Touring King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Wales

Entrance to King Arthur's Labyrinth

As you drive through the lush green Welsh countryside you’ll see gray, slate-covered hillsides towering over misty valleys. These Welsh mountains are riddled with abandoned mine shafts that penetrate deep into their heart. This atmospheric backdrop, and the crumbling stone castles that dot the Welsh countryside, have fuelled many ancient Welsh legends. It doesn’t take much imagination to see red ... Read Full Article

A Memorable Stay at Ruthin Castle in North Wales

White gravel pathways meander through the castle grounds, separating circular arrangements of brightly colored flowers and purple lavender blooms

Sometimes it’s where you stay that makes traveling so memorable. I often remember more about my hotel or resort than I do about my actual destination. And this is especially true of my stay at Ruthin Castle, an ancient luxury hotel on a brilliant green Welsh hilltop, overlooking a delightful, tiny stone village. There’s something relaxing and inspiring about staying in a castle where ... Read Full Article

Touring the Roman Gold Mines in Wales

We’re overlooking a huge valley opposite where another mining technique, called hushing, was used by the Romans.

Welsh gold. This rare and soft lustrous gold is the most expensive gold in the world. It fetches up to $4500 per ounce, or three times what standard gold sells for in the London market. Pure Welsh gold is worth more than platinum and is considered by many metallurgists to be the world’s most precious metal. So it’s no wonder the Welsh have mythical goblin-like creatures that hide in mines and ... Read Full Article

Walking the Wales Coast Path

The view of the small fishing town of Tresaith from the WCP trail.

Wales has for long played second fiddle to England’s moors and fells as a destination for the UK’s trail walkers, but it now offers a unique path that puts it squarely near the top of the trail walking bucket list. The 870-mile long Wales Coast Path (WCP), completed in May 2012, offers the longest continuous coastal path around any country in the world—and it’s nirvana for hikers and ... Read Full Article

Immerse Yourself in the Fairytale Opulence of Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle Wall

  Right in the middle of the bustling, cosmopolitan city of Cardiff, Wales, stands the massive 2000 year old Cardiff Castle. Each time I’ve passed through this city I’ve been drawn to walk by, admiring the long walls where various stone animals lounge; lions and jackals and bears, that peer down at me as I walk by. This year, I made a special point of visiting inside of the castle, ... Read Full Article

Celebrating Dylan Thomas in Swansea, Wales

statue Dylan thomas

  In 2014 Swansea, Wales is celebrating the centenary of the birth of one of the English languages most distinctive voices. The year-long celebration will honour the works and legacy of Dylan Thomas. My father was Welsh, and I have traveled frequently to Wales. I’ve been a fan of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas for years, but until this past summer I haven’t visited any of his haunts. Once several ... Read Full Article

Discover Four Native Welsh Castles in North Wales

Dolbadarn's Round Tower by Carrie Uffindell

  Ewloe Castle. Dolbadarn Castle. Dolwyddelan Castle. Castell y Bere. While many visitors to North Wales flock to the magnificent ring of medieval fortresses built by King Edward I, few venture off the beaten path to these smaller castles built by native Welsh princes, also known as native Welsh castles. Elwoe Castle Nestled in the woodlands of Wepre Park near the English-Welsh border, ... Read Full Article

A Day in Machynlleth, Wales

Machynlleth Clock Tower by Peter Broster

  Machynlleth, mid-Wales is a bustling market town located 18 miles northeast of Aberystwyth. Here, my family and I encountered the spirit of Welsh hero Owain Glyndwr at the Owain Glyndwr Centre. We browsed exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art Wales, toured the landscaped grounds of the 17th century Plas Machynlleth mansion, and explored Welsh art at the Museum of Modern Art ... Read Full Article

Three Great Walks on the Wales Coast Path

Walkers on Pembrokeshire Wales Coast Path, Ceibwr Photo © Crown copyright (2012) Visit Wales

The 870-mile Wales Coast Path is the first of its kind--a continuous path following the entire Welsh coastline from Queensferry in North Wales to Chepstow in the southeast. The Coast Path, completed in 2012, is actually a collection of linked trails, from the long-established Pembrokeshire Coast Path to the newer North Wales Path. Interested in walking a section of the Path but uncertain where to ... Read Full Article

A Glimpse at Literary Wales

Dylan Thomas Boathouse by Garth Newton

  With such literary sites as Dylan Thomas’s Boathouse, the National Library of Wales, the bookshops of Hay-on-Wye, and the ruins of Tintern Abbey, Wales is sure to inspire all lit-loving travelers. Dylan Thomas’s Boathouse Perched on a short cliff above the Taf Estuary on the outskirts of Laugharne village, Dylan Thomas’s Boathouse offers a unique glimpse into the celebrated ... Read Full Article