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Wine Delivery from Europe: Getting The Best Wine to Your Doorstep Quickly

Wine Delivery from Europe: How To Get The Best Wine to Your Doorstep

Traveling is amazing and the things you try while you travel are unforgettable. There are times where you wish that you can get another taste of those unforgettable things but you can’t exactly just get on a plane and go to Tuscany for an hour and come right back no problem. Unless you can, in which case, that’s super cool.

Anyways, I’m here to solve all your wine problems. In this article, I will break down every wine region and give you a direct link to an amazing wine delivery.

About Drizly Wine Delivery

Drizly is a company that specializes in the fast delivery of your favorite adult beverages. In 60 minutes or less, you can have booze delivered safely and securely right to your door.

They card every single person upon arrival and even ask for a photo of your I.D before delivery. Their delivery team is trained to decipher the real from the fake I.Ds. From bottom to top-shelf liquor, you can find what’s available around your home and track the order from the app or website.

Rusted mailbox in the sun with mini succulents attached to a chain linked fence
Wine Delivery mailbox

You don’t have to worry about being tech-savvy either, the app walks you through all the features it has and you can always ask the company for help. Out of the millions of options you have, I’m gonna show you the top quality wine that is available on the site. So, let’s begin.

Champagne Region, France

About the Region

If you journey about an hour and a half from Paris, you’ll reach the northeastern part of France. There, you’ll discover the Champagne region. The beautiful rolling hills are just part of the charm this region has to offer. Champagne has the most exquisite sparkling wines that so happened to be invented in the region. The best wine, however, is not all sparkling.

Billecart Salmon’s Brut Rosé

The Billecart Salmon brand has been thriving for about 6 generations, since 1818. The company produces around 2 million bottles of champagne a year but that doesn’t thwart their traditions.

The current manager, Francois Billecart-Salmon lives on the property, something unusual even in the very traditional part of France. They strive for excellence in every bottle they produce so it’s no wonder the Brut Rosé is their bestseller.

Boxes in a row of a champagne vineyard waiting to harvest from the bright green vines
Champagne grape harvesting

The award-winning cuvée is close to 200 years old and never fails to disappoint. The delicate red berry flavor is made possible by their blend of Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. This is a beverage best suited for an elegant dinner for two people or a wine tasting. I wouldn’t bring it out for big parties as the delicacy of it would be muddled. It needs to shine and be savored.

Purchase Your Bottle of Brut Rosé Here

Veuve Clicquot in Reims

Soaked in history, the house Clicquot has been standing since the late 18th century. They were a relatively small business until Madame Clicquot’s husband passed away and she took over the company. From then on, with the delicacy of a widow’s touch, the business flourished. She is considered the mother of the rosé recipe since before her, they mixed elderberry juice with white wine to make rosé.

Their 15-mile underground cellar was not always used for wine. During the war they used it as an infirmary, the proof is in the chalk crosses overhead. Their wine is sophisticated and unique in taste and production. You can still get some of the ancient bottles of their wine but I’d advise one of the newer ones if you’re planning to drink it. The flavors spark the taste buds and make you thankful Monsieur Clicquot passed away.

Browse Veuve Clicquot Wine Here

Book A Tour of The Historic Winery Here

Dusty old champagne bottles stacked on top of each other in a cellar
Champagne bottles

Ruinart in Reims

In 1729, champagne was invented. More specifically, Nicolas Ruinart invented champagne in 1729. This was before the recipe Veuve Clicquot invented years after. No, the origin of your favorite bubbly wine was created by the nephew of a monk who had a vision of the incoming need for a light Italian red wine. It was such a success that King Louis XVIII gave the Ruinart family a court of arms that is now present on their bottle label.

Sipping this wine will surely transport you back to its first invention and give you the delight it did the king so long ago. Drizzly offers several of their wine from white to rosé. This is a wine for celebration and enthuse.

Get Your Bottle of Ruinart Here

Tour and Taste the Best French Wine Here

Piemonte, Italy

About the Region

For the wine geeks out there, it proves to be quite useful to know at least a little bit about the Piemonte region in Italy. Because of its location between the Mediterranean and the Alps, there’s a considerable tug-of-war weather-wise causing a lot of fog in the morning that slowly burns off throughout the day. A lot of the grapes aren’t happily growing unless they’re in the hills of Piemonte where the sun shines bests.

Sun setting over the quiet village of Piemonte with its churchs bell tower peaking over the rest of the dark buildings
Piemonte, Italy

The most common wine produced in this region is red wine, more specifically Nebbiolo and Barbera. When you go to purchase a bottle from Piemonte, make sure you know what you like. The wine from the foothills of the Alps will have a lighter, more acidic taste than those from the hills.

Get Tickets To A Piemonte Wine Tasting Tour Here

Marchesi di Gresy

As one of the oldest producers of Barbaresco in the region, Marchesi di Gresy has expanded to 4 estates all over the region. Their wine has been produced from about 30 acres of 50-year-old vines. You can taste the generations of care in every sip. This is just plain old good Italian wine.

This is a Barbera wine so it has a higher acidity level while keeping a low tannin level. Since its from Italy, it leans more toward herbaceous flavors like apricot, clove, or nutmeg. You want to pair your wine with something that’ll make the flavors stand out. Try foods with high tannins like root vegetables and braised greens. I recommend braised collard greens with bacon and cranberries.

Buy Your Bottle of Marchesi di Gresy Barbera Wine Here

Clock tower overshadowing bell tower with its stark white color and tower cross
Piemonte Tower

Gaja: The Modernist Wine

Although Gaja has been around since the mid-19th century, they weren’t named trendsetters until the late 20th century. They produce several masterfully done wine but their Nebbiolo puts them on the map. Their rich, full-bodied, and undeniably sleek Nebbiolo-based wine grants tasters a refined feel. The vineyard is open to the public and visitors are allowed to taste their classic and upcoming wine provided they donate 300 euro to one of their listed charities.

Nebbiolo (nebby-oh-low) is traditionally high in tannin and acidity while having a medium-full body. Since it has a more delicate aroma and such bold tannins, you’ll want to pair it with less gamey meat and dishes with a little more fat and flavor to them. If you’re feeling fancy, pair it with a beef wellington or braised duck accompanied by garlicky butternut squash mash or tarragon wild rice.

Buy Your Bottle of Gaja Nebbiolo Here

Elvio Cogno: The Independent Wine

This particular brand is a touch newer than the others but they do not skimp on flavor in their wine. In 1964, Elvio Cogno produced the first cru Barolos at the Burnet Vineyard. 26 years later, he broke off and founded his namesake vineyard in 1990. He focused on a single vineyard and single clone wines which was an unusual approach for the region.

Their laser focus produces unexpected flavors from the Barolo wine. They’ve even restored one of the only white indigenous Barolo varieties – the semi-aromatic Nascetta grape.

Several wine bottles hanging by their corks in a neat row against a red wood paneled wall
Bottles for wine delivery

This particular Barolo has a savory finish and lacks any oak or malolactic fermentation. In its simplicity is the beauty of Cogno’s wine. Like many other Barolo, it should be paired with rich foods subtle in flavor. I recommend handmade ricotta gnocchi with truffle butter and mushroom sauce topped with a touch of Parmigiano.

Check The Wine Availability Here

Bordeaux, France

About the Region

Even those who only dabble in French wine must know that Bordeaux is the king of red wine. A lot of people, however, do not know much else about the region nor do they know how to find the best wine to buy in your local wine shop. The Bordeaux vineyard area is the largest in France and is best known for the red wine. However, Bordeaux wine can be either red or white wine. But, Bordeaux is split into two banks.

The left bank classifies its red wine into four categories: Classified Châteaux, AOC Margaux, AOC Médoc, and AOC Bordeaux Supérieur. Your Châteaux will have specific flavors depending on the vineyard it’s from. The others are less specific but just as flavorful. This wine needs time to mature and is best for your wine collection at home.

The right bank has clay-based soil so their Merlot dominates most vineyards. Because the dominant wine is Merlot, the right bank has a more feminine style. It’s much easier to drink and they mature much sooner than those of the left bank. These wine varieties are better for restaurants as they seem more approachable.

Sun setting into the evening sky behind the water reflecting the gorgeous giant Place de la Bourse
Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux, France

Médoc: Left Bank

Perhaps the most famous district in the world, Médoc stretches over and out to the northwest of Bordeaux. The area has a mild temperature all year round thanks to the pine trees protecting the vineyards from the strong winds off the ocean.

While most of the terrain isn’t special in this area, the terroir is because of the gravel. In one aspect, the gravel allows for prime drainage which is important in damp climate. When it’s hotter, the older vines’ root systems are encouraged by the gravel. We could talk about gravel all day but which of the Médoc wine is the best?

I recommend the Chateau Saint Pierre St Julien. It’s a lovely full-bodied Bordeaux blend with flavors of blackberry, chocolate, and smoke on its finish. The tannins are quite velvety and there are hints of licorice and currants on the nose. It’s on the richer side so it’s best to pair it with a nice piece of beef.

Get Your Very Own Bottle Of St Julien Here

Sweet White Sauternes

As I said before, Bordeaux doesn’t only make red wine. They have some great whites. They just aren’t as common. However, Sauternes is the most famous sweet white wine.

It takes an unusual technique to make this wine but the results are simply sublime. They pick over the vineyards 8-9 times from September to November to get rich-textures with floral scents and a shiny gold liquid. They do this to take advantage of the mold or noble rot that grows on grapes. Because of the skill put into making Sauternes, it doesn’t taste like rot but an intense oil-textures, scent, and taste.

Basket of three Bordeaux wine that are slightly dusty and ages
Basket for wine delivery

For your next luxury dinner party dessert course, I recommend the Chateau d’Yquem. It has a lovely aroma of vanilla and floral scents. The bouquet reveals citrus overtones to emphasize subtle refinement. I would pair it with a jasmine créme brulé or a fresh fruit tart.

Check The Bottle Availability Here

St. Emilion Red

Originally, St. Emilion was a small village that was mostly made up of hermits. The medieval houses are still standing strong, waiting for people like the original hermits to come back to them. Today, though, it is a thriving wine region making excellent Bordeaux reds.

I think your wine collection would look splendid with a Chateau Cheval Blanc 2014. It is a marvelous red color with dreamy aromas that hint at Lapsang souchong tea, cigars, and cold charcoal. However, when you sip it you’ll catch dense yet supple currant, blackberry preserves, and figs. I think that’ll go well with a nice piece of meat accompanied by a fruity savory compote.

Get Your Bottle of Chateau Cheval Blanc 2014 Here

A sunny day in Bordeaux, France over the bridge with the metro idly cruising across with the village in the distance
Bridge in Bordeaux, France

Burgundy Wine Brands – France

About the Region

I like to call Burgundy small yet mighty as they are a small region but hold a huge impact in the wine world. In the small region of Burgundy, the most expensive wine in the world is made. Its complexity can scare some people but have no fear, it’s not as complicated as it appears to be.

There are only Burgundy wine grapes to remember, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Of course, there are others but those two are the most noteworthy and popular. Not only does Burgundy have the best terroir to express the grapes aromatic, elegant, and complex character but winemakers of the region believe it is the original home of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

Côte de Nuits Pinot Noir: A Burgundy Staple

Home to 24 Grand Cru vineyards, Côte de Nuits is a top producer of French Pinot Noir and is the world’s most expensive vineyard section. While most bottles from the area can rack up to tens of thousands of dollars, there are a few villages in the area that produce high-quality wine at a low price.

Classically built french buildings and homes surrounding a fountain town square
Auxerre, Burgundy in France

The Drouchin Côte de Nuits that I’m recommending for online wine delivery is spectacular. It carries those classic Burgundy wine tells; the notes of black currant, earthy mushrooms, spices, and fresh red fruit on the nose while being full-bodied and delicious.

It pairs well with meaty, oily fish, duck, and other game birds. I suggest sipping it with a pan-seared duck or handmade pasta and mushroom sauce with an oily fish.

Purchase Your Bottle Here

Côte de Beaune Chardonnay

In this heartland of Burgundy, the valleys are open and rolling beautifully. The grapes get more southeastern exposure so Chardonnay plays a much bigger part in the production. It’s richer in this area and each bottle hints at soft floral notes, fresh apple, and dried grass. Sometimes it even hints at hazelnut. This is a wine for the transition from summer to fall. Warm yet somehow still crisp.

Pairing well with oily, meaty fish and cheese, the Maison Louis Jadot Chassagne Montrachet is a lovely wine with a persistent earthy finish and dancing notes of toasted hazelnut. I recommend pairing this bottle with shrimp and pasta. The fat you cook the shrimp in can become a flavorful light cream sauce to marry it all together.

Check Delivery Time For This Bottle Here

Acres and acres of bright green vineyards under a crystal clear blue sky
Vineyards in France

The Strange Savoie, France

About the Region

Wine from Savoie used to be simple ski chalet wine. But due to the modernization of winemaking and enthusiasm of the makers themselves, Savoie wine has become compelling and interesting to wine connoisseurs. This is a great region to explore some unusual yet decadent white wine for your lovely seafood dish. Since it’s not common to get wine from Savoie, it’s just one of those regions where you either have to dig to find it online or go to the actual region.

Douro Valley, Portugal

About the Region

Much of the Douro Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site, but it is home to the underdog of wine, Port wine. There are a few different types of Port wine such as Ruby Port, Vintage, Tawny, Vintage Tawny, White, and Rosé. Each category has a specific taste and feel to it but each, while unpopular in the wine scene, is elegant and refined in their making.

Quinta Nova Winery

Port wine is, of course, the staple wine in Portugal. It can be savory or sweet, that is the beauty of it. Quinta Nova is possibly the oldest vineyard in Portugal, dating back to the 18th century. They solely focus on table wine so they could achieve the title of the best wine in the Douro Valley. The vineyard is open to the public for tours and wine tasting, which is highly recommended.

A trail of auburn leafed vines in Portugal
Vineyard in Portugal

On the sweeter side, their bottle of Quinta do Noval is a dessert wine with an intense, brooding focus on dark floral aromas and a spicy yet fresh structure. I propose pairing it with a dessert to contrast it while enhancing its flavor. Perhaps a spiced chocolate ice cream with fresh blackberries and perhaps a candied marigold.

Set Up Your Quinta do Noval Wine Delivery Here

Rioja, Spain

About the Region

While everyone else springs at the opportunity for upgrades and improvement, the wine world has stayed relatively the same besides a few recipe improvements. Most wine still comes with corks even though screw tops work just the same. Unlike their competition, the Rioja region of Spain works with the improving world to make their wine better.

Rather than relying on oak-aging as a quality indicator, the wineries of Rioja are being encouraged to champion singular sites and regional microclimates. It’s quite similar to how the Burgundy wine brands are optimized. For authentic Rioja wine, you need to look for labels with one of these names on it: Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa, and Rioja Oriental. Rioja Oriental is also Eastern Rioja and Rioja Baja.

Crisp clean wine barrels stacked down a row in a bright room
Winery barrels

Gran Reserva Red Wine

With Rioja wine comes certain classifications, one of which is Reserva Rioja. This specific classification is one that is taken more seriously. It’s a continuous and unchanging benchmark for red wine in Spain. It has a great balance of structure and fruit. This wine ages well, specifically Gran Reserva which can age for a total of five years.

In terms of Gran Reserva, I recommend the Arzuaga Gran Reserva. This wine has been produced since the 1990s and has yet to fail anyone. It pairs well with cured meat and tomatoes so perhaps a lovely linguini with blistered tomatoes, bacon, and herbs in a light sauce.

Purchase Your Bottle Here

Crianza Rioja Classical Wine

Another esteemed Rioja classification is the Crianza Rioja. It was where the quality of this beautiful wine started. The Tempranillo-bases can develop far more complex due to the increased aging.

Many bottles of wine lined up on stack wine boxes in a stone cellar underground
Array of European wine

Crianza Rioja reds can age a total of two years with at least one in barrels. Whites can also age for a total of two years but with six months in the barrels. In terms of wine delivery, I recommend the delicious bottle of La Antigua Clásico Rioja Crianza. It has some subtle spice and fruit flavors and just a lovely classic taste.

Check Bottle Availability Here

Loire Valley, France

About the Region

Home to dizzyingly high quality and elegant wine, France’s Loire Valley has over 4,000 wineries. They make every kind of wine from racy whites and fruity reds to refreshing rosé and champagne so sweet and mouth-watering champagne that it could very well compete with its rivaling neighbor, Champagne.

Loire is the perfect area to relax in the gardens of the valley as you sip ice-cold bubbles and nip at French cheeses. It also poses as the perfect day trip from Paris as it’s only 2 hours away. On top of that, it’s in the middle of adult beverage heaven with Cognac just south, Normandy (land of cider) in the north, and Burgundy in the east.

Castle going over the water on a sunny day in the Loire Valley
Loire Valley Castle

Light Bodied Vouvray White

Vouvray is a light-bodied white wine that makes for a perfect palate cleanser. Flavors can hint at pear and honey with trendles of apricot, chamomile, and lemon. It has a high acidity with little to no tannins.

Personally, I’d go with the Marc Bredif Vouvray as the color would look spectacular on a dinner table. But above all else, the bouquet of white flowers and yellow fruit is divine. The ripe and refreshing also notes the citrusy flavor of grapefruits. It’d go well with a cheese soufflé or a nice white fish dinner.

Check Wine Delivery Availability Here

Sancerre White Wine

Another lovely light-bodied white wine from the Loire, the Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc is textured and lean from the areas chalky soil. Tasters note the flavors of honeydew, flint, gooseberries, grapefruit, and hay.

Small vineyard behind an older house in the Loire Valley
Chateau de Chenonceau in Loire Valley

Like most Sauvignon in Sancerre, Lucien Crochet Le Chene Sancerre has a zippiness to it that pairs well with cheeses like goat cheese or a nice fresh chicken dish. I’d pair it with a charcuterie plate filled with pan-seared goat cheese, fresh marmalade, toasted nuts, and some light cured meat.

Purchase Your Bottle Today Here

Tuscany, Italy

About the Region

What kind of wine article would it be if I didn’t mention Tuscany? Italy is filled with some of the best and most classic wine. But none is more essential than Chianti. People go to Italy just to try the Chianti wine. It is the most popular wine in the world. Why is that?

This Sangiovese red blend wine traditionally holds herbaceous notes while maintaining a somewhat sour, more acidic taste. This makes it perfect for food pairing. The wine’s red and kind of burnt orange color displays beautifully on a table and has the look that most gorgeously aged wine has. One might say that it is the perfect wine.

Sun rising over the acres of vineyards in Tuscany
Tuscan vineyard in the morning

Gran Selezione Chianti

There are several stages in the aging of Chianti that affect the taste of this prized Tuscan wine. The longest aged is the Gran Selezione that is aged two and a half years at the very minimum. This is Chianti Classico wine that most wouldn’t expect to have delivered to their house.

I have a wonderful Gran Selezione Chianti that you can get to your doorstep with a simple wine delivery order. Fontodi Gran Selezione Vigna Cru Sorbo 2013 has the aroma of mature black-skinned fruits, violet, hints of new leather, and French oak. I’d pair the flavors of black cherry, mint, and pipe tobacco with a hard aged cheese board accompanied by cured meats and fresh dark berry spreads.

Secure Your Gran Selezione Bottle Here

Riserva Chianti for Wine Delivery

You’ll likely see a Riserva Chianti on the bottles of the top producers in the region. The wine is aged for 2 years and has a much more complex flavor than its younger counterparts.

Plump dark bunch of chianti grapes on the vine
Chianti grape bunches on vines

Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva is a great bottle with intense tones and a beautiful ruby red color. The spices hit the nose first then the hints of red and black wild berries with light toasted notes in the back. Spice is ever-present on the tongue. It keeps the palate very engaged.

Reserve Your Bottle For Wine Delivery Here

Mosel, Germany

About the Region

Along the winding gorge of the Mosel river, the most classic Riesling wine is in the making. The wine was first recorded in Germany in 1435 and ever since it has made a name for itself. While Mosel is home to other grapes, Riesling is the most noteworthy of the region. It can be anywhere from bone-dry to sweet so it poses a great subject for blind taste testing.

It can age for 5 years and gain a beautiful deep golden color to it while developing those acidic flavors. The indicator that the wine is from Germany is the gasoline scent mixed with the other aromatics such as honey, Meyer lemons, and apricots.

View of the Mosel river in Germany with boats sailing and vineyards being tended to while homes rest comfortably near the water
Mosel River in Germany

Riesling: One of The Most Notable Wine Delivery Option

As far as Riesling goes, I recommend Von Buhl Riesling “Bone Dry” 2015. This is a light, semi-sweet white wine that is the German version of dry. They usually leave a few grams of sugar even when calling it a dry wine. This particular bottle goes well with duck, game birds, and soft fresh cheese. I would pair this with a play on milk and honey to bring out the honey notes of the wine. Baked brie drizzled with fresh honey sounds great for this bottle.

Get Your Wine Delivery Here

Istria, Croatia

About the Region

In the northernmost part of the Croatian wine regions, Istria continues to develop and grow as one of Croatia’s key wine areas. The most noteworthy of the wine produced there is Malvazija Istarska. It’s a white wine with a refreshing feel and a low alcohol content, meaning you can sip on it all day while you relax by the river. The lovely fennel and quince aroma mixed with notes of apricot, honey, and spices make it quite the popular beverage for locals and visitors alike.  This is a wine to get in-country or shipped from the country as that is the best way to enjoy it.

Santorini, Greece

About the Region

About 70 miles north of Crete in the southern Aegean Sea, Santorini is making a name for itself in the wine world. The crisp and aromatic dry whites they make are taking the modern wine world by storm. The most complex of them is the Nykteri that is made from overripe grapes and named for the technique in which they are harvested. Nykteri in Greek means ‘working all night,’ they are named this way because traditionally the grapes were harvested at night to avoid overheating.

Gorgeous coast on Santorini Greece with picturesque white homes
Santorini, Greece

While there are red wines produced in Santorini, they usually take a backseat. This is understandable because of the tropical weather and the popular desire for chilled drinks in the island area. The best wine out of Santorini is white wine.

Domaine Sigalas Santorini Assyrtiko

If you’re one for symbols then this bottle is the one for you to bring to a wedding. Domaine Sigalas Santorini Assyrtiko is the perfect marriage between the two native grapes in Santorini.

Assyrtiko has an intense earthy expression of the volcanic soil it grows in while the Athiri expresses a more quince-scented lightness. The two grape varieties give the wine an inexpressible elegance that pairs well with Greek delicacies.

Reserve Your Bottle for Wine Delivery Here

View of Santorini from the window with the cliffs overlooking the ocean
Santorini, Greece

Lavaux, Switzerland

About the Region

This is another wine region that is growing and exploding with potential. It’s a subregion of Vaud, Switzerland and mostly specializes in white wines much like the vineyards around the Mosel river. Lavaux is near Lake Geneva so it is a lot like Mosel, Germany. However, Lavaux has a style that is historic and completely unique to itself.

The vineyards in the area have earned the title of UNESCO World Heritage sites due to the terraces they use to shield the grapes from overheating. The method was created by Cistercian monks who were terracing and planting over a thousand years ago. The dominating Chasselas wine maintains its historic excellence with its light body and fruity flavors. Once again this a wine exclusive in its country. It’s best to go there yourself.

Rhone Valley, France

About the Region

The Rhone Valley is considered a significant contributor to France’s wine production. It’s quite an extensive piece of land, so large that it has a very clear division between the southern and northern parts. Interestingly enough, there is a neat 25-mile gap between the two areas that I like to call no mans land.

Bottles of french wine lined up on a table
French wine

The northern part of the valley is more old fashioned and boasts of the old, high-quality brands they have such as Hermitage. They specialize in Syrah, Roussanne, Viognier, and Marsanne wine. It’s considered much more specific and prestigious, making up about 5% of the area’s wine production.

The remained 95% belongs to the southern part of Rhone. They produce many more types of wine and hold a touch less prestige in the industry. Nevertheless, it doesn’t skimp on quality. They specialize in Mourvedre, Grenache, and a special GSM blend that mixes the two previously states types and Syrah.

Guigal Côte Rôtie D’ampuis

Côte Rôtie is perhaps the most important area in the Rhone Valley of France for Syrah. The wine produced in this area of the valley is precise and bold with their fine-grained tannins.

Expansive french vineyard on a sunny day
French vineyard

If you’re planning a fine dinner for either just yourself or a small group of friends, I recommend getting the Guigal Côte Rôtie D’ampuis. It is a dry, full-bodied red that pairs well with duck, pork, and game birds. I think it’d go nicely with a classic Duck L’Orange or a flavorful pork roulade.

Get Your Wine Delivery Here

Pfalz, Germany

About the Region

This is probably the smallest region on this list. It’s about 45 miles long and 15 miles wide but it is a key wine producer in Western Germany. This tiny powerhouse produces many Riesling and Pinot Noir brands in Germany at a high quality. The wine made in Pfalz is noticeably richer and riper than those from other German wineries like Mosel. While not raved about, it is by far one of the top wine regions in the world.

German Pinot Noir

Most think that Pinot Noir is a French wine exclusively but that isn’t exactly the case. Germany, especially Pfalz, makes exceptional Pinot Noir. They call it Spätburgunder. It is not unlike a Pinot from Oregon because of their similar cool climates.

Castles perched up on a mountain surrounded by lush of trees and foliage
Pfalz, Germany Castle

I recommend the Ziereisen Blauer Spätburgunder Rhini 2013. The subtle earthiness with notes of cherry and cranberry make it a flavor unique to Germany along with tastes of cinnamon and allspice. It is a versatile wine due to the high acidity. However, you can’t go wrong with a good plate of Bavarian food like spaetzle.

Secure Your Wine Delivery For Spätburgunder Here

Surprised at the luxurious wine available on Drizzly? Yeah so was I! With the app or website you can get all of the wine I listed quickly depending on your location. It’s not just wine either, you can get liquor and liquor accessories in a bunch of major cities. Hopefully, this guide helped you to discover an easy and quick way to get your favorite wine.

Wine Delivery from Europe: Getting The Best Wine to Your Doorstep in an Hour or Less was written by Hedge Metreyeon.

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