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Secret Destinations in France

Top Secret Destinations in France

Secret Destinations in France

With the summer fast approaching, our thoughts are turning to the warm weather and where to go on holiday. This thought brings with it an enormous range of options, abroad or not, from which to choose from. Wherever you are in the world, however, there is a good chance that Europe is one of the options.

There are many great places to visit in Europe, like Spain, Italy or Switzerland. Another popular country is France. Whether it’s the warm and luxurious south or the rugged and historical north, France has plenty of great spots. But why visit the tourist hotspots? Enjoy a more relaxing break in one of France’s secret destinations.

Grand Site des Deux Caps

Home to the longest stretch of sandy beach in France, the Grand Site des Deux Caps sits halfway between Calais and Boulogne and is one of the country’s best-kept secrets. An area surrounded by mystical small woodland and rolling countryside, thousands of people pass right by it every day as it’s at the end of the Eurotunnel connecting England to France, but very few stop and visit. A beautiful place unspoiled despite its proximity to a major travel route, Grand Site des Deux Caps is a real gem.

Secret Destinations in France - French Coast


Often overlooked by people visiting the Côte d’Azur, Toulon is a peaceful city ideal for a quiet getaway. Not only is it home to the second largest naval port in France, and the largest in the Mediterranean, it is a city steeped in history. While perhaps better known nowadays for its all-conquering club rugby side, the city boasts plenty to keep visitors entertained. Stunning architecture and a unique charm make this city a great option if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the rest of the coast.

Best Secret Destinations in France


With its locations being so close to Nice and Monaco, it’s easy to see why the medieval town of Menton gets overlooked. However, it has plenty of things to see and do that might make you want to visit this charming destination over other popular places along the Côte d’Azur. Amazing colorful architecture decorates the town, along with picturesque beaches and a fantastic restaurant scene. This really is the perfect unknown destination to relax and enjoy a holiday in the south of France.

Sété - Secret Destinations in France


Don’t be surprised if you get a feeling of Venice being in this town, as there are several canals flowing throughout the town, giving you the sense of being in one of the world’s most famous cities. Just 20 miles from Montpellier, Sète has a laid-back atmosphere, which is very different from other towns along the coast. It is also just 45 minutes from the incredible wetlands, which play host to a plethora or nature. You’ll also find beautiful beaches and if you visit in August, the world’s biggest Water Jousting Tournament.

Loire Valley - Secret Destinations in France

Loire Valley

Like the Grand Site des Deux Caps, the Loire Valley is a destination people often pass by but never visit. However, it is certainly worth a visit. Grand historical castles and buildings sit in stunning countryside and lush green forests. Lakes and rivers scythe through the charming countryside and offer amazing scenery to relax and unwind in. You can even take a luxurious barge cruise in the Loire Valley. It is truly one of the most beautiful and unspoiled areas in the country and has a wealth of towns and villages all waiting to be explored.

So while you may be drawn to the likes of Paris, Nice or St Tropez, there is definitely a fantastic range of less-known places to visit that will offer you the chance to have an amazing holiday.

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