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Where To Stay In Tuscany – Best Towns & Hotels in Tuscany

Where to Stay in Tuscany

Find the Best Places to Stay in Tuscany

Tuscany, that haven in central Italy, is a magnificent place. It consists of various provinces and towns, each with its unique environment but sharing in the same cultural heritage.

Seeing its vast area and wealth of options, I thought it best to compile some of the best places to stay in Tuscany. Whether you’re looking for a general area or a specific hotel or B&B, then I’ve got you covered with the best!

Also make sure to read our Tuscany itinerary to help you plan your trip and our guide on the best wine tours in Tuscany.

Calm Tuscan streets with sparse pedestrians and a few towers
Tuscan Streets

Florence: Tourist Hot Spot of Tuscany

If you’re looking for the tourist heart of Tuscany, you’ll find it in the city of Florence. Its Renaissance quarters are especially interesting, with sights like the Piazza della Signoria and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

The city’s main claim to fame, aside from it being the cradle of the Renaissance, is its being foot-traffic friendly. There aren’t many cities in the world with as much history and examples of art within such a small area. So, you can literally drop off anywhere, head in any direction, and you’ll discover some of its best spots.

If even the city’s small span isn’t enough for you, you can find the epicenter of Florence’s treasures at the Galleria degli Uffizi, located at Piazzale degli Uffizi 6. This museum has the world’s biggest collection of Renaissance art. There’s around 100 rooms spread across two floors, lined up chronologically from ancient Greek art to 18th-century pieces.

Florence cathedral on a gloomy day

While you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss a chance to explore (and take a picture at) the Duomo, the most famous piece of architecture in the city. Its iconic cupola atop its graceful-yet-dominating architecture is impossible to miss.

Hotel Spadai in Florence

Now exactly where to stay in Tuscany’s Florence? Right in the middle is the beautiful and rustic Hotel Spadai. It gives you a piece of Florence’s historicity during your stay. Just a hundred meters from the Florence Cathedral, the hotel is a stunning mix of contemporary and antique furnishings that immerse you in the Florence atmosphere.

It’s complete with all you need for an amazing stay, such as a private spa and a staff that doubles as a tour company! Hotel Spadai is at Via dei Martelli. You can reach Florence through Vespucci Airport, or through the country’s railway network (most lines have a Florence station). If you’re taking a road trip, the A1 Motorway runs past the city.

Short distance aerial of Hotel Spadai with the buzz of pedestrians down below
Hotel Spadai

Other Hotels in Florence

History and Walking Tours in Florence

Siena: Rich With History

Another picturesque town with a lot of cultural and historical treasures, Siena is also a great vantage point from which you can view the undulating and IG-worth Tuscan hills! Don’t miss the Campo Square and the Cathedral, Siena’s very own Duomo.

This Gothic marvel is stunning both in and out, with over 200 years’ worth of Biblical art laid in its floor’s 56 panels! If you can’t get enough of the distinct flavors of Sienese art, go to the Museo Civico via the Cortile del Podesta and check out some of the best secular works of art of the 1300s.

Brightly light bedroom with a neatly made bed at Hotel Athena
Hotel Athena

One of the best views is via the awesome Hotel Athena, which is also a mere walking distance from some of the province’s tourist attractions. Located in Via P. Mascagni, Hotel Athena is furnished with local handicrafts. Its terrace allows for a perfect view of the Tuscan hills, and its restaurant gives you a taste of fresh Sienese cuisine!

You can get to Siena from Florence via a 90-minute train ride, or via a rapidé SITA bus. If you’re taking a car, the travel time is around two hours but you’ll have to park outside the city walls.

Alternative Hotels in Siena

Sights That Make Siena Worth It

Family Friendly Lucca

This is one of the more child-friendly parts of the Tuscan region, thanks to less tourist traffic and a decidedly more downbeat vibe. It is a great launching point if you want to go to the area’s coastal towns, like Forte dei Marmi or Viareggio.

Don’t skip town immediately, though — the Cattedrale di San Martino is a rustic Romanesque piece of architecture from the 11th century, and one of the locale’s best-kept treasures. There are also two museums, the Museo della Cattedrale and the Museo Villa Puccini.

View of a tuscan town from above with mountains in the back while the sun starts to set
Town in Tuscany

Lucca is best enjoyed through villas like the opulent-yet-simple Villa Pardi, with its wide and pretty grounds. The simple yet opulent design perfectly captures the airy luxury of the Tuscan countryside, with its manicured grounds, tall rooms, and tasteful decors. Villa Pardi is located at Via di Poggio Seconda. You can get to Lucca through the train line that runs from Florence to Viareggio.

Bright Lucca plaza with the gentle hum of business starting to pick up at the market
Lucca Town Square during Market

Places to Stay in Lucca

Lucca Tours to Take

World Famous Pisa

Primarily famous for its leaning tower and its history as a maritime superpower, Pisa is even better if you wait until nightfall when the crowds have gone home. This brings out the real atmosphere of the place! Being a university student town, Pisa is more raw than either Florence or Siena. That does not mean it doesn’t have its own examples of fine art and architecture, such as the dome-upon-dome of the Battistero and the haunting quadrangle of the Camposanto.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa next to a cathedral with hoards of tourists waiting to snap pictures
Pisa, Italy

Pisa is home to Bologna Hotel Pisa, which brings Pisa’s distinctive airs indoors, immersing you in the local flavor. The prestigious furnishings are unmistakably Italian, balanced between the practical and the dramatic. Just half a kilometer from the Cathedral and the main artery, this is the place to be.

Bologna Hotel is located on Via Giuseppe. You can get from Florence to Pisa via the ItaliaRail. You can also get to the town proper via the airport through either the Terravision or Autostradale buses.

Other Pisa Hotel Options

Tours To Take in Pisa

Quaint and Charming San Casciano in Val di Pesa

Tuscany is not just about its famous provinces — there’s a specific charm to living in one of its small towns, too. This town, for example, has been almost completely rebuilt from the ground up after it suffered destruction during WW2.

While it does not have a bunch of art and architecture to its name, it is the Tuscan hub for wine and olive oil production. It is also one of the centers of agritourism in the area.

Clock tower towering over the silent yard at its front
Clock Tower in Italy

Imagine just sitting back and enjoying some time trading stories with locals, surrounding yourself with amazing views such as the flowers of Le Dimore Mezza Costa (just one of the many top-notch bed and breakfast here). This quaint lodging is good enough to be a movie set, and modern enough with such amenities as flat screen TVs, free WiFi, and a private bathroom!

The B&B is located in Via Borromeo. San Casciano in Val di Pesa, particularly, is near enough to Florence but isolated enough from its hustle and bustle. It can be reached by a dual carriageway called by different names — autopalio, superstrada Firenze-Siena, and Raccordo Autostradele RA03. The line connects the place to both Florence and Siena, and is free for the time being!

Alternative Stays in San Casciano in Val di Pesa

Pietrasanta: Little Town with Big Art

If you’d like a little more art with your stay, then consider this little town in the Versilia region. Aside from the slow pace, the area is also a haven of creativity and there’s always a work of art being born in the traditional Tuscan spirit of the airy and the earthy. In fact, there are lots of workshops and art galleries here.

Make sure to stop by the Via della Rocca, which leads up to the ancient structures of Pietrasanta. The place also has its own Duomo and Battistero, which are both worthy of your visit!

Quaint and softly decorated suite at La Sosta Degli Artisti, all white or dark pastel colors with sparse furniture
La Sosta Degli Artisti Suite in Pietrasantra

The La Sosta degli Artisti is among the best places to stay in in this town, and also among the most evocative of the artistic airs prevalent here. It’s one of the more boutique hotels Tuscany offers. They serve a mean organic breakfast, and they have a spa that combines color and music therapy — just what you would expect in an art-oriented B&B! They have themed rooms, too. You can reach La Sosta at the Viale Guglielmo Oberdan. Pietrasanta can also be reached via Trenitalia’s Firenze-Pisa-Livorno line.

Additional Hotels in Pietrasanta

Barga: For The Nature Lovers

If you really love nature, Tuscany has plenty in store for you. And one of the best places for it is Barga. It’s a town which manages to evade the throngs of tourists in order to extol Nature’s beauty. But, make sure your camera can handle all the pics you would want to take here!

It has its spots of art, too. The streets themselves were built between the 15th and 17th centuries, along with the town’s Romanesque Cathedral. 

Vibrant view of a cathedrals and the homes surrounding in Siena
Siena, Italy

It’s a small town with a small selection of lodgings. However, you can’t go wrong with La Serra di Barga with its breathtaking views of a lake and its proximity to downtown Barga. It even offers a view to the Duomo. This attractive B&B is located at 55051 Barga. The town itself is a three-hour bus ride from Florence. You start at the Via Delle Porte Nuove 17, then change at the Pizzale Verdi, and ending at P. Za Salvi.

A Tuscany Hotel in Barga

Pistoia: Tuscany’s Hidden Gem

This might not appear on the radars of many tourists. However, Pistoia is another great launching point for excursions into Lucca and Florence. This is primarily because it sits halfway between the two provinces, on a train line to each.

Hailed as a European City of Culture, it sits at the foot of the Apennine mountains. In fact, some of its best art pieces are stored in the Museo dell’Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi. The Cappella del Tau, on the other hand, is a treat for anyone who appreciates the Gothic style of architecture.

Artful lamp post in an alley in Pistoia
Pistoia, Italy

The town also has a raw feel, which is perfect for those looking for authenticity above all else. Make sure to stay at the Locanda San Marco Palazzo Caluri, whose grand and homey feel will transport you to an environment fit for a movie set. The place is a 17th-century structure, and is just 15 minutes from the train station (at Via Porta San Marco). Using the Trenitalia’s Firenze-Pistoia-Lucca line, you can reach Pistoia. 

Where To Stay in Tuscany: Pistoia

Picturesque Certaldo

If you want to straddle isolation and ease of transportation, then Certaldo is hard to beat. This is a picturesque hilltop town with a railroad running at its lower part. In fact, you would have to love the hike. That’s easy to do, given the sweeping panorama of the surrounding country that Certaldo affords.

Certaldo’s walled half on the hill, Rio Castello, is a can’t miss. The Palazzo Pretorio, a keep that housed the governors from Florence during the 12th century, is also worthy of visit.

Aerial view of a luxurious villa with a mass of garden and a huge pool
Podere Benintendi in Certaldo

Adding to the local charm is the Podere Benintendi, which looks more like a mansion than anything — imagine a large property surrounded by well-maintained lawns and trees, with a pool set in the middle! In fact, the entire place is on a hill, therefore giving it an awesome view of the Tuscan valleys. It is located on Via Montebello Benintendi. Certaldo can be reached via the Firenze-Empoli-Siena line or the Firenze-Pisa-Livorno lines of the Trenitalia.

Hotels In Certaldo

The Tuscan Countryside

True, this may not sound like an exact area. But you wouldn’t be in Tuscany if you had to be bound to a specific place just to enjoy it. In fact, the Tuscan countryside extends from Florence to Siena. It’s bounded in the east by Valdarno and in the west by San Miniato.

This section is particularly interesting because of its proximity to the many Tuscan sights, along with many of its villas and farmhouses. Luckily, the farmhouses have been turned into lodgings, some of which are available on VRBO! This means you can easily live the traditional laidback lifestyle in an authentic setting!

View of the back of a villa with a vineyard and clear skies over head
Villas in the Italian Countryside

While you’re here, you’re in a perfect spot to explore the places that make this side of Italy so charming. There’s Pisa, Florence, San Gimignano, Lucca, and the Chianti wine area. The lush, rolling hills and sun-kissed vineyards surrounding you will in themselves be worth staying for.

Of course, your choice of lodgings would depend on your itinerary. If you’ve taken a tour such as those that Get Your Guide offers, it will be easier to be based off a main province like Florence or Siena. However, if you’re out to explore the local flavor and see what the locals are up to, then moving into one of the small towns is a better option, but it will be almost impossible to do without a rental car. 

Though, whichever you choose, it’s pretty much guaranteed an adventure. Whether you stay in one of the luxury hotels Tuscany has or a cheaper vacation rental, you can’t run out of things to see and do during your Tuscany excursion!

Best Places to Stay in Tuscany was written by Karina Angela Ramos

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