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Amsterdam in Black and White

  During a business trip in Almere, I had the chance to visit Amsterdam for the first time and enjoyed the amazing network of channels passing through the city. I want to share with you Amsterdam in a black and white mood. ************ ************ ************ ************ ************ Where to stay in Amsterdam – Editor’s Picks …

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8 Surprising Facts About the Netherlands

These surprising facts touch upon the most famous icons of the Netherlands—from tulips and Van Gogh to windmills, clogs, and liberal laws. Holland isn’t the Netherlands Though it’s become totally acceptable to call the Netherlands “Holland,” Holland originally referred to two regions within the Netherlands: North Holland and South Holland. Amsterdam is located in North …

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Kinderdijk, Holland’s Famous Windmills

Visiting the famous windmills of the Kinderdijk is a truly moving experience. These windmills were originally built to pump water out of the country, which highlights the fact that the Netherlands has been sinking into the North Sea for centuries. Much of the Netherlands is comprised of peat bogs, and the Dutch used to harvest …

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A Photo Tour of Amsterdam Architecture

  From 17th century brick buildings inspired by Gothicism and French classicism to ultra-modern buildings that would make even London’s Gherkin blush; Amsterdam’s architecture seems to come at you from all angles. In fact, rotting wooden foundations have made many buildings list threateningly, and architect Renzo Piano has even built a museum that looks like …

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Recommended Amsterdam Hotels and Hostels

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam, then you basically have to choose between being in the middle of the madness or being slightly removed from it. Ever since Holland decriminalized the sale and use of marijuana, this place has become a pilgrimage spot for any young rebel worth his/her weight in booze …

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The Netherlands Tourist Information

Introduction to The Netherlands The Netherlands is one of the smaller countries of continental Europe, but the largest of three countries comprising “Benelux” (the others being Belgium and Luxembourg). Much of the country is below  sea level and the country’s lands have been reclaimed using complex waterworks projects (canals) over the years. The Dutch are known for …

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