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The Darker Side of Vienna

Vienna is one of the world’s great cities, even though today she has somewhat the air of a vast museum. But these tourist treasures have stories, some very dark, bitter, and complex.   Listen to a native son, Sigmund Freud. “Like you, I have an indomitable affection for Vienna and Austria,” the doctor wrote to …

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Tracing Vienna’s Musical Heritage

  Every city has its own personality: New York – the stiletto socialite, flitting easily between groups; Berlin – the punk clutching her beer and talking philosophy; Florence – the museum board member with a big hat and a glass of good Chianti. Hand in hand with these characters come the strengths that define them: Berlin has dance …

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Where to Stay in Vienna, Austria

Where to Stay in Vienna – Editor’s Pick This guide will make it easy for you to decide where to stay in Vienna. Every hotel in each of Vienna’s neighborhoods (Bezirke) has its own personality and price. The most expensive isn’t necessarily the best because in Vienna it’s all about character and style. Sometimes, you …

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Vienna, Austria: First-Time Visitor Guide

Vienna or Vienne just might top the list of most-overlooked cities in Europe, and it deserves to be right up there with Paris, London, and Rome. An enthralling mix of modern and ancient, its rich history dates back to Roman times, when the city’s primary function was to protect the Roman Empire from attacks by …

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Austria Tourist Information

Austria is well known throughout the world as the backdrop for the movie Sound of Music. Indeed, much of Austria is a paradise of snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys. However, major cities like Innsbruck and Salzburg are tourist magnets with a reputation for clean streets, world-class restaurants, and a friendly atmosphere. Vienna, the capital, reaches the …

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Explore the Stunning Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria

Even in a city of architectural splendor, Vienna’s Schonbrunn Palace manages to stand out without much effort. Not a surprising fact considering the property, a Habsburg summer palace, was designed to rival Versailles. It was created with the lavish arrogance of a successful empire; designed as a statement, a trophy. It was little wonder that …

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