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Vienna Sightseeing With the Vienna Pass – Does it Really Save Money?

Vienna Sightseeing with the Vienna Pass

Austria is a picturesque country filled with art, history, culture, and delicious food. Its capital, Vienna was home to several geniuses in their industry like Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. Visiting Vienna is like visiting living breathing history. The buildings in the main square sing with life and personalities of their own.

Visiting all of Vienna can get hectic and expensive. There’s no shame in wanting to save a bit of money, especially after spending so much getting to Austria itself. I’m going to tell you all about the Vienna Pass that has the ability to save you a big chunk of change. Let me break it all down for you.

Calmly lit Vienna town with people humming around to get places
Vienna, Austria

How To Save Money with the Vienna Card

There are many features visitors can get if they purchase the Vienna Pass, also often referred to as the Vienna card. First and foremost, it allows access to over 60 attractions giving you the perfect opportunity to do some Vienna sightseeing.

Along with these popular museums and attractions, card handlers have unlimited access to the Hop-on/Hop-off tour until the pass expires. You also get a free guidebook, a travelcard for the tram, and fast track entry to many of the top Vienna attractions.

The Vienna card is available in four forms: 24-hour, 48-hour, 72-hour, and 6-day cards. This makes the card perfect for Vienna day trips as well as long-term stays. It combines a whole bunch of perks at a solid price per person.

For 24 hours, these cards are €70 per adult and €35 per child. The 48-hour cards are €95 per adult and €47.50 per child. For 72 hours it comes up to €125 per adult and €62.50 per child. Finally, the 6 day pass is €155 per adult and €77.50 per child. The company providing the cards guarantees 100% money back if the pass goes unused for 30 days after purchase.

You can purchase your Vienna Pass here>>

Children 6-18 years old are eligible for the child pass but those under the age of 6 get free admission. 19 and up must purchase the adult pass. Please be aware that these passes are not meant for huge groups so groups of 10 and up may be denied access to certain attractions.

A greenhouse silhouette with a peaceful light surrounding it and the garden perimeter
Palm House in Vienna

Where To Buy The Vienna City Pass

The pass is actually not too hard to come by. You can get it at any Vienna hotel as well as the sales offices and information booths at the transportation services. Purchasing your pass while in Vienna can be smart in terms of uncertainty factors. If you aren’t completely sure you want it or you aren’t sure what vibe you’ll get when you’re in the city then I would purchase it on site.

Buying it upfront also has its advantages though. You’ll have money back guarantee when you buy it online, so there is no risk, but you might find better deals online. You can purchase it on GetYourGuide or on the actual Vienna Pass website either way you might be able to get promo codes to apply some more money saving. Buying tickets online also makes budgeting for your trip easier, as you have fewer out of pocket expenses when you get there.

Buy Your Tickets Online Here

Attractions Included with the Vienna Pass


With the Vienna pass, holders have free access to over 60 of Vienna’s top attractions. And no, I am not pulling your leg, you get free entry to them all! That’s pretty amazing right? See further down for a list of included Vienna attractions.

Gorgeous marble hallways and staircases
Inside Hofburg Palace

Hop-On/Hop-Off Tours

We’ve included Hop-on/Hop-off tours in a lot of previous posts. There is a reason for that and it is because if you get one ticket to this tour then you can jump on and off that bus all day long.

You get to see the outer layer of cities while having the option to explore them more. With the Vienna city pass, you have unlimited use of the tour until that card expires. It’s good for all the Hop-on/Hop-off bus tours in Vienna.


As a traveler, I know carrying brochures around is a real pain in the neck and it just makes your backpack disorganized and cluttered. Have no fear though because with the pass, you get a free guidebook that not only gives you the basic information on attractions included but also to places not covered by the pass. The guidebook also gives the locations contact information and address and makes for a nice souvenir, after your return back home.

Fast Track Entry

If you aren’t familiar with fast track tickets they’re just another name for skip-the-line tickets. With the card, you are eligible for a fast track entry at a number of the included attractions. This is not true for every single attraction included in the pass. Either way, you get quite a bit of skip-the-line perks.

Optional: Travelcard

Not everyone uses or appreciates this feature but it does cut back on taxi costs. This feature allows visitors to explore the city via the transit networks around Vienna. The travel card allows free transportation on the trams, trains, and busses. As it is an all-inclusive pass, you don’t have to worry about getting the right fare, or dealing with the ticket machine every time you take the tram or search for change to use the bus.

I think public transportation is the best way to get to know your surroundings as it’s such a natural part of life in every city. No harm in experiencing Vienna like a local.

Vienna town square in the day time with a horse drawn carriage idly going around
Vienna town center

What Is NOT Included in the Pass

There isn’t a whole lot that isn’t included with the Vienna city pass. The only big thing they don’t include is a restaurant card. They do not provide discounts for local restaurants and pubs.

This isn’t really a negative because it doesn’t constrict you to a handful of tourist spots. You are free roam and search for the hidden culinary gems of Vienna.

Major Vienna Sightseeing Attractions Included

Schönbrunn Palace

The very top attraction in Vienna is the Schönbrunn Palace. It has been standing for centuries with its gorgeous and utterly fascinating architecture. On the tour of the palace, you’ll find out all the interesting historical facts like its original name was Katterburg. You can learn about all the owners of the property before Maria Theresa in the 1760’s while you awe at the gorgeousness that is the Schönbrun Palace.

Get Tickets for Just the Schönbrunn Palace Here

Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

Its original name is Wiener Riesenrad in Austrian and it’s the amazing Vienna Ferris Wheel. This is the best spot to take breathtaking pictures of the Vienna skyline. Not to mention you can get some pretty romantic moments as the moon shines above and your significant other getting all cuddly with you.

Book Your Ferris Wheel Ride Here

Side view of the Vienna ferris wheel with vibrant red cars on a gray day
Vienna Ferris Wheel

Hofburg Imperial Palace

For the history buffs on here, the Hofburg Imperial Palace is where the culture and history of Austria’s extremely wealthy. It was once a fortified castle and still considered a city within a city as it has 18 wings, 19 courtyards, and over 2,000 rooms. It’s easy to get lost within its walls but no matter where you turn it oozes history. It even has a music hall where beautiful concerts are held.

Click Here for Hofburg Concert Tickets


The most beautiful and important museums of all Vienna is the Belvedere. It is also one of the most visited museums as well. The two palaces are connected by an unique baroque garden. The public has been able to gaze upon the beauty of the gallery since 1781, making it, possibly, the very first museum in the world.

Book Tickets to the Belvedere Here

Danube Tower

Get free entry to the tallest point in Austria, the Danube Tower. From the top, visitors can look out on the old city, the Vienna woods, and the Danube park. Take amazing snaps from the unique perspective of the tower. While you enjoy the views, you can also enjoy a meal at the tower’s rotating 360 degree restaurant.

Snatch Your Tower Tickets Here

Marble statues of the Gods and Goddesses as the fountain runs
Schönbrunn Palace fountain

Is the Vienna Pass Worth It?

So let me simplify it all: over 60 attractions with free entry and that includes the top attractions in the city as well as the unlimited use of the hop-on/hop-off bus tours. This is all for a singular price. To break it down further:

  • Schönbrunn Palace – €20/per adult
  • Hofburg Palace – €15/per adult
  • Hop-On/Hop-Off Tour – €50
  • Schönbrunn Zoo – €20
  • Albertina – €16
  • Museum of Art History – €16
  • Danube Tower – €14.50
  • Ferris Wheel – €12
  • Dom Museum Wien – €8

For a whole day of activities for one adult is €171.50,  without the cost of food, but for an adult to have a 24 hour Vienna card is €70. That saves you €101.50 give or take with taxes. If you take that into account for a 6 day trip, a Vienna pass for adults cost €23.50 less than paying full price for a day of Vienna sightseeing. I think that’s worth it.

Higher view of the Vienna cityscape during the day with the rises and falls of the gorgeous architecture
Vienna, Austria

Additional Vienna Tips and Trips

  • Check if the restaurants you’re interested have reservations, they are highly recommended. Most restaurants accept reservations but if you’re unsure then ask your hotel concierge.
  • Always have cash on hand because some places don’t accept cards.
  • Shorts are frowned upon in Vienna, as it is a very elegant city. If you’d like to know more about what’s appropriate to wear in Europe, read this.
  • Most places are closed on Sundays so if you’re checking into a vacation rental or hotel on Saturday you should stock up on snacks and such beforehand. You can check out places to stay in Vienna, Austria here.

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Vienna Sightseeing with the Vienna Pass – Pin for Later

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