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Karla Ramos

Karla Ramos is a former preschool teacher turned travel blogger/ travel consultant and social media manager. She writes at Karla Around the World and Hungry Travel Duo. People call her an energizer bunny, a never-ending source of energy and laughter, who is a lover of adventure. She was bitten by the travel bug early on and enjoys talking about my action-packed and adrenaline-filled experience. While traveling, Karla loves to experience local culture, trying out the local cuisine, meeting new people, most of all adventure. Follow her Instagram @karlaroundtheworld and Facebook karlaroundtheworld.

Best Day Trips From Lisbon

Best Day Trips from Lisbon Lisbon is definitely one of the best destinations in Europe, though sadly it is overshadowed on the global scale by Spanish rival cities such as Madrid. But nevertheless, this Portuguese wonder deserves a look-see from everyone stepping foot in this side of the world! You’ll surely be inspired by the …

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Where To Stay In Tuscany – Best Towns & Hotels in Tuscany

Where to Stay in Tuscany Find the Best Places to Stay in Tuscany Tuscany, that haven in central Italy, is a magnificent place. It consists of various provinces and towns, each with its unique environment but sharing in the same cultural heritage. Seeing its vast area and wealth of options, I thought it best to …

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Top Tips To Buy Alhambra Tickets

Top Tips To Score Alhambra Tickets The Alhambra Palace must be one of the most-visited World Heritage sites in the world if the ticket lines are any indication, but it is definitely the most popular tourist destination in Granada Spain. This extensive fortress complex is an inimitable bastion of history, showcasing not just the grandeur …

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