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Things to Do in Seville In 3 Days

Things To Do in Seville Spain – 3 Days in Seville Itinerary

Seville is one of the most interesting places in Spain’s Andalusia. It is a city teeming with beauty and passion, whose history is as rich as anything you could find out there. But how can you spend 3 days in Seville?

Given the many things to do in Seville, Spain, it can be hard to decide on the essentials. So I’ve compiled this itinerary for 3 Days in Seville for you — the must-see and must-do to make sure you get the best Seville experience!

Seville Alcazar Cathedral

This is a collection of tourist spots within a tourist spot! The Seville Alcazar Cathedral is the third largest in Europe, after St. Peter’s in the Vatican and St. Paul’s in London. It’s also the largest Gothic church anywhere. That alone means there’s a lot to explore inside and should be on your “what to do in Seville” list. 

Haunting arches inside a stone building with light radiating for halls
Gorgeous architecture in Spain

Once inside, visitors are surrounded by artworks from all sides. Dominating everything is the altarpiece, the largest in the world, which depicts Jesus’ life from birth to His Crucifixion. There’s also a massive pipe organ here, which is played every 10AM mass (except on Saturdays).

The great explorer, but controversial figure of history Christopher Columbus is also entombed here. There are lots of historical and religious relics, from jewels to old paintings. Don’t miss the Torre Giralda, the Cathedral’s bell tower and the remains of the mosque that once stood in the exact same spot! Finally, there’s the Court of the Orange Trees which was also once part of the mosque.

Seville Attractions: Real Alcazar

Seville likes its superlatives — this one is the oldest royal palace on the continent that is still in use and one of the must see Seville attractions! Real Alcazar Seville was once the home of the Muslim rulers from the 10th century. Today, the Alcazar stands as a showcase both of Christian and Islamic architecture.

And don’t forget it’s latest claim to fame as a Game of Thrones Film location. The Real Alcazar should definitely be on your things to in Seville in 3 Days itinerary. 

Outside side view of a palace with a bridge going over a reflecting river
Parliament Palace of Spain

One of the most historic places here is the Admiral’s Hall, where it is said that Columbus first reported his discovery of the New World to Queen Isabel. Of course, the throne room itself (called the Hall of Ambassadors) is not to be missed.

There are several courtyards worthy of note, along with huge gardens worthy of any royalty. And did you know that there’s an underground pool below the Alcazar? Apparently the royals of old didn’t want others to see them when lounging off at the poolside!

A separate ticket is needed for the Upper Royal Apartments, which is still in use by the current King of Spain. Since these World Heritage sites are always teeming with tourists, it’s wise to book your skip the line tickets online first.

Plaza de España in Seville

This is a park within a park, and is located within the confines of the grand Parque de María Luisa (a must-visit for lovers of the green space). The Plaza de España was originally built as a monument, celebrating the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition. And boy, what a grand “monument” this is! There are several buildings, a palace, canals, and images that commemorate the country’s national figures and various provinces.

Tropical brush and trees outside a cream palace with brown accents adorning it on a clear sunny day
Real Alcazar de Seville

Of course, once your eyes have consumed the grandiose structures here, head back to the María Luisa for more eye-popping views. This is the largest green park, and is a good place for a walk or a quiet moment of admiration and contemplation on Seville holidays. The botanical garden is also quite a sight, with unusual flowers!

Guadalquivir on Seville Holidays

Speaking of walks, make sure to take a stroll at the right bank of Seville’s Guadalquivir river. Aside from being a perfect place for people-watching, this side contains a lot of interesting sights.

Picturesque light brown tower towering over the photographer
Spanish Tower

There’s the Plaza de Toros and Museo Taurino. The former is a 250-year old bullfighting arena, and the latter is a detailed museum dedicated to this custom. If you’re not fidgety, walk amongst mounted bull heads which include the famous Islero, known for killing Spain’s best bullfighter Manolete in 1947. There are also the bullfighting clothes (traje de luces, suits of light) worn by legendary matadors.

Distance view of Regional Parliament with a reflecting pool of water all in front of it
Regional Parliament

Also on the banks of the Guadalquivir is the Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold), which is a military structure hailing from the 13th century. Aside from helping safeguard Seville, the watchtower was also the start and end point of all of Seville’s trade to the New World. Today, it is a maritime museum showing murals and artifacts from Spain’s expansive seafaring history.

Things To Do in Seville: Flamenco Shows

Seville is the home of the flamenco, and you can’t be truly here without watching a show! These flamenco shows happen every evening in various tablao venues, where you can watch while dining or munching some delicious tapas. One great choice is the Tablao El Arenal, where both the flamenco and the food are good (in contrast, some tourist traps offer mediocre fare).

Flaminco dancer spinning enticingly to the music from the band behind her
Flaminco dancing

If, like many, you were captivated by the intensity of the dance, you may want to visit the Museo de Baile Flamenco. This is the first such museum in the world, and is located in an 18th-century mansion. There are workshops and performances, traditional displays, and a hightech exhibit that shows the evolution of the dance.

Markets of Seville

Mercadillo del Duque la Magdalena

Plaza del Duque / Plaza de la Magdalena, Seville, 41001, Spain

Located in the Arenal area of Seville, the Mercadillo del Duque la Magdalena is where shoppers go to find fashion and handmade jewelry, hats, scarves, bags (I’ve found some wonderful leather goods there), sunglasses, soaps and perfumes (among other things). 

Though I’ve only been in the summer, I’ve heard that around the holidays, the market expands to accommodate other seasonal vendors and becomes the perfect place to do some one-stop Christmas shopping.
Thursday to Sunday – 10 am to 9 pm

Sausages for sale on the market, Seville, Spain
Sausages for sale on the market in Seville, Spain

Mercadillo Filatélico

Plaza del Cabildo, Sevilla, 41001, Spain

This energetic open-air market is the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning in Seville’s historic center. It is an antique lover’s paradise with plenty of old coins, stamps, postcards, and other collectibles.
Sundays 8 pm to 3 pm

Mercadillo de los Jueves

Feria, Alameda de Hércules, Seville, 41002, Spain

Mercadillo de los Jueves, located in the Calle Feria, is one of Seville’s oldest open-air markets. You can find a variety of collectibles and antiques here, as well as art and used books.
Thursdays – 7am to 3pm

Farmers market in Seville Spain with vegetables and sunflowers.
Farmers market in Seville Spain with vegetables and sunflowers.

Christmas Markets

Seville celebrates the Christmas holidays with music, parades, and all-out light displays. There are also lots of Christmas markets that spring up in the city, selling Christmas decor, foods, and crafts. Christmas is a magical time in Seville.

What To Do in Seville: Museum Hopping

Aside from flamenco, the more traditional museums here are also worth visiting. There’s an Archaeological Museum, which like the Plaza de España was built for the Ibero-American Exposition. There are also Bronze Age artifacts, such as a 21-piece gold jewelry set from the 8th century!

For more of Seville’s history, check out the Museum of Arts and Traditions which offers an insight on the city’s traditional trades such as forging and tile-making. If you’re on the artsy side, don’t miss the Museum of Fine Arts which showcases a lot of beautiful works! Interestingly, many of these came from convents and monasteries. Don’t miss the picture-worthy courtyards of the museum, too.

Eclectic modern art piece atop the Museum Hopping with colors all around
Museum Hopping

And if you really want to dig deep in history, head over to Italica which was the birthplace of Emperors Hadrian and Trajan, now a massive archaeological dig!

3 Days in Seville – Tours To Take in Seville

Places To Stay in Seville

Aside from these, Seville is also home to cultural events such as the Feria de Abril (a five-day event) and the Semana Santa during Holy Week. If you plan to visit Andalusia during those events, plan well ahead, as hotel prices skyrocket and ticket sell out well in advance. Also keep in mind that some Seville attractions might not be open during that time or have different opening hours. 

Feel free to wander around and get lost in the city, taking in slices of the whole that Seville has to offer, even if you cannot be there during these times.

3 Days in Seville itinerary was written by Karina Angela Ramos

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