On the James Joyce Trail in Trieste

James Joyce statue by the Canal Grande

The city of Trieste is in border country. Follow the coast all the way around, as James Joyce did in the early years of the twentieth century, and pretty soon you’ll be in Slovenia, with Croatia just a few miles further south. You are as likely to hear people say 'dober dan' as 'buongiorno', and the phone book is full of names like Gravnik and Decic. Trieste has always inhabited an ... Read Full Article

Three Romantic Getaways in Europe

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Old Town

Valentine’s Day, a holiday steeped in romance and devotion, has been inspiring lovers to declare their love for centuries. It’s a day for heartfelt gifts, fancy dinners, pretty jewelry and even poems. And for travel lovers who use any excuse to plan a trip (that would be me!), it’s an opportune time to discuss a romantic summer getaway—of course, a European romantic summer getaway! Though ... Read Full Article

Avoiding Credit Card Woes in Europe

Choose your credit card wisely

  Recently, we have noticed that our credit cards do not always work in some areas of Europe. Although not a cause for panic, there have been a few changes that travelers should be aware of when using credit cards in Europe. The Chip-and-PIN cards were introduced in Europe almost ten years ago and now more than 80 countries use them. The Chip-and-PIN credit cards use an embedded ... Read Full Article

10 Ways to Beat Jet Lag in Rome

Pantheon by Clayton Tang

How many times have you arrived in Europe feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead—eyes puffy and mumbling something incoherent (English in this case)? Having begun many trips to Europe in Rome, I’ve found that the city has a great variety of things to do to help you beat jet lag. Here are 10 ways to beat jet lag in Rome: Sleep on the Way Over There are lots of general tips for ... Read Full Article

Six Reasons to Visit Europe this Winter

Berlin, Germany-acting like a local while sipping hot cider at an outdoor market

  In the summer, travelers flock to Europe to tour the sites while basking in the warm sunshine. Sounds perfect, right? Well, it is perfect until you step off the plane and realize that everyone else has the same idea. Along with the picture perfect weather, come throngs of camera-toting tourists. To escape the crowds, consider visiting Europe in the winter.Yes, the weather may be chilly ... Read Full Article

Sfogliatelle – Naples’ Delicious Pastry


  Sfogliatelle is the hard-to-pronounce name for a delicious filled pastry that is as Neopolitan as Neopolitan pizza. Food lovers in Naples might traverse the town, sampling from the most famous pasticcerias (pastry shops) and comparing the sweet fillings and flaky crusts.  But me? I first discovered sfogliatelle quite accidentally when I wandered into the café attached to the Napoli ... Read Full Article

Visiting the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, Italy

Ghetto street in Venice

  Even as far back in the 1300’s the Jews of Europe were being persecuted. Jews began settling in Venice in the 16th century. They were mainly moneylenders, physicians, artisans and traders. Though the republic valued their services, to placate the Catholic Church they were confined to live on this walled island where drawbridges were raised each evening to enforce a night time ... Read Full Article

EuropeUpClose Picks for Best Cities in Europe for Canoodling

Rome at Night

  Looking for romantic Europe?   From the cozy canals of Venice, to sophisticated Paris, to mysterious Valencia, Spain, Europe offers romance around every corner. You can find romance anywhere, but these cities are our favorites for finding that special spot to snuggle. Venice, Italy The city of quiet canals and music is our choice for the best city in Europe for canoodling. What ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Sorrento, Italy

Beautiful Sorrento

  A luxurious, coastal Italian town if ever there was one, Sorrento offers a great selection of high-end ‘where to stay’ options; but budget travelers will have a hard time of it. Nevertheless, you’ll find a small selection of budget hotel recommendations below. The following ‘where to stay’ options are organized by hotel star rating, beginning with five-star hotels, and preference has ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Bologna, Italy


  The ancient city of Bologna has a thriving hotel scene, and though it is short on five-star accommodations, Bologna has numerous four and three-star ‘where to stay’ options. When choosing where to stay in Bologna, note that the city is quite spread out and that it’s best to stay either within or close to the Ring Road, where most of the important sights are located. Consequently, the ... Read Full Article