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Top 15 Cinque Terre Beaches You MUST Visit

15 of The Best Cinque Terre Beaches

All summer long, people enjoy the shining sun in Italy. While it’s not a main attraction of Italy, the Cinque Terre beaches are among some of the most beautiful in Europe. The beaches are so numerous that they cater to every taste. Even beach haters can find enjoyment on the beaches in Italy.

While there are several beaches to choose from, I’ve narrowed the absolute best ones for your convenience. Let me map out the beaches for the beach lovers and haters traveling through Italy and Europe.

As a forewarning, some beaches charge a resort fee and quite typical in Italy (and the rest of Europe). The resort fees are there so visitors can rent chairs and have a little bit more luxury while they stay at the beach.

For each Cinque Terre Beach, I will share with you some helpful tips, things to do, and places to stay, whether you prefer luxury hotels, budget accommodation, or vacation rentals (VRBO). This should help you plan your Cinque Terre Beach vacation!

Colorful houses cluttered peacefully on the cliffs of the Italian coast
Cinque Terre village

Monterosso: The Old and New

Monterosso is one of the largest beaches in Cinque Terre. So big that they had to split it in two, Fegina and Old Town. Fegina is along the newer part of Monterosso while Old Town is, well, in the older part of the village. Fegina is close to many restaurants, bars, and even gelato shops. Old Town is situated near the Blue Path hiking trail, providing visitors a lovely walk with picturesque views. For more information, read Cinque Terre Hiking Trails.

Both beaches have the option of private, paid for spots and public free spots. Services can include chairs, umbrellas, towels, and even rentals which makes it the perfect spot for families and dates. These services range from 5-7 euro per person. From Monterosso, visitors can go on tours. Most popularly, boat tours and kayak tours to highlight the beautiful ocean they’re visiting. 

To explore the villages along the Italian Riveria from Monterosso, I recommend this kayak tour. You’ll have several photo opportunities from a unique angle and even more fun. Take a look at this Kayak Tour.

Clusters of colorful beach umbrellas shading visitors and Monterosso locals
Beach at Monterosso

How To Get To Monterosso

There are many ways to get to all the fun that is Monterosso. Since there are two sections of the beach, there are a couple ways to get there. For Fegina, the newer section of the beach, you have your pick of train, car, or foot (if your hotel is close enough).

By train it’s fairly simple, get off at the Monterosso al Mare station and walk out onto the beach. Go left and you hit the Old Town section of the beach. Go right and hit the lively Fegina section of the beach. There is a parking lot available but it gets fairly crowded during July and August so I recommend going before or after that time to avoid crowds.

Start Your Train Trip Here

Monterosso Hotels

Sea boulder in the background of a sea of orange and green beach umbrellas
Umbrellas at the beach in Monterosso

Vernazza: Tranquil and Calm

In the harbor of Vernazza, there’s a lovely free beach with soft sand as well as a flat rock surface for those who can’t stand sand getting everywhere. This particular beach has calm waters, meaning no waves. So, Vernazza is great for a leisure boat ride or fishing boat storage.

This Cinque Terre beach is one of the quieter ones as there are not a lot of big shops or services around. This can be a lovely spot for a romantic Italian beach picnic or a quiet evening of sipping wine and reading, enjoying this stunning place.

East of Vernazza village, there is another little beach area behind the towering cliffs. This section is a little more popular as it’s a more traditional beach with crashing waves and soft sand shores. Either beach is lovely enough for a full day of beach fun.

Directions To Vernazza

This is another very easily accessible Cinque Terre beach. By train, you just need to get off at the Vernazza Station and walk a measly 2 minutes toward the ocean. To reach the hidden one, behind the cliffs, you still have a two-minute walk. However, you are to go through a “cave” to access it. If you happen to be using a car, parking is paid for and very limited. If you find there are no spots left, it’s best to park in La Spezia a couple of blocks away from the beach. Trust me, it’s worth the walk.

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Multi-colored building lining the cliffs overlooking crystal blue Italian water
Vernazza cliffs

Places to Stay in Vernazza

Guvano: The Hidden Gem of The Cinque Terre Beaches

From Vernazza via boat, you can access this hidden gem of Cinque Terre beaches. Guvano is a sparsely populated beach where clothing is optional. Back in the 70’s it was a hotspot for the hippies and nudists of Italy. The shore itself is pebbles and sand, a great terrain to smooth the soles of your feet. This is a great beach for a getaway.

Whether you choose to shed all your clothes or not, you’ll find some bliss. I recommend spending a day at this beach as you’ll have to rent a boat to get out there. So, pack a nice picnic full of food that you can graze over all day. Don’t forget your water and sunscreen either. This is also a lovely beach to take a stroll on.

The town the beach is a part of is Corniglia. This town is an ancient Roman village saturated with history and culture. The history behind this town is absolutely fascinating and if you’re spending more than a beach day, it’d be in your best interest to take a couple of tours or go on a village adventure.

Rocks on a sandy beach near clear water
Rocky beach

Guvano Journey

This particular beach isn’t the easiest to get to. There are no safe paths to walk or drive on so you’ll have to rent a boat in Vernazza and head south toward Corniglia to find it. Yes, I know it seems like a hassle and renting a boat in Vernazza can cost anywhere from 50 to 300+ euro. But, it’s so worth it for its beauty and privacy.

Where To Stay in Corniglia

Sestri Levante: Bay of Silence and Bay of Fables

I am here to give you the best locations for a Cinque Terre beach day and by gosh, that means telling you about some best kept secrets. In the beautiful sea village of Sestri Levante, mostly hidden by the natives, are two beaches very much worth a section of this article. The free areas are straight out of a storybook. The gentle crest of the water on the fine sand makes for a tranquil place to take your family or your significant other. While you enjoy a day at the bay, you can also walk along the beautiful streets to window shop or grab a bite to eat.

How To Get To The Bays

Depending on where you’re staying, you can either travel on foot or by train. If you happen to be traveling by train, then simply stop at the Sestri Levante station and head downwards toward the water through Old Town. No matter how you travel you will be walking through Old Town so take a look around! Stop and smell the roses, if you will.

Pastel building lining the shore of a tranquil beach
Sestri Levante beach

Sestri Levante Lodgings

La Dolce Vita Italiana Camogli

You can tell that the best places in a town are the places the natives frequent. Camogli is one of those Cinque Terre beaches. It’s a place for those visitors that just want to completely immerse themselves in the sweet Italian life or la dolce vita Italiana. Camogli gets crowded with natives in July and August, the peak of the summer season. If you’d like to avoid the crowds then by all means either go to a different beach or visit this one during its low times. There is a lot of culture to absorb here too.

Journey To Camogli

From the Camogli train station, it’s fairly easy to walk down to the beach. I recommend going by foot or train since there are very limited traffic able streets in the town of Liguria. If you’re staying near the beach then by foot is your best option. There are signs pointing you in the correct direction. The train is a great way to get the native vibe since it’s normal for people in Europe to take the train or public transportation.

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Lovely towers with calm ocean in the back
Camogli, Italy

Take a Camogli Tour

Where To Stay in Camogli

Levanto Beach: Official Beach for All Tastes

As the second-largest Cinque Terre beach, Levanto offers countless tours and services. From Levanto, you can take a Cinque Terre private tour and decide which beach is the absolute best for you. As for this uncommonly long stretch of beach, visitors have several options for activities. You can rent bikes for up to 50 euro. You can dive into the crystal blue waters and discover hidden alcoves to explore. There are also several boats for hire, with varying price ranges, that you can use to journey up and down the Levanto coast. And unlike Monterosso, Levanto isn’t as crowded.

A plethora of people having a beach day on the sandy shore of Levanto
Levanto Beach in the summer

Making It to Levanto

There are several different ways to get to Levanto. You can take a Cinque Terre hike from Monterosso if you’re feeling energetic. The trail is pretty straight forward but remember: be prepared for the hike. From the Levanto train station, you can take a mini 10-minute stroll through town. Parking, however, is very limited, especially in the summertime. My advice would be to park on the street of go on foot. If you’re worried about the distance between your hotel/vacation rental and the beach the take a look at a few I’ve picked out.

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Planning Your Levanto Stay

Canneto Beach: Beautiful and Wild

Another hidden gem of Italian beaches, Canneto is a small beach that you have to know about to find. It’s not usually on lists of Cinque Terre beaches. Lucky for you, I know about it! This is not a place for families as it’s untamed and wild. Rarely touched, this is a beach for the adventurers. The only people you’ll find there are locals and visitors in the know about Italy’s secret destinations. Naturally, there are no paid services provided but you will need to rent a boat.

Cliffs overlooking an untamed beach by the crystal water under a clear sky
Beach cliffs

Boating To Canneto

Since this beach is such a well kept secret, there is no way to reach it by land. From Riomaggiore, you’ll have to rent a kayak which can cost about 40 euro for a full day. This is a very vigorous task to row yourself from Riomaggiore to Canneto beach. This is why I say it’s more for adventurers. You’ll need to pack a day bag and be able to row to and from the beach after your excursion.

Booking a Room in Canneto

Romantic Manarola

Going on a date on your vacation? Set the scene in Manarola. The beautiful multi-colored houses lining the coast, the lovely restaurants waiting for you and your date to enjoy, and the wine waiting to be sipped. This is not the traditional sandy or rocky beach though. There’s a tiny harbor where boats can dock or people can dive off into the deep waters. The beach is perfect for adventurers and lovers alike.

Your Journey to Manarola

The train is the easiest way to get to Manarola, Cinque Terre in general actually. The train station is one stop before or after Riomaggiore and from there you can stroll down to the harbor or around the town. Now, you can reach Manarola by car but experienced travelers and locals advise against it. But there are small parking facilities you can use with mini busses you can use to get to hotels and other facilities.

Plan a Train Trip Here

Beautiful pastel buildings surrounding the beachy cliffs over the ocean in Manarola
Manarola Beach

Tours To Take Featuring Manarola

Book Your Stay in Manarola

Peaceful Riomaggiore

In the southern most village of Cinque Terre, the peaceful town of Riomaggiore with its mild weather makes it a lovely spot for your beach vacation. The free beach allows visitors to explore the beach town without the ties of a paid for spot. You can even take a hike on Lover’s Lane from Riomaggiore to Manarola or the other way around. There is so much culture and history to soak up in this town that you simply have to walk around. Even if you’re just there for the beach, spend about an hour while you look for food or a bar and look around.

Vibrant multi-colored homes lining the beach where boats and travelers rest
Riomaggiore dock

From Your Place to the Riomaggiore Beach

Like I’ve said before, it is not smart to drive a car in this area. Yes, you can still get a parking spot but you’ll be burning an unnecessary hole in your pocket. I’m here to make sure that if you spend money then it’s worth every single penny. Take the train if you’re staying in a different town. Stop at the Riomaggiore train station and take a five minute walk to the coast.

Start Your Trip Here

Tours Featuring Riomaggiore

Lodgings in Riomaggiore

Bonassola Beach: Mountain and Sea

Most people know the common five Cinque Terre beaches. But, just a few miles north is Bonassola, a small calm beach town where the sea meets the mountains. It has a long sandy beach where visitors can rent umbrellas and chairs for at least 5 euro. In the charming town, you can find plenty of coffee shop, restaurants, and ice cream shops to enjoy between snorkeling and swimming in the crystal blue waters. This is a beach for families, couples, and solo travelers looking for leisure. It’s more of a place to relax.

The mountains meeting the sea while the sky stirs
Bonassola where the mountains meet the sea

How To Get To Bonassola

By train, of course, you can reach this quaint beach town. It takes a two min ute train ride from Levanto to get to Bonassola. There is the hiking trail as well that takes an easy hour or less for the more eager hikers. It’s a perfect day trip from Levanto since it’s so close and a lovely town to unwind in.

Get Your Train Here

Your Bonassola Stay

Gabbiano Beach: A Ferry Destination

When I aforementioned some secluded beaches, none are as secluded as Gabbiano beach. This beach is on Palmaria Island near Portovenere, the sixth Cinque Terre village. This is a place where very few tourists actually visit, mostly because there are no significant hotels here, only vacation rentals. This location has an indescribable beauty, one only to be experienced with your own eyes. On top of the breathtakingly inexplainable views, there is tons of food near by at a reasonable price.

There are only paid services on the actual beach for at least 10 euro person. But they are totally worth it for the privacy and luxury this beach has to offer.

The tip of the Palmaria Island meeting the calm sea
Palmeria Island near Gabbiano beach

Ferrying To Gabbiano Beach

This is not a place trains go to. You can take a ferry to Portovenere then another one over to Palmaria Island. Your other option is to take a water taxi right to the beach, lay down your towel and enjoy.

Vacation Rental in Palmaria Island Near Gabbiano

Tours Around Palmaria Island

The Colorful San Terenzo

Outside of the technical Cinque Terre beach zone, is a much less visited town called Lerici. In this town is the beautiful sandy San Terenzo beach. This is a beach for the spenders, with the array of private beach club areas with umbrellas and chairs you can rent. But it’s also a beach for families with free beach spots and a kids’ play area. There is even a little cove for lovers down the promenade called La Marinella.

Boats leisurely floating in the unmoving water
Boat floating in the harbor

How You Can Get to San Terenzo

This is a perfect time to use that car you rented. Simply drive down from any of the main Cinque Terre beaches. If you don’t have a car, there is always the train. Still a perfect traveling option in Europe, you can take the train to La Spezia Centrale then buy a bus ticket to Lerici. This will take a bit longer. Or if you’ve visited these beaches in order then take the ferry from Portovenere!

Get A Train Ticket Here

Best Hotels in Lerici To Stay In

San Fruttuosso: For The Lovers

Near Portofino is a beach straight out of a romance novel. San Fruttuosso is a place to take a first, second, or fifteenth honeymoon in Italy. The moment you step into it, the misty-eyed romantic inside you will awaken. Not only is this a spot for love birds, but it is also a scuba diver’s paradise. There is a giant bronze statue of Jesus about 55 feet (17m) underwater; it’s better known as Christ of the Abyss.

Buildings lining the port where boats are leisurely resting between trips
Portofino Harbor

Traveling to San Fruttuosso and Portofino

If you’re already in Portofino then there are no worries! Simply hop on the ferry and take the short ride over to the beach. You can also take the ferry from Santa Margherita. Feeling energetic? Then take the hiking paths from Portofino or Camogli. Cars are most definitely NOT recommended. The streets are too narrow and the traffic is horrid.

Where To Settle in San Fruttuosso

Sightseeing in San Fruttuosso

Flascherino: Eco Del Mare Beach Club

Still a fabulous beach town outside of Cinque Terre, Flascherino has two public beaches free of charge. But I am here to talk about the luxury of Italy. For those wanting to spend their time getting pampered and dotted on, I recommend the Eco Del Mare Beach Club.

Owned by the wife of a famous Italian singer-songwriter, it has every kind of luxury you need with a no crowd guarantee. Just go to the club and pay the fee. It is steep but worth it

Colorful buildings lining the beach shores in Italy
Beach in Cinque Terre

The Journey To Flascherino

Now to get to the lovely Eco Del Mare Beach Club you can take the train to La Spezia. From the train station, you can take a cab to the club. Or, take advantage of the private valet parking and take a rental car.

Take A Train Here

Where Can You Stay in Flascherino?

Framura: Tranquil, Beautiful, Secluded

This specific area is close to both Bonassola and Levanto and accessible to each via hiking trails. It is a picturesque beach I recommend to adults. There are just too many little things not suited for children. However, Framura is a free beach where you can enjoy a classic beach. It’s a bit crowded during the summer so this beach is best enjoyed on the off seasons.

Sun setting on the Italian ocean in Framura
Framura Sunset

Getting To Framura

Like I said, you can reach Bonassola and Levanto via hiking trails, so naturally it goes the other way around. This is by far the easiest way to get to Framura: take the train to either Levanto or Bonassola then take the trails to Framura. Parking is limited so I advise against using a car.

Secure a Seat on The Train Here

Framura Hotels To Book

There are so many beautiful beaches in Italy, some that are completely unknown to tourists. The memories we make and the beauty we capture are unmatched so you might as well do all that somewhere unforgettable. The beauty of the best Cinque Terre beaches and beyond is just waiting for you to discover it.

Top 15 Cinque Terre Beaches was written by Hedge Metreyeon.

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