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Top 15 Cinque Terre Beaches You MUST Visit

15 of The Best Cinque Terre Beaches All summer long, people enjoy the shining sun in Italy. While it’s not a main attraction of Italy, the Cinque Terre beaches are among some of the most beautiful in Europe. The beaches are so numerous that they cater to every taste. Even beach haters can find enjoyment …

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Explore Indonesia – Riau Islands

Explore Indonesia – Riau Islands 5 Reasons Why Riau Islands Are the Perfect Getaway Destination from Singapore Riau Islands, Indonesia. I have to say, before my recent trip there, I had never heard about this group of islands. Indonesia consists of approximately 17000 islands and the Riau Islands make up over 3000 of them, stretching …

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Seven of the Best Beaches in Europe

With spring finally here, and summer on the doorstep, beach season is ramping up again in the northern hemisphere. It’s a welcome turn for lovers of European surf, sun and sand-between-the-toes frivolity. After all, Europe is home to some of the most stunning and spectacular beaches on earth. Here’s a quick taste of some of …

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Daytripping Dubrovnik’s Islands and Beaches

Croatia has over 1200 islands, and a day trip from Dubrovnik to the nearby islands or beaches is a great way to get a taste of Croatia’s island culture.  Here’s a guide to Dubrovnik’s islands and beaches: Dubrovnik’s Islands There are plenty of tour companies that offer a variety of packages that include many different islands. You can, however, create …

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