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Hiking Packing List: Hiking Gear for Day Hikes & Multi Day Treks

Hiking Packing List – Best Hiking Clothes

Whether it’s an hour or a week-long hike, you need to be prepared. There’s no telling what kind of situations you’ll face so it’s best to have a game plan. But that’s not always enough. Even with a well thought out plan, your hiking adventure can become a hiking disaster without the proper gear. No need to worry, though, I’ve got your back. Let’s look into some hiking gear to keep your trek through the wilderness a great one with this hiking packing list.

Man Hiking
Hiking Packing List

Best Hiking Boots

You can’t go hiking if you don’t have the proper footwear. You need something comfortable, easy to break in, and adaptable to different terrain hiking boots. For men, The KEEN Targhee High Lace Boots are a go-to for seasoned hikers. They are waterproof hiking boots and require very little break-in time. They’ve also survived 18-hour hikes in 19 degree weather as reported by a happy buyer.

For you ladies, I recommend the pretty and comfortable La Sportiva FC 4.1 Boots. Not only are they waterproof but they’re also warm and reportedly the most comfortable boots to hike in. On top of that, they aren’t big and clunky like other boots.

Woman standing on an overlook, looking down into valley on a sunny day
Hiking Packing List

Best Hiking Jackets

Like the Boy Scouts, you need to be prepared for anything. Even if the forecast reads clear skies, you should be ready for any kind of weather. It’s best to wear a lightweight jacket to protect you against any winds you might face.

You want something light and breathable to slick-off sweat while being able to warm you up even when a cold breeze hits. I recommend the North Face Insulated Thermoball Jacket for men. It’s lightweight and fashionable.

For women, I recommend the “Goldilocks of Layers as detailed by customers. These jackets will keep you warm when it’s brisk and cool when the heat hits.

Mount Everest panorama
Mount Everest

Best Hiking Shirts

It’s best to be layered while hiking, even if it’s just for a day. Like with your jackets, your first layer should be breathable and comfortable. You’ll be moving around a lot while you take in the views. A simple moisture wicking workout shirt should do the trick. There’s nothing worse than a sticky shirt.

For men, the best choice has to be this Baleaf shirt. The SPF protection  saves you from nasty sunburns and the pain of applying aloe. Don’t worry ladies, there’s one for you too. Top protect that lovely skin from the sun try the women’s Baleaf shirt

Woman over cliff
Hiking Essentials

Best Hiking Pants

Pants are great to wear on a hike to avoid making your legs look like an Edward Scissorhands art project. But you can’t just get any pants for the job, you need pants that won’t suffocate you or get too tight after a long hike. For men, I recommend these Under Armour Fish Hunter Cargo Pants. According to reviews, the fit is nice a comfortable and the multiple pockets call for many more travel snacks. The material is nice a breathable and doesn’t tighten up when exposed to sweat.

Ladies, I know pockets are important in any piece of clothing you get. Most of the time, pants are either too loose or too tight and the pockets are always way too small. I get it. However, I found these awesome North Face Aphrodite Pants. Those who have bought them have raved about the great pockets and soft material. From lounging to hiking, these pants are a girl’s best friend.

Dog looking at a lake
Hiking Packing List

Best Hiking Shorts

If you’re the type to run a little warmer then I’d say you should go for shorts. Not jean shorts as they tend to cause chaffing during strenuous activity. Not bike shorts since they ride up and aren’t easy to readjust when you’re sweaty. Men, you should take a look at these Patagonia Quandary Shorts. Customers stand by them. They’re breathable, quick-dry shorts that are good for a nice brunch and the hike you take afterwards.

Once again, I know the struggle of pockets that are too small. These REI Sahara shorts deliver the deep pockets and the stylish look so you feel comfortable while looking good. On top of that, they’re breathable and quick-dry. Perfect for hiking and traveling.

Girls Hiking
Hiking Essentials

Hiking Gear and Accessories

Hats & Sunglasses

No outfit would be complete without the little accessories we add. For hiking, these accessories should be functional as well as fashionable. For extra sun protection, try this Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat that has even teenagers picking it from a line-up. It comes in three different colors and keeps your head from being uncomfortably sweaty. For a chilly hike up mountains, I recommend the Buff Polar Headwear to keep you warm in the cold but not so warm that your sweat sticks to your neck.

Instead of squinting while you’re strolling through the beautiful treks you’ve chosen, try these polarized Maui Jim Honi sunglasses. Stylish and functional, they’ll make sure every turn is a beautiful one. They come in many styles and lens colors to satisfy every aesthetic. Customers love the polarized lenses.

Best Hiking Trekking Poles

Hiking isn’t always easy and being able to trek along with ease is important. Sometimes you just have to lean against something for a break. Trees aren’t always the best option so you should get some trekking poles. Specifically the Black Diamond Alpine FLZ Trekking Poles because they’re collapsable and lightweight. They’re sturdy and easy to pack in your backpack. You really can’t go wrong with that.

Snowy hiker
Hiking Packing List

Outdoor Emergency Kits

You want your journeys to be fun, of course. But you also need to be prepared for any situation. A first aid kit is a must on any adventure, big or small. The best option I found was the Ultralight Watertight Adventure Medical Kit since it carries all the essentials in a compact lightweight bag. It even has room to add other things!

On the more extreme side, a kit to help any survival emergency needs I recommend the compact SOL Traverse Survival Kit. It has duct tape to repair any gear, a whistle that can be heard for over a mile, a fire starter, and a blanket that reflect 90% of radiated body heat.

I hate to say it but not every bear is like Smokey or Yogi. In fact, most of them are dangerous so you need to repel them some way. The best on the market is the reliable Coghlan Bell to drive away animals of any kind. The noise can even drive away unwanted hiking guests.

Group of people Hiking
Hiking Essentials

Navigation and GPS for Hiking

I get it, it’s easy to get lost. Let me help you with that. This Garmin Fenix 5X Watch is a compact and handy little device. It keeps a record of the time, the steps you take, and the altitude you’re at. The best part? There’s a built in compass to make your adventure a little less stressful.

I definitely recommend this product for you hiking packing list. Tech isn’t always reliable and for those of you who want something more concrete, be sure to get a map of the area you’re hiking. The maps you can get in or around your hiking trail are reliable and updated regularly.

hand holding a Compass
Hiking Packing List

Hiking Backpacks & Hiking Day Packs

It’s really unproductive to carry everything in your arms while you hike. You should have a great backpack that doesn’t break your back. The sleek and comfortable Arc’teryx Bora AR 50 Pack is a go-to for customers. Pounds and pounds of equipment feel like nothing on the backs of these hikers and travelers.

If you aren’t looking to pack a bunch of equipment, try a simple day pack to keep snacks and kits inside. For a man, I’d go with the Deuter Trail 30 Pack because of its lightweight. Moreover, it has a ton of little helpful extras like a trash sack to make your life a lot simpler.

Ladies, go with the Deuter Speed Lite 22. This day pack can fit so much stuff while maintaining it’s light weight and comfort. It’s great for photographers and over-planners.

Woman sitting at an overlook looking down into a calley
Hiking Essentials

Multi-Day Hiking Packing List

Sometimes a day isn’t enough to really soak in your surroundings and get in touch with your inner nature god/goddess. You need to get some extra supplies. Make sure you have enough food and water to last you. Many people pack a few gallons of water and they even set up their campgrounds before hand but that’s not a very smart idea.

Food attracts bears and they’ll stop at nothing to raid any coolers full of munchies. Keep your coolers in your car until you’re ready to start cooking. You also want to avoid anyone stealing your equipment so hold off on setting up camp until you know for sure you’re ready to settle in for the night.

hiking Boots on moss
Hiking Packing List

Food/Water Prep & Storage

On a short hike, it’s important to pack a sandwich or a few Cliff Bars for energy. Stock up on the flavors so you don’t get tired of them. On longer hikes, you need to prepare for every meal you’ll be cooking for. Pack your essentials ad make sure you have protein and carbs to keep your energy. Just in case, though, be sure to pack Mountain House Just-In-Case 3 Day Meal Kit in the event a bear does raid your food supplies.

For those of you who don’t like stopping your mesmerizing hike to grab a water bottle, try the Gregory Inertia 30 Hydration Pack. It holds up to 3 liters of water and attaches to your back pack with easy. For those water bottle lovers, I recommend getting a YETI Rambler Vacuum Bottle. It’s a great product and the large volume saves you the trouble of multiple water bottles.

hand holding out a drinking cup  in front of forest
Hiking Packing List

Best Water Treatment Solutions

Water will run out and that sucks but you need a plan. You can fill your bottles and packs from natural reserves but you need to filter out all the nasty stuff. Your best bet is the LifeStraw because not only is the product good but if you have any problems at all, the company has got your back.

For those who have chosen the hydration packs, I recommend the Katadyn Micropur Tablets. There’s is a bit of a wait time for the process but it is well worth it and you need to make sure you read the instructions.

river flowing through a forest
Hiking Essentials

Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Let’s face it, you can’t get your three day hike catered but you can still have high quality meals. You just need to proper utensils and equipment. Here are a few items for your hiking packing list.

While reminiscent of the early settlers, it’s not efficient to cook food over a direct fire unless you like char. You need a compact stove with power and heat. The best option would be the Eureka Ignite Plus 2, it’s a two-burner propane fueled stove that fits in a backpack with ease.

An absolute must have are utensils and vessels for your cooking. If you’re the type to cook multiple things for a meal then I recommend the GSI Outdoor Bugaboo Camper Cookset. It has all the plates and containers you need for an awesome dinner.

To top off your travel kitchen set, get yourself a GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set 24. It’s equipped with a knife, cutting board, cooking utensils, and containers for oils and seasonings.

grill with cast iron skillet food and cooking tools
Hiking Packing List

Hiking Tent

It’s no problem if you’re the type who likes sleeping under the stars. But for those among us who likes to feel like they’re under a real roof, you need a tent. There are a lot of different choices when it comes to tents. Do you go big or small? How do you know it’ll last? Fear not, I have the answers.

For the party of 3 or more, I recommend the durable Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Tent. More than one customer has weathered a nasty storm in this tent. A group of 1 to 4 the Big Agnes Titan 4 mtnGLO Tent is the best option. It has the same sturdy build as the Diamond 8 but smaller.

tent lid up at night
Hiking Essentials

Hiking Sleeping Bags/Liners

It can cold in the wilderness after your fire has died out. A sleeping bag is a must on an overnight hiking trip. I recommend putting the Mountain Hardwear Ratio 15 Down Sleeping bag and the NEMO Rave 15  to keep you warm at night.

Sometimes, just the sleeping bag isn’t enough so it’s best to add a bag liner to your hiking packing list. The Sea to Summit Adaptor is equipped to handle any kind of temperature. It keeps you dry during rainstorms as well as cozy. Customers rave about how comfortable it is.

Group of people sitting around camp fire
Hiking Packing List

Camping Mats

The hard natural ground may prove to be harsh on the back so invest in an air mattress to get the best night sleep. Wake up refreshed on the REI Co-Op Camp Dreamer. It’s cool and comfortable. It keeps your spine in line while you fall asleep peacefully to the sound of the wilderness around you.

man with headlamp standing by a lake with tent next to him at night
Hiking Essential

Outdoor Waste Management

I know it’s not the best topic, but everyone poops and that’s okay. In the wilderness, you need to be prepared to not have a bathroom around and making your own. If you have the tools, it’s easy as pie.

First and foremost, you need a hole to do your business in. A trowel is your best bet to dig the hole then cover your business. The TentLab The Deuce is a perfectly good option to get the job done.

From toilet to shower, clean yourself with Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes. They’re biodegradable and gentle on your skin.

For the ladies who don’t feel like squatting over a hole and wants to act like a lady, the Sani-Fem Freshette is the way to go. It allows you to go pee without the animalistic squatting.

lower legs with hiking boost standing on rocks
Hiking Packing List

Outdoor Lamps/Power Sources

Now, everything is all fine and dandy until you run out of sunlight or your devices die. You need a nice durable lamp and power source to last you the trip. Now, to keep your vision at night I recommend the UCO Candlelier Candle Lantern. The burn time is nine hours and with no drip from the candles. No chemical battery waste at all.

You need to keep your phone and cameras charged without outlets so I recommend charging with the Dizaul Solar Charger. It is waterproof, shockproof, and a best seller among Amazon users.

two hikers on rocky trail with hiking sticks
Hiking Essentials

Make the most of your hiking trip and get the most durable products that’ll last more than one journey.

Hiking Packing List was written by Hedge Metreyeon.

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