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Belgium’s Top Ten Beer Festivals

France has wine shows. Germany has its Oktoberfest. Belgium has beer festivals. Mention that you’ve frequented Belgian beer fests to a fellow enthusiast and you may get some envy or respect–for good reason. These events typically appeal to the aficionado rather than the casual beer drinker. Every year, thousands of Belgian and foreign beer hounds …

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A Complete Guide to Polish Beer

Cheers to Polish Beer! After a long day of seeing the sights in Krakow, there’s nothing better than drinking a culturally-relevant libation. Poland has a flourishing Craft Beer scene with many delicious brews. This Polish beer guide is designed to help you choose the best Polish beer during your vacation. While most people think that …

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Savoring Czech Beer

  For over forty years, Czechoslovakia was all but inaccessible for westerners. As Soviet influence enveloped neighboring countries, local delicacies and tastes were, to a degree, lost or forgotten by those outside their borders. Thankfully, over the past twenty years, as Eastern Europe has opened back up and welcomed visitors from around the world, we …

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A Guide to Scottish Beer and Ale

Everyone knows the most iconic images in Scotland: golf, the Loch Ness monster, haggis, tartans and Scotch whiskey. Nearly all representations of Scots in American media revolve around these themes. But in day-to-day life, none of these (with the possible exception of scotch) are as important in Scotland as beer and ale. Take a peek …

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