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Cheryl Tucker

Italy Tourist Information

Introduction to Italy The tenth-largest country in Europe; Italy reaches into the central Mediterranean and includes the islands Sardinia and Sicily. Before Italy became a nation-state in 1861, the country was divided into city-states. Those political divisions may no longer exist but they are still present culturally. One will find a long-standing rivalry between Florence …

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Frugal Guide to Fantastic Nice, France

The moment you step onto the Promenade des Anglais and witness the vista of aquamarine sea, white foam, striped umbrellas, and the surrounding leafy green hills, you will immediately understand the appeal Nice has had for centuries. Yes, there are the charming, winding narrow streets of the Old Town and the boutiques, the daily markets, …

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Christmas Markets in Florence

As the skies darken in Italy in the first week of December, the holiday lights of Florence sparkle up the night. Draped over the city streets like curtains of candlelight, the lights create a strangely intimate impression. Every year, a large Christmas tree reigns in the center of town at the Piazza della Repubblica, and churches …

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