Through The Oberland: Cycling Central Switzerland

There is simply no better way to explore a new country than by bike, especially when that country is Switzerland. Luckily, with some help from My Switzerland and SwissTrails, we were able to spend three-days cycling along the Lakes Route that stretches from French Montreux on Lake Geneva to Bad Horn in the northeastern border of the country. The alpine nation has always held a special place ... Read Full Article

Zurich: Switzerland’s Little Big City of Charm and Elegance

  On a clear day, Zurich  proudly shows off its medieval squares, towering stone churches and spires, and the ever-present Limmat River. Easily explored by foot, Zurich's main sights are clustered for one mile along the banks of the placid, blue Limmat River. With a walking tour, you really get to know the winding, narrow, hilly cobblestone streets and fascinating museums, including the ... Read Full Article

Fondue, I Do: A Romance in the Swiss Tradition

Heart Chocolate Fondue by islandjoe

More than just delicious melted cheese, fondue offers the intoxicating aroma of wine and kirsch and the intimate experience of literally sharing a meal. Throw in dreamy views of Switzerland’s iconic Alps, and you’ve got a romantic getaway you’ll never forget. To really knock the socks off the one you love this Valentine’s Day, take a few cues from the way the Swiss do fondue. Imagine coming ... Read Full Article

Get Ready for Fasnacht in Basel, Switzerland

  This year I made my way to Fasnacht in Basel, Switzerland. I am on a mission. Over the next years, I want to visit and participate in as many carnivals all over the world as I possibly can.  Last year I went to Venice, Italy. What better way of getting a real insight into local culture, in fact into the essence of other peoples’ idiosyncrasies than watching them when they let their hair ... Read Full Article

Alpine Adventures in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


  I thought that Lauterbrunnen would bring out my wild side. But, it wasn’t until I was frozen in fear 20 metres in the air that it dawned on me:  I’m not really an extreme sports kind of girl. Unfortunately, that realization did not change the fact that there were still only two options ahead of me: 1. Build a home on the two-foot-long wooden plank I was standing upon and live the rest ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Lausanne, Switzerland

L ermitage de Bernard Ravet

Lausanne, Switzerland, with a population of 130,00 people, is one of the richest cities (per capita) in Europe. With all of the following attractions you would have to expect excellent hotel options, and you won't be disappointed. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva and looking out upon the craggy, snow capped peaks of the Alps, Lausanne is also one of the the most beautiful cities in ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich Youth Hostel

  Wrapping around Lake Zurich, the city of the same name is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. When choosing where to stay in Zurich, it’s important to note that Switzerland is quite an expensive country where even budget accommodations run $150-$200 a night. Zurich is divided into Kreise, or districts, and the most popular district among travelers is Kreis 1, also ... Read Full Article

Where To Stay in Geneva, Switzerland

To help you find a great hotel in Geneva, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of ‘where to stay’ options. Wrapping along the shore of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman), the city is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, most of which are located in the Old Town. Budget travelers should note that budget-friendly hotels are almost nonexistent in Geneva, however, we have compiled a list of our ... Read Full Article

Cheese, Chocolate and Wine – Three Ways to Savor Switzerland

When one thinks of the great foodie destinations of Europe; Spain, Italy, and France seem to come to mind first. But Switzerland has culinary charms of its own. In addition to the renowned cheeses of the region (which hardly resemble the hole-ridden Swiss cheese of American supermarkets), Switzerland produces some of the finest chocolate in the world and local winemakers quietly create quality ... Read Full Article

Insider’s Guide to Bern

Regal and ethereal, the city of Bern (or Berne) looks as though it jumped out from a medieval picture book; this is probably because its streets and buildings have remained mostly untouched since the 1400s. Bern is one of the great Switzerland cities. It doesn’t hurt to have the Swiss Alps as backdrop, either; their peaks retain snow even in the summer. Uniquely, the city has sights that will ... Read Full Article