Heidelberg, Germany: German Romanticism at its Best


There’s a good reason why 3 million people visit Heidelberg every year. From the moment you set foot in Heidelberg’s Baroque Old Town, you feel like you’ve been transported back into scenes from Grimm’s Fairytales. With these fascinating medieval scenes, its no wonder Heidelberg is one of Germany’s most visited places—remarkable for a town of only 133,000 residents. And many of these visitors are ... Read Full Article

My Favorite Foods of Europe

Yummy Stroopwafels

To travel is to taste the world. And Europe presents a particularly eclectic hotchpotch of flavours. From the strange to the sublime, I’ve sampled various dishes and foodstuffs throughout my jaunts across the continent and here (in no particular order) are some of my personal favourites: Gran Canaria Though the Atlantic archipelago presents a popular European mix of English, German and Italian ... Read Full Article

Wiesbaden: Spas, Sightseeing and a Stunning Hotel

The Villa Sohnlein is a scale knock-off of the White House in Washington D.C.

It’s amazing how two German spa towns can be so different. I’d been staying in the small town of Baden-Baden, tucked away in the foothills of S.W. Germany’s Black Forest. From there I went straight to Wiesbaden, the capital city of the Federal State of Hesse, expecting to see much the same tourist fare offered by Baden-Baden. However, I soon came to realize that trying to compare these two ... Read Full Article

Berlin’s Kreuzberg and Kreuzkölln: a Good Food, Drink & Coffee Guide

Fruhstuck at Fuchsbau

Cafes, bars and restaurants continue to sprout out of Berlin’s gentrifying neighbourhoods like spargel in the summertime. Kreuzkölln, the apex of gritty Kreuzberg and Neukölln, and its surrounds, remain a lure for Berlin’s flock of international émigrés, students and creatives. It’s no secret that the borough offers some of the best and cheapest options in the city for great food, drink and ... Read Full Article

Taking the Waters in Baden-Baden, Germany

Further along “Culture Row” we take a quick walk through the 19th century Kurhaus. The austere white exterior of the Kurhaus—with eight towering Corinthian pillars—belies what lies inside.

The immaculate little town of Baden-Baden, tucked away in the foothills of S.W. Germany’s Black Forest, is a luxurious cross between Monte Carlo, Paris, a spa, and an English park. Within a few minutes’ walk in Baden-Baden you can see the world’s most beautifully appointed casino, stroll through a verdant green park that is a dead ringer for an English Victorian garden, and sip an espresso ... Read Full Article

Ravenous Traveler’s Wine Tasting Guide to the Thurgau Region, Switzerland

Wine Cave courtesy of Schlossgut Bachtobel Winery

  Ah Switzerland! Your ski-resort-studded peaks and culinary treats call to us, but your price tag makes many think twice. Fortunately, culinary travelers can take solace in knowing that wine tasting in Switzerland’s Thurgau wine region—just outside of Zurich—comes at a good price, and regardless of whether or not you’re a budget traveler, the wine is top notch. Thurgau serves up a ... Read Full Article

Ora et Labora: The Vineyard Monastery of Eberbach, Germany

Kloster Eberbach

  Eberbach Monastery (Kloster Eberbach) is a former Cistercian monastery near Eltville in the Rheingau Valley of Hesse, Germany (famous for its Riesling wine). In addition to being a world heritage site, the monastery provided the interior scenes for the 1980s film, The Name of the Rose. It is also the site of the Rheingau Musik Festival, and is still an active wine production ... Read Full Article

Visit Ancient Marksburg Castle in Braubach, Germany

Along the Rhine River at Sunset

  In his novel, Hyperion, which follows the adventures of an American traveler in Germany, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow states, “beneath me flows the Rhine and, like the stream of time, it flows amid the ruins of the past.” There is a section of the Rhine River that flows through the wine-growing region of Germany in the Valley of the Loreley that Longfellow must have had in mind when he ... Read Full Article

Insiders Guide to Munich

Neue Pinakothek

  Munich is one of the most charming cities in Germany. Located in the south near the alps, it is the capital of Bavaria and the most visited city in Germany. Two days is not enough time to see all there is to see. A few Surprises about Munich One thing we noticed is that unlike in Paris, most people do not speak English. We were able to get by with our little phrase book and since ... Read Full Article

A Walking Tour of Two Mainz Churches

Entrance to Mainzer Dom

  Located on the Rhine River outside the major metropolitan district of Frankfurt, the German city of Mainz is a sight to behold. The fanciful buildings of the Mainz plaza (sparkling with Christmas lights in the winter), the historic surrounding district, and the adjacent sandstone cathedrals, make this a unique destination. Mainz is best enjoyed on foot and a great way to see most of the ... Read Full Article