Arezzo: Master of Etruscan Gold Artistry

Renaissance coats of arms can be seen on major buildings in Arezzo

Arezzo’s current population of 100,000 is many tines what it was during Etruscan and, later, Roman rule, but the city has remained a commercial and cultural center for millennia. One of the hallmarks of Etruscan civilization – the working of gold to produce fine filigree jewelry – has continued to the present day: Arezzo is one of Italy’s three recognized gold districts (the others are Vicenza in ... Read Full Article

Cortona: Under the Etruscan Sun

Lampadaria Etrusco in Cortona

A visit to Tuscany is more than exposure to the language of Dante, the art of Michelangelo, and the craftsmen of Florence. The word Tuscany itself comes from Tusci or Etrusci, words used by Romans in the time of Cicero to refer to a civilization that had predated theirs by some 800 years. In its heyday, the Etruscan Federation consisted of 12 cities, and two of these – Curtun (today’s Cortona) and ... Read Full Article

Eating and Sleeping Along the Strada del Prosecco

Hotel Villa Abbazia in Follina

Although you could complete the 31-mile Strada del Prosecco in Italy’s Veneto region in less than a day, it’s more pleasant to take your time and draw out the experience.  You can’t eat your way through Veneto’s pleasures – gustatory and otherwise – in 24 hours, and who would want to? Traveling the Strada del Prosecco There are opportunities to hike, bike, horseback ride, golf, cave explore, ... Read Full Article

Sightseeing in the Veneto Along the Strada del Prosecco

Collina Cartizze - Santo Stefano

You don’t have to be an oenophile to appreciate sightseeing in the Veneto region of Italy along the Strada del Prosecco. Italophiles of every potable persuasion will delight in the 31-mile road as it winds its narrow way amid soft hills sprouting from rich dark soil, medieval towns and churches, local artists, ancient architects, 15 towns, 15 castles, 500 communities, a haunted tower, and – ... Read Full Article

Why Sevilla is the Heart of Spain

bell tower of the Catedral de Sevilla

We spent ten days in Spain this year and even though we loved Madrid, Malaga and Granada, we found that Sevilla is really the heart of Spain. There is something about this little town that just exudes the essence of this beautiful country. We stayed in the center of the old part of Sevilla, within walking distance of the cathedral and the Alcazar Real. Sevilla does not seem like a tourist town, ... Read Full Article

Conegliano: the Beginning of La Strada del Prosecco

The still-imposing facade of the Castello di Conegliano

In Italy, all roads may lead to Rome, but all wine roads began in the small town of Conegliano, 40 miles north of Venice. This is the starting point of the country’s first wine road, originally called the Strada del Prosecco when it was created in 1966. At first it linked the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, but it expanded over decades, as more villages bought into its growing success. ... Read Full Article

Essaouira: Chillin’ Out on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast

The main thoroughfare of Essaouira

From the rooftop patio of the Palais Des Remparts hotel in Essaouira, Morocco, I stare out over the roiling Atlantic. Cirrus clouds and seagulls hover in the dazzling azure sky thanks to a brackish wind. Below me medieval-looking cannons protrude from the city’s ramparts that inspired this hotel’s name. I’m tempted to curl up with a good book in one of the comfy lounge chairs but right now ... Read Full Article

Malaga: One of Spain’s Oldest Cities

Malaga, Spain

My first view of Malaga was from the hillside home of my friends. As I looked out over that wide sweep of city rooftops nestled between the amphitheatre of the surrounding hills, and with the shimmering blue Mediterranean Sea lapping on the sandy shoreline, it was a magical moment for me. I could hardly wait to explore this beautiful, old city. Exploring Malaga Originally founded by the ... Read Full Article

Top Things to Do and See in Lanzarote

Papagayo beach-Lanzarote

Finding a holiday destination that checks all the boxes is difficult, but a holiday to Lanzarote never disappoints. From its dreamlike beaches, amazing geology, to its historic architecture and vibrant culture, this is one Canary Island worth visiting. The landscape of Lanzarote is something else; there aren’t many places that can boast stunning beaches located right next to spectacular, ... Read Full Article

The Unexpected Hideaways of Greece’s Salamina Island

Monument to the battle of Salamis on Salamina Island

There couldn’t be any place more off the beaten track than Greece’s Salamina Island when it comes to finding archaeological sites. Nothing is properly marked on maps so one must be an explorer and detective to find these unique well-hidden locations. Although it’s just off-shore from the Greek mainland, the island doesn’t encourage tourism so many archaeological sites are left unexplored. Salamina ... Read Full Article