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Tour Edinburgh’s “Real Mary King’s Close”

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is well known for having great views, shops and restaurants, not to mention historic sites like Robert Knox’s House, Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood House. But far beneath the City Chambers building on the High Street is a world long-since abandoned. Across the street from St. Giles’ Cathedral is a small entrance to The …

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Scotland’s Stalwart Castles

When people think of Scotland, they likely think of bagpipes, whiskey, and castles. And, castles are a large part of the landscape in Scotland– from those offering sweeping vistas – to fortifications in city centers – to crumbling ruins in the highlands that have taken their former inhabitant’s secrets to the grave. Visiting castles should be a part …

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The Secrets of Rosslyn Chapel

Ten years ago, if one visited the quaint village of Roslin, a short bus ride out to the outskirts of Edinburgh, one could tour the local chapel by simply inquiring with the caretaker to obtain a key and letting yourself in.  In 2003, Dan Brown published the DaVinci Code, and everything changed. Suddenly Roslin was …

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