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8 Surprising Facts About the Netherlands

These surprising facts touch upon the most famous icons of the Netherlands—from tulips and Van Gogh to windmills, clogs, and liberal laws. Holland isn’t the Netherlands Though it’s become totally acceptable to call the Netherlands “Holland,” Holland originally referred to two regions within the Netherlands: North Holland and South Holland. Amsterdam is located in North …

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Europe’s Western Balkans: Bosnia-Herzegovina

  The overland drive from Podgorica to Bosnia-Herzegovina’s capital city, Sarajevo, is a stunning coil through imposing mountains along the glacier-blue Pivo River. Sarajevo—the other Jerusalem—exemplifies the modern religion crossroads and crossfire. Most media offerings specialize in images that disturb. That seems to be all that was shared about Bosnia-Herzegovina until now. This beautiful country’s …

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First-Time Visitor’s Guide to Athens

For the first-time visitor to Athens, Greece, the city presents as a mixture of chaos and beauty. Immediately, you are struck by the noise — the hustle and bustle of its busy streets — a blend of engines, horns, and car radios blasting out from open windows. Following this — if you look up from the throng — you …

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