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Toledo, Spain – The Top 7 Unforgettable Attractions

Once an unassuming centrally located city, Toledo, Spain has now become one of the country’s main attractions—and rightly so. It is filled to the brim with historic buildings, a collection of religious structures and interesting museums. In the town center, a maze of narrow streets makes getting around both a challenge and a wonderful experience. …

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Easy Day-Trips from Madrid

  Surrounded by a trifecta of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Madrid’s central location and status as a transportation hub within Spain makes getting out and exploring the surrounding towns a breeze. Here are some great places to spend an afternoon out of the city and further explore Spanish culture. Toledo Just a short (about 30 …

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Toledo, Spain: a World Heritage Gem

  Wander the maze of narrow, crooked streets in Toledo, Spain, and you’ll find a cultural or historical marvel on almost every corner. Tourists, many on day trips from Madrid, come in throngs to see this UNESCO World Heritage City rising dramatically from the banks of the Tajo River. Toledo’s diverse architectural styles come from many changes over …

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