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Dinan, France: A Brittany Must-See

Brittany, located in northwestern France, stole my heart a decade ago and I’m still returning to discover more of its coastline and countryside. Visitors tend to start and stop with St-Malo, which admittedly is a must-see, but there is more to explore and enjoy: Dinan, for instance. “I’d like to cruise up the River Rance,” I …

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Saint Malo, France: Then and Now

Saint Malo – Venture through History in Brittany I glimpse Saint Malo from the sea just as her intrepid seafarers did over the past five hundred years. The old town is encircled by medieval ramparts and towers, behind which rise stately granite mansions built in the 17th century and the cathedral’s graceful spire. It’s hard …

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Quaint Quimper, France

  I had the good fortune of visiting Quimper, France when I was living in Rennes. Quimper is located in north western France in the Finistère region (the western part of Bretagne). The name Quimper comes from the Breton word “kemper” meaning “confluence”; a fitting name for a city in which three rivers (the Odet, Jet and …

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The Northwest Area of France

Rich with history, the Northwest Region of France’s unique culture and landscape bear the markings of centuries of struggles, triumphs, and glories. Rolling hillsides are accentuated by flowing rivers and rocky cliffs. Towering cathedrals and elegant chateaux are this region’s jewels of the past. This region holds the smaller regions of Brittany (Bretagne), Normandy and …

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