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10 Reasons to Take a Mediterranean Cruise

10 Reasons to Take a Mediterranean Cruise

Is taking a Mediterranean cruise really the best way to explore this part of Europe? Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of reasons why booking a Mediterranean cruise could be your ticket to holiday heaven.

Among other things, you will find that luxury cruise ships are adorned with desirable suites, Wi-Fi, multiple restaurants, spa/gym facilities and swimming pools.

Whether you explore the ports closer to the mouth of the sea, like Cadiz, Spain (pictured), or venture nearer to the Aegean islands, you can coast from port to port in consummate style.

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visit Cadiz on your Mediterranean cruise
Cadiz – Image by Anna & Michal used under CC license

Why Take a Mediterranean Cruise?

Here are ten reasons why taking a cruise on the Mediterranean should be on your to-do list for 2020:

1. Value for Money

Cruise passengers are treated to an incredible variety of p0rt destinations throughout the Mediterranean region. From Barcelona’s inspired architecture to the sultry islands of Greece, there are innumerable places to explore – and many Med cruises now allow you to visit a different port each day of your trip.

At this time of year, there are all kinds of promotions, including cabin upgrades, onboard credits and exclusive value-added deals on all types of cruise holidays.

2. Stress-Free Travel

One of the most appealing things about a cruise is that there is no need to worry about logistics. Once you have unpacked your cabin and organized your wardrobe, that’s all there is to it. No more packing and unpacking.

You are now ready to check out all-day dining to children’s facilities and activities and much more. All the details of your trip are taken care of by a team of experts. There are even all-inclusive cruise lines which means that everything including your flights, hotel overnights, and even drinks are included in the price. What could be more relaxing?

Take a mediterranean cruise
The Mediterranean by GanMed64 used under CC license

3. Mediterranean Cruises are Casual

Choose your tour operator well and there’s no need to worry about dressing too formal on a Mediterranean cruise – a lot of providers prefer the atmosphere to be relaxed, with an emphasis on comfort.

If you feel more comfortable wearing something a little smarter though, that’s fine too. Don’t mistake a casual atmosphere for a sedentary one – cruises can be as active as you wish. From ballroom dancing to scuba diving, you can fill your days with adventures.

4. Journey to Middle Earth

The Romans named the Mediterranean for being in the centre (medi-) or the Earth (-terranean). And it’s on the surrounding shores that you’ll find the origins of Western Civilization.

Now set sail for Pompeii in southern Italy for a perfectly preserved snapshot of the ancient world. Or if your trip takes you to Morocco, you can learn about the ancient Moors who ruled the region for centuries. Or how about a 3 Continent Cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean?

5. Diverse Cuisine

Mediterranean cruises give you the chance to try authentic tastes and flavors from many of the world’s favorite culinary hot spots. From the delicate dishes of France to rustic Italian cooking and down-to-earth Greek food, there will be mouthwatering surprises everywhere you travel.

Plus, cruise chefs will rustle up specially selected meals from across the globe in a variety of restaurants, giving you plenty of opportunities to try different types of food.

6. Meeting People is Easy

Some holidays don’t make it particularly easy to step outside of your immediate circle – not so on a cruise. The communal setting of a cruise ship is the perfect place to meet new friends, as well as getting to know old ones better! Of course, if you just want to spend time with family and friends, you can do that too!

7. Photo Heaven

visit the isle of Capri on your mediterranean Cruise
Isle of Capri from Sorrento

Whether you are cruising past a sizzling Spanish costa or sailing past Greek islands dotted with ancient ruins, Mediterranean cruises offer no end of photo opportunities. And no matter how many times you peer out at the sea to watch the sun playing on the ocean it never gets old.

8. A Grownup Pursuit

Cruises tend to be marketed towards a slightly older and more mature demographic. If you are looking for a holiday venue that isn’t going to be overrun with twenty-somethings, you’re in the right place. That being said, you will tend to find a wide and interesting mix of people traveling on cruises. Also read about our senior-friendly river cruises here>>

9. Luxury Accommodations

Today’s modern cruise ships offer all the amenities of a luxury hotel. Expect plush bedding, lots of glass and designer features, and an incredible range of relaxation options. The major cruise providers also pride themselves on great service from friendly, attentive and knowledgeable staff.

10. Only One Disappointing Thing

There really is only one disappointing thing about a Mediterranean cruise – and that is when you leave the ship at the end of your adventure! Try not to despair, though – you can always book a return trip next year to explore different city-ports and islands.

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Best Luxury Cruise Lines in Europe

Many cruise lines have discovered the allure of Europe and have expanded their offerings to this historical part of the world.  Here is our list of the best luxury cruise lines in the world.

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Crystal Cruises
Crystal Cruises offers a gracious cruise experience with over-the-top shore excursions. Their restaurants serve menus featuring fresh ingredients, and their bar menus offer premium spirits.

Regent Seven Seas
This cruise line is in the process of revamping its ships and is also purchasing a new ship for delivery before 2012. They are also upgrading their land tours and will offer a “Tour Concierge” to help clients plan their own shore excursions.

Seabourn’s fleet has undergone an extensive renovation, and there are more ships to come. The Odyssey is due to enter service for the 2009 season. All suites will feature granite baths with a separate tub and shower, and a flat screen entertainment center. One more ship will debut in 2010 and another in 2011.

Seadream Yacht Club
Seadream operates two 110 guest yachts that are running at almost full capacity. In spite of that, they are refurbishing both ships over the next few years and are planning to expand the fleet. Seadream Yacht Club offers a 5-star experience and an active agenda, for those who want it.

Silversea Cruises
With delivery expected in late 2009, the Silver Spirit will enhance Silversea’s  fleet. The Silver Cloud and Silver Wind will be upgraded this winter and next spring respectively. Their Luxurious Prince Albert II expedition ship has staterooms and suites ranging from 180 to 600 square feet.

Cunard Line (pronounced Kew-naard)
The Queen Elizabeth will enter service in fall of 2011 to complement the new Queen Victoria and its flagship, Queen Mary II. The Cunard Line offers “Grill Class” service that includes butler service, a private lounge and even personal stationery.

Windstar Cruises
This specialized cruise line offers such amenities as luxury linens and mattresses, i-pod nanos, flat screened TVs and much more. They also offer a Signature Collection Series with noted guests and lecturers including wine-makers, artists and writers.

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