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Best Hikes in Ireland – Hiking on the Emerald Isle

5 Best Hikes in Ireland: What You Need to Know Ireland is a beautiful island that has a lot to offer when it comes to mother nature’s gifts. Today, we will talk about the five best hikes in Ireland! Ireland is a great place that has a lot of outdoor activities that attracts tourists from …

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An Adventure on the Dutch Wadden Sea

How to win a skirmish with gooey, slippery sludge When you think about visiting countries to participate in adventurous outdoor pursuits, the Netherlands is probably not the first European country to spring to mind. But think again! The Netherlands is ideal for cycling, canoeing, and hiking. And for the truly adventurous, ‘wadlopen’ offers a unique …

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Exploring Iceland in a Camper-Van

Iceland is known as a great road-trip destination, thanks to an abundance of beautiful landscapes and an easy-to-follow route, the Ring Road, that circles the island. For those who want to make the most of their time on the road, but aren’t quite ready to rough it in a tent, exploring Iceland in a camper-van rental is …

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Chamonix Hiking – Summer in the French Alps

Chamonix Hiking Tips Chamonix Valley, in the French Alps near the borders of Switzerland and Italy, is world-famed for its year-round sports. In winter there are ski runs for all levels of experience, from beginners’ slopes to 20-kilometer-long Vallée Blanche, which is unmarked, unpatrolled, and not to be taken by any but experts. Visitors can snowboard, …

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Mullerthal: “Little Switzerland” of Luxembourg

Located on the River Sure on Germany’s border with Luxembourg, Mullerthal is called “Little Switzerland”. Luxembourg is often overlooked by travelers who tend to write it off as one big, drab international bank. This is simply not true. Luxembourg is a wonderfully green, scenic country Mullerthal, Luxembourg Luxembourg is, in fact, a history-buff and nature lover’s paradise. …

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Hiking in Zakopane, Poland

If you are planning to visit Poland, consider a beautiful hiking expedition. Striking not only for its spectacular location in the foothills of the Tatra Mountains, (part of the Carpathian Mountain range), but for the traditions that its townspeople keep alive, Zakopane, Poland is a trip back in time as well as back to nature. …

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