Explore Some of Europe’s Unique Sights

Plitvice lakes National Park in Croatia is one of Europe's Unique Sights

Most world travelers have already been to Paris, London and Rome, so they might be looking for some unique Europe sights to visit. We have compiled this short list of places for those seeking some of Europe's little known treasures. But before we start, check out some of these Priceline online coupons by Chameleonjohn. With these coupons, you will have a chance to see all of these sites with ... Read Full Article

A Visit to Dubrovnik: The Pearl of the Adriatic

City Walls of Dubrovnik

“The Pearl of the Adriatic.” With a nickname like that, it’s hard not to expect sheer magnificence when visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia. And I can honestly say that Dubrovnik  is one of the very few cities that actually does live up to its hype—of all the cities that I’ve visited so far, only New York City, Sydney and Venice  have made similar overwhelming impressions on me. Brief History of ... Read Full Article

Three Romantic Getaways in Europe

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Old Town

Valentine’s Day, a holiday steeped in romance and devotion, has been inspiring lovers to declare their love for centuries. It’s a day for heartfelt gifts, fancy dinners, pretty jewelry and even poems. And for travel lovers who use any excuse to plan a trip (that would be me!), it’s an opportune time to discuss a romantic summer getaway—of course, a European romantic summer getaway! Though ... Read Full Article

24 Hours in Zagreb

Tkalciceva Street

When I first arrived in Zagreb, Croatia, I immediately felt as though I’d stumbled onto something entirely new: a medium-sized city that had been hidden behind the closed walls of Yugoslavia until its dissolution, and then the following war for independence. I took a deep breath of the fall air and found the aroma of paprika mixed with micro-roaster coffee, and it was enough to awaken all five ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Zagreb, Croatia

Regent Esplanade Hotel

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is an inviting city of moderate size that offers a small selection of hotels in the popular neighborhoods of Donji grad (Downtown) and Gornji Grad (Upper Town). When deciding where to stay in Zagreb, it’s useful to note that the majority of the most important sights are within walking distance of Jelacic Square. These ‘where to stay’ options are near or on Jelacic ... Read Full Article

First-Time Visitor’s Guide to Split, Croatia


  An amazing feeling creeps up when you visit the coastal city of Split for the first time. You see an entire city that grew out of the ruins of an ancient Roman palace, much as a walnut tree might grow out of a walnut shell. The modern main streets are the same streets built by Emperor Diocletian; the 1700-year-old stonewalls, columns, and sphinxes jump out at every turn. This guide will ... Read Full Article

Guide to Wine Tasting in the Istrian Peninsula

hilltop town - from Sobrecroacia.com

The Istrian peninsula, which contains portions of Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy, has loads of wine tasting opportunities, and they come at a good value. The best way to taste Istrian wine is to visit the source. Because most winemakers produce only small amounts of high quality wine, it is impossible for them to sell to large markets, such as the United States. The Istrian peninsula is a gentle ... Read Full Article

Where to Eat in Dubrovnik

Dining by the Sea

  Dubrovnik teems with restaurants, but the city’s culinary reputation isn’t very good. Investors have opened sub-par restaurants beside classic restaurants, and, between the menu and the decor, it can be tough for the visitor to tell the two apart when deciding where to eat in Dubrovnik. To help weed out the bad from the good, I compiled this list of restaurant recommendations on my ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Old Town

Some of Dubrovnik’s best hotels and accommodations are located in neighborhoods outside of the Old Town. Dubrovnik’s Old Town neighborhood, with its imposing City Walls and beautiful monasteries, is home to amazing sights and shopping, but it doesn’t necessarily have the best hotel selection. Instead, I recommend staying in one of Dubrovnik’s quieter neighborhoods, where you’ll get to experience ... Read Full Article

Eating the Adriatic – Continental Cooking in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Street

For better or worse, Croatia invites comparisons. The coastal towns and the cuisine of the Dalmatian Coast and the Istrian Peninsula remind me of Italy, and Zagreb, the metropolitan capital of Croatia whose restaurants feature a Continental cooking style, reminds me of a mini-Vienna. Croatia is a young country, fully established in 1995, and perhaps this is why it’s so tempting to make ... Read Full Article