The Wonder of White Nights in Northern Europe

Midnight Sun at North Cape Norway

Come inside the Arctic Circle, where during most of the summer, the sun never sets. Northern European countries that lie inside the Arctic Circle provide some very interesting White Night experiences. Because the sun does not set throughout the  night, you can take the opportunity to change the way you travel…take a chance, do something you haven’t done before, stay up late (really late.) Start ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Stockholm

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

Here's our take on where to stay in Stockholm, Sweden. Built on an archipelago of 14 islands, Stockholm, is divided into several neighborhoods, including its vibrant Old Town, which is located on the island of Stadsholmen where most of the sights can be found. The following ‘where to stay’ options were chosen with their proximity to the Old Town in mind. Priority was also given to hotels offering ... Read Full Article

Trains, Bikes and Robo Taxis: Riding Green in Sweden

robo taxi

It’s no wonder that Sweden is the leader in "green" transportation in Europe. Sweden was the second country in the world to introduce an eco-tourism charter, after Australia. Sweden also set up ‘Nature’s Best’, Europe’s first eco-label that assures the quality of approximately 180 holidays and activities run by its 80 eco-certified tour operators around the country. Here are three of the latest ... Read Full Article

Stockholm: Sweden’s Crystal City


  On a clear day in Stockholm, the air fills with light, and the city and sky glow with a crystal clarity reflected in the surrounding water. Water -- it's the main feature in Stockholm, which stands on 14 islands on Sweden’s east coast facing the Baltic Sea. The location has made it an important shipping and trade center since the 13th century. When I go to Stockholm I relish those ... Read Full Article

Öland, Sweden’s Enchanting Island


One of Europe’s longest bridges (6,072 meters) stretches from Kalmar, on Sweden’s southeastern coast, to the island of Öland. For good reason, the 87-mile-long island is a favorite vacation spot for Swedes. Shallow waters, sandy beaches, yachting and sailing harbors, and long days of sunshine make it appealing to any visitor, including me. I found it enchanting. Low stone walls crisscross the ... Read Full Article

Kalmar: Sweden’s Castle by the Sea


  Kalmar Castle, in Sweden, is tranquil now, and murmuring tourists make the only sounds on cobblestones that rang with horses' hooves and marching feet 800 years ago. The mighty fortress, where swords clashed in bloody battles, was replaced with a castle in the 16th century by King Gustav Vasa. This is one of Sweden's best-preserved Renaissance castles, complete with moats, dungeons, and ... Read Full Article