When to Splurge or Save on your Trip

choose When to Splurge or Save on your Trip

Some budget-minded travelers count every penny on a trip, ensuring that they never go over a carefully planned budget; others prefer not to worry about the costs at all, spending what they want without a limit. Most travelers, however, fall somewhere in the middle. We want to keep costs low but we’re willing to splurge on a few things to ensure we have the best experience. How do you know when to ... Read Full Article

Creating and Sticking to a Travel Budget

create a travel budget

No traveler wants to count pennies while on their dream trip, but the reality is that most of us can’t afford to throw out our budgets and deal with the fallout once we’re back at home. While creating--and sticking to--a travel budget isn’t glamorous, it’s also not that difficult. With a bit of pre-planning, some organization, and, most importantly, a little self-discipline, making and abiding by ... Read Full Article

Avoiding Credit Card Woes in Europe

Choose your credit card wisely

  Recently, we have noticed that our credit cards do not always work in some areas of Europe. Although not a cause for panic, there have been a few changes that travelers should be aware of when using credit cards in Europe. The Chip-and-PIN cards were introduced in Europe almost ten years ago and now more than 80 countries use them. The Chip-and-PIN credit cards use an embedded ... Read Full Article

Budget Savers When Traveling in Europe

Ready to go

Even with the value of the dollar approaching that of the euro, Americans traveling in Europe on a budget still need to be creative and mindful. The following suggestions can help any traveler, but especially those who prefer traveling independently. Airfare Finding the lowest airfares to Europe can be incredibly time-consuming. I turn to a reputable travel agent who may charge a fee but ... Read Full Article

Tips and Tricks to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets in Europe

Don't be distracted

Pickpockets are a pernicious problem all over the world, but 8 of the world's 10 worst cities for pickpockets are top tourist destinations in Europe. This doesn't mean you shouldn't come to Europe ready to have a great time. It just means you should observe a few basic rules and techniques to keep your pocket change in your own pocket. Basic Safety The best things you can do to protect ... Read Full Article

Tips for Saving Money on Your Europe Trip


A Europe vacation can be expensive, but not if you travel smart. Here are some tips to help you save money on your next Europe vacation. Saving money before you go Book Direct When booking airfare look to some of the online booking engines to find the best price and then book with the airline itself.  The airline will usually offer the same price as Kayak or Expedia, but I like the fact that if ... Read Full Article

Is a Paris Pass Worth the Cost?


  Is a Paris Pass worth the cost? You pay a fairly hefty amount up front; but, will it save you time and money in the long run?  My experience on a recent trip to France is Yes, definitely, if you plan to see the sights (of course you’re going to sight see, you’re in Paris) and if you plan your time carefully. The Paris Pass provides entry to more than 60 attractions in and around Paris, ... Read Full Article

Tips on Tipping in England

restaurant in England

Imagine the scenario. Two Americans are visiting England and have just finished their meal in a fairly down-to-earth cafe or pub. Studying their bill, they lean over toward an Englishman at the table next to theirs and ask him how much it would be customary to tip. He is mystified. "Tip?... In this place?" But now it is their turn to be mystified. "You mean we shouldn't leave anything for the ... Read Full Article

Eating Well in Europe on a Budget


For many people (this writer included) one of the main joys of traveling is sampling all the culinary wonders of a new cuisine. It can be hard to reconcile a small budget with a big appetite, but with a little creativity, you can stretch your travel dollars and enjoy all the tasty delights a country has to offer, without going over budget. Create a Budget Decide how much you want to ... Read Full Article

Europe Travel Tips: Saving Money in Europe

Getting prepared for your trip

There are many ways to enjoy Europe on a budget. We have been to Europe innumerable times and you can learn from our experience. Top 10 tips on saving money in Europe. Fly during low or shoulder season Airfare is least expensive during low season - November through February (except during the holidays) and Shoulder season - March through April and September through October. High season ... Read Full Article