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Visit Lisbon with the Lisboa Card

Visit Lisbon with the Lisboa Card

When visiting any big name city in Europe, it’s best to research whether or not they have a pass to get around and gain entry to popular attractions. With the Lisboa Card you have the freedom to conveniently visit Lisbon on your own schedule. Don’t worry about the specifics because I have got you covered. I am going to fully break it down for you.

How To Save Money with the Lisboa Pass

The Lisboa Card is available three different varieties. The only difference between them is the length of time you can have it valid for. There’s a 24 hour ($14 for kids, $22 for adults), the 48 hour ($21 kids, $38 adults), and the 72 hour ($25 kids, $46.14 adults) passes. They expire either one year after the purchase or one the time limit is up from your first validation.

Glowing light encompassing the Lisbon bridge and river
Lisbon bridge

It gives you access to countless sites and discounts at the local spots which saves you quite a bit of cash. It’s not only about the cash you save though.

With the Lisboa Card, you don’t have to worry about purchasing tickets in advanced or paying for transportation. You don’t have the gnawing terrible pressure of planning every single moment of your visit because it’s included in the pass.

Where To Buy Your Lisboa Card

On the day you arrive in Lisbon, you can get your Lisboa Pass in the actual airport. Head to the Praça do Comércio and Restauradores Square. Signs can point you in the right direction or ask someone for help.

If lines aren’t really your thing and you just want to relax after a long flight, I recommend getting them online. Best to get them on the official site than a random one so you know it’s trusted.

We recommend Get Your Guide. We use them all the time when we travel and never had a bad experience with them. You can also find really cool day trips, tours, and activities for the rest of your time in Lisbon (or all around the world).

To activate your card, simply use it. Like a metro pass, it should activate upon first use and once your time is up then it won’t work afterwards.

Get Your Lisboa Pass and Lisbon Guide Here

What Does Your Lisbon Card Include

For the full list of attractions, please consult the official list here. However, here are some key features:

Sunny day in Lisbon with the trolley coming up the street and passed a yellow building
Lisbon transportation

Included Transportation

Admission is included for all the transportation the Lisboa Card provides. This means that you don’t have to pay fare. The free rides are viable for the auto-buses and the metro no matter which way you’re going.

The train is a bit different though. With the Lisboa Pass, you can go on the Sintra route train or the Casi do Sodré route for free. Otherwise, you have to pay for a ticket.

Museums and Monuments To See

There are several monuments and museums that are included in your pass. However, some cover the entire cost of admission while others are only discounted. It is important that you figure out which ones are which.

A few of the free ones include Torre de Belém, the Museum of Music, and The Palácio Nacional de Ajuda. Discounts can range from 20% off to 50% off depending on the attraction. There are a few that only knock off 2€ from the price.

Get the Full List of Discounts Here

Tours You Can Take With the Lisboa Pass

You can take quite a few tours with the pass in your possession. But, none of the tours are free. You still have to pay but at a discounted price. Discounts vary from 10% to 50%, which is very generous.

Sidecar Touring, though, is only 5€ off the original price which is still pretty good. Tours are going to vary from private guided tours to audio tours to some great insider tours.

Read The Full List Of Tours Here

Big puddle in the ground reflecting an orange trolley car in a backstreet in Lisbon
Trolley in Lisbon

Leisure Activities To Take

Surprisingly, the Lisboa Pass is extremely broad in its use. Provided with the card are a few leisure activities that can be enjoyed by everyone. Holders of the almighty pass get discounts from 5% to 50% off.

You do get free admission into Estufa Fria which is an old garden created by accident. It’s probably the most forgotten treasure in Lisbon today. You can make a day out of neat tours and day trips around Lisbon.

Find Out All The Leisure Activities Available Here

Restaurants With the 72 Hour Lisboa Card

Available only with the 72 hour Lisboa pass is access to a restaurant card to over 25 Lisbon restaurants. Discounts are anywhere from 5% to 25%. Visitors can indulge themselves in some of the best local restaurants.

This is the best way to decide exactly what you should do for your meals without the constant back and forth with yourself or travel companions.

People sitting around eating happily at the Time Out Market
TimeOut Market

Major Attractions With the Lisboa Pass

Please note that you can only visit each of the available attractions once. But there is no limit to the amount of attractions you can visit. Skip-the-line authorization is also not always available for every attraction. Here are just a few of the big attractions you can visit with the Lisboa card.

Torre de Belém

For almost 5 centuries, this gorgeous medieval castle has been towering over the coast of Portugal. The structure, while similar to Italian design, holds significance in the advancements made in artillery during that time.

The building holds an air of culture and history and brings travelers from all over the gawk at its beauty. If you just want to go on this tour then that’s okay. There are fast track tickets available

Get Your Fast Track Belém Tickets Here

Monastery of Jerónimos

A 5 century-old UNESCO site was chosen as a royal pantheon and financed by India. Architects turn to this site as an inspiration for European late Gothic and early renaissance trends. Experience the unique features of the Monastery of Jerónimos with either the Lisbon card or fast track tickets.

Book Your Monastery Experience Here

The Monastery of Jeronimos with its towering gothic architecture on a sunny day in Lisbon
Monastery of Jerónimos

Pillar 7 Bridge Experience

I recommend this visit for travelers more into architecture as the bridge is an architectural marvel. While guests are in awe of the physical appearance, the tour also takes you on a cultural journey through the construction of the bridge itself. On top of the fascinating facts, you can marvel at the picturesque views.

Click Here for Skip-the-Line Tickets

What Your Lisboa Pass Does NOT Include

While the pass seems all-inclusive, there are some museums and monuments that it doesn’t include. No worries, I have ways that you can still get tickets to them, even skip-the-line tickets. Here we go.

Sao Jorge Castle

The medieval history is etched into the stone walls of the Sao Jorge Castle. This is one of the top attractions in Lisbon and for good reason. Visitors can explore the castle at their leisure and get a feel for what Portugal was back in the day.

On top of the castle, there are the moors available for exploration. While not on the Lisboa Pass, you can get a Get Your Guide certified tour.

Book Your Tickets Here

The courtyard of Sao Jorge Castle filled with trees, archways, and lion statues all around
Sao Jorge Castle courtyard

Peña Palace & Park

Resting on the second-highest point in the Sintra Hills is the beautiful Peña Palace. You can walk through the picturesque park on your way up to the colorful palace. Once you’re inside, you’re hit by the historical vibes and cultural impact. Unfortunately, it’s not available on the Lisbon pass.

Get Your Tickets Here

Street Art Tour

Art is a being that lives, breathes, and evolves as the cities do in Europe. Some of the most beautiful art is in the streets where expression is limitless and the canvasses are everywhere. While you can explore the streets yourself, you could get lost if you don’t know your way around so it’s best to have a guide.

Get Your Lisbon Street Art Tour Guide Here

Mural of a man blowing on a broken boat in the streets of Lisbon
Lisbon street art

Is The Lisboa Card Worth Your Money?

When you’ve already planned this big amazing trip to visit Lisbon but you have no idea what you’re going to do then I definitely recommend it. Even if if you have a ton of things you want to do but don’t exactly want to unload hundreds more dollars on tickets then I recommend the Lisboa pass.

This card gives people access to over 30 things to do for one fixed price. Yes, some of the activities are only discounted but a discount is better than paying full price. There are activities for everyone to go on and even restaurant recommendations to put your contemplative mind at ease.

I can be pretty indecisive myself so having the options given to me like with the Lisboa Pass makes it easier for me to make decisions. I always want to do everything so I would get the 72 hour pass so I can fully immerse myself in the culture.

If you’re a numbers person then let me break it down. Most museum fees are anywhere from free to around €30+. If perchance, you want to visit all the top attractions and go on a walking tour on the first day, that would add up to about €61. If you enjoy cycling and want you explore the Lisbon coast then that’s another €33. For one day you’re looking at €94 spent without the cost of food. However, if you get the 72 hour pass at €42.60 then you’re shaving off approximately €239.40 off a three day trip. That’s pretty worth it.

Book Your Lisboa Card Here

In the late evening, as the sun is done setting, the lights of Lisbon begin their glow as night life starts to thrum
Night in Lisbon

More Tips for Lisbon

  • Visit the Alfama and Mouraria neighborhoods. They are loaded with culture and history while setting a romantic scene for my couple travelers out there.
  • Indulge in the local delicacies. Lisbon is on the coast, which means they have some primo seafood for you to try. Eating Bacalhau is a must. It’s this salty codfish dish that it just to die for.
  • For those living in luxury then you simply must dine at Palacio Chiado. The upscale restaurant makes you feel as if you are in a palace. This is a place to get pampered with food and service.
  • Drink some Porto wine. You’re in Portugal so of course you need to sip that famous wine. Porto is a wine perfect for desserts as it is rich and sweet in flavor.
  • Go on a food tour! For goodness sake, food is a way to your heart and Lisbon has captured many hearts. I think food tours are the best way to get versed in a culture as every dish in its preparation, pairing, and consumption has a history of its own. Read our post on the best Lisbon Food Tours here.
  • Listen to the thrumming of Fado. Many places have Fado music, the traditional Portuguese folk music, but Alfama is best known for the enchanting melodies.
  • Finally, do not overstress yourself with tours and museum visits. That is the number one way to ruin a vacation. The streets of Lisbon are meant to be explored and experienced. Don’t forget to relax and go on leisure adventures to find those hidden hole-in-the-wall gems around the city.

Visit Lisbon with the Lisboa Card was written by Hedge Metreyeon.

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