Hotel or Apartment? How to Choose

Small balcony off Paris apartment kitchen

After you've decided where to go and how you'll get there, the big question is where to stay. A hotel is still the most popular choice, but there are other options, and plenty of savvy travelers are choosing to rent an apartment or house. My recent trip to France is a good example of the pros and cons of hotels vs apartments; my husband, John, and I stayed in two of each. Our one-bedroom, ... Read Full Article

The Extended Layover: Get More Out of Your Travels

Frankfurt Airport interior

For years, I flew from point A to point B without even thinking about the cities in which I had layovers. In Europe, I had stopovers in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and more, and I never really thought about the fact that these cities’ magnificent sights and cultures lay just outside the airport walls. Then an old friend clued me into the extended layover, a great way to take in additional ... Read Full Article

Tired of Trying to Get WiFi in Europe? Try This

Telecom Square Mobil Hotspot package

We travel to Europe often and we are always looking for reliable WiFi connections so we can do our work and keep in touch with our family, friends and business associates. It has always been a frustrating experience until this last trip. Telecom Square contacted us and asked us to try out their Mobil WiFi Hotspot while on our trip to the Netherlands and Italy. What a difference this device made ... Read Full Article

Hiring a Tour Guide: Is it Worth it?

Emiliano Tuffano

My husband, Bill, and I had never hired a private tour guide before our recent trip to Italy. In the past, we read our guidebooks, consulted the internet, and reviewed to see what our writers had to say. We then did our own thing. We have also been part of  large group tours, but this experience showed us the value of a knowledgeable, private tour guide to help us sort through ... Read Full Article

Traveling to Europe with Young Children

Our extended family waits for international flight

On our last trip to Europe, our extended family faced many unique challenges while traveling with young children. Our entourage included a five-month-old infant, a two-year-old toddler, and a four-year-old preschooler. From finding family-friendly accommodations to surviving long international flights, check out these helpful tips for families traveling abroad with youngsters. Whether ... Read Full Article

Tips for Living Like a Local in Europe

Roomorama-Apartment 3

The following post is sponsored by our new affiliate, Roomorama, a short term apartment rental exchange company. One of the reasons we chose Roomorama is the effort they put into making the transaction safe and secure for both the guests and the hosts. To book, look on our front page for Booking Apartments in Europe on the right panel. Live like a Local Local is savvy. Local is ... Read Full Article

Hints for Traveling the World as a Single Woman


I have been traveling the world as a single woman for the many years. I have been to North Africa, Turkey, the Middle East, the Caribbean, the US and nearly every European country, always on my own and accumulating a wealth of experiences and insights along the way. I made mistakes and have leaned from them; honing safety skills and perfecting my accommodation choices as well as knowing what to ... Read Full Article

Affordable Boutique Hotels for Solo Travelers


  Looking for an affordable hotel for a solo traveler? It’s a sad but inevitable fact that a solo traveler’s  budget can suffer serious dents when it comes to accommodation. Nice, comfortable, single rooms are either not available at all or cost an arm and a leg. Many hotels will rent you a double room for use as a single, but they don’t cut the price in half! I’m always on the lookout for ... Read Full Article

The Compact Guide To Planning a Trip to Europe


  This trip planning guide is written for independent vacationers: people who want to travel on their own to a  destination and then just soak  it up. You may also be interested in The Budget Traveler’s Guide To Planning a Trip to Europe. In creating your dream vacation, you can certainly rely on the internet to assist in planning your travel and to book hotels, rental cars, and arrange ... Read Full Article

Europe’s Creepiest Sights

St Catherine's Head

There are plenty of down-right creepy things that you may come across while traveling in Europe. And we thought you might be interested in learning about some of the creepiest things our writers have seen when in Europe. I am a sucker for things slightly weird and macabre, and when in Europe I am always on the look-out for an opportunity to get my "creepy fix". While churches are, without ... Read Full Article