Transylvania Incorporated: a Case Study in Globalization

Banca Transilvania

  Transylvania is a part of Romania that many tourists visit in search of unspoilt rural life, ancient traditions and centuries-old buildings. But if you explore it with a slightly different mindset, the region could serve as a case study in economic and cultural globalization. Keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll see pseudo-western T-shirts saying things like "Dream Princess," along ... Read Full Article

Prejmer, Romania: a Transylvanian Stronghold

Prejmer inside walls

  Prejmer is a village in Romania’s Transylvania region that has the biggest and most spectacular example of a medieval fortified church in the country. Inhabitants of this part of Transylvania used to be so frequently plagued by marauding invaders that they built thick walls, lined with chambers, around their churches, and would live in these walls in times of danger. They would keep a ... Read Full Article

Targu Mures, Romania and its Gorgeous Culture Palace

tm trandafirilor

  Targu Mures, in Romania’s Transylvania region, is a quiet city that just happens to contain a glittering marvel of 20th century architecture - the Culture Palace. It also has a jumble of other attractions that reflect its legacy as a city of trade, law, scholarship, and cultural diversity. The city’s most famous building, known in Romanian as Palatul Culturii and in Hungarian as ... Read Full Article

Photos from a Summer Week in Maramures, Romaina

The Merry Cemetery is located in Sapanta. It is famous for its colourful tombstones with naive paintings describing, in an original and poetic manner, the persons that are buried there as well as scenes from their lives.

  Summer week in Maramures, a beautiful Romanian region where old local tradition is still alive. The wooden churches in Maramures are Unesco heritage sites.  ***** *****  *****  ***** ***** ***** About Guest Contributor, Andrea Albertino:  Born in 1982 close to Turin, Italy, Andrea Albertino earned a Phd in chemistry in 2010 and now ... Read Full Article

Visit the Renaissance Castle of Fagaras, Romania

Hungarian Reformed church

Fagaras, a small city near Brasov in Romania’s Transylvania region, boasts one of the finest Renaissance castles in the country. At least, that is how it looks now. But the castle in this mountainous, strategic border post has been here in some form or another ever since the 13th century - originally as a wooden fort. Successive rulers and regimes used the site for various purposes, building it up ... Read Full Article

Alba Iulia, Romania: Six Centuries of History in one Hilltop Fortress

Alba Lulia two Cathedrals

  Alba Iulia, a city in Romania’s Transylvania region, has a hilltop citadel at its center where many diverse historical eras come to life. Particularly impressive are its two massive cathedrals, standing directly beside each other but with over 600 tumultuous years dividing them. Known as Gyulafehervar in Hungarian, this city was the ruling seat of an independent Transylvania under ... Read Full Article

Sibiu, or Hermannstadt? A Romanian City with German Traditions

sibiu homes

Sibiu is a city in the heart of Romania, but its other name, the unmistakably German Hermannstadt, hints at a whole different history. At two different periods - during the Middle Ages and in the 18th century - this beautiful place was the chief city of a German-speaking Transylvania. While today it is mostly populated by ethnic Romanians, the German-speakers were responsible for some of the most ... Read Full Article

Brasov, Romania: Home of the Historic ‘Black Church’

Brasov Romania Black Church

Brasov, Romania, with a population of 284,000, holds some outstanding sights, of which perhaps the most famous is The Black Church. The church is a stone’s throw from the open southeast corner of Piata Sfatului, the square at the heart of the historic center of this beautiful Transylvanian city. The proud church dominates: a looming bulk, 89 meters in length and 38 meters in width, its ... Read Full Article

Brasov, Romania’s Schei Neighborhood


Brasov, Romania is home to a very pointy Orthodox church and one of the narrowest streets in Europe. But to find those attractions, you need to venture a few blocks south of the historic town center, into the winding lanes and ramshackle houses of the Schei district, home to Brasov’s Romanian community from the 12th to the 17th century. Brasov may be in Romania, but the fact that it had a ... Read Full Article

The Many Faces of Timisoara, Romania

piata unirii

Timisoara, Romania, is a relaxed city with a pedestrian-only downtown area, big open squares and parks, lots of greenery, and beautiful Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings. Within 40 miles of Romania’s borders with Hungary and Serbia, it’s a multicultural and tolerant place which played a key role in the 1989 uprising against Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist dictatorship. The city has strong ... Read Full Article