Venice: A Photographer’s Dream

Scenic dining venue just off the Grand Canal

Venice is, in my opinion, easily the world’s most breathtaking historic city. I really don’t think any other city comes even close. It’s unique, and at every corner you turn, a new, jaw-dropping sight awaits. Amazing photos can be taken anywhere. Dead-end alleyways, narrow streets, hidden squares and photogenic canals make it a fantastic place to explore on foot. If you’re ever going to get lost ... Read Full Article

Burano: Italy’s Most Colorful Island

canal in Burano

As Venice gets overrun by day trippers from mid-morning to late afternoon, smart travelers escape to Burano, Murano and a couple of other islands in the Venetian Lagoon. The best time of the day to visit Venice is very early in the morning—sunrise—or late in the evening—sunset to midnight, which is when the city is at its calmest and quietest. The light happens to be the best for photography ... Read Full Article

A Perfect Day in Venice

There’s nowhere in the world quite like Venice with its winding canals and teeny-tiny bridges, age-old churches, and local artisan shops that sell everything from delicate antiques to colorful papier-mâché masks. It’s an easy city to fall in love with, and an even easier one to get lost in; turn down one topsy-turvy alley too early and land somewhere entirely unexpected, which isn’t necessarily a ... Read Full Article

Visiting the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, Italy

Ghetto street in Venice

  Even as far back in the 1300’s the Jews of Europe were being persecuted. Jews began settling in Venice in the 16th century. They were mainly moneylenders, physicians, artisans and traders. Though the republic valued their services, to placate the Catholic Church they were confined to live on this walled island where drawbridges were raised each evening to enforce a night time ... Read Full Article

EuropeUpClose Picks for Best Cities in Europe for Canoodling

Rome at Night

Looking for romantic Europe?   From the cozy canals of Venice, to sophisticated Paris, to mysterious Valencia, Spain, Europe offers romance around every corner. You can find romance anywhere, but these cities are our favorites for finding that special spot for canoodling. Venice, Italy The city of quiet canals and music is our choice for the best city in Europe for canoodling. What is more ... Read Full Article

Exploring Torcello, Venice’s Most Deserted Island

Cathedral of Santa Maria Dell’Assunta

  A popular day-trip for visitors to Venice is the three-island boat tour to Murano, Burano and Torcello, the most popular islands in the Venice lagoon. My friend and I boarded the tour one morning for this much anticipated day’s outing. Our first stop was Murano, the most famous of the small islands and the most visited. This is where the famous “Murano Glass” is created. We ... Read Full Article

Venice, Italy: Mistress of the Seas

Ancient sailboat

  They called her Serenissima, “the most serene Republic of Venice.” Once her navy was the mistress of the seas, and for centuries she has been the romantic inspiration of artists, poets and lovers. Venice casts a spell on you. She has an allure that stays with you long after you have departed. Boats are part of the life here. An endless armada of small crafts ply the canals of this watery ... Read Full Article

Italy Can Mend a Broken Heart


  For most of the summer, I was afraid to go to Italy. I was scared to hear the accent, to taste spaghetti Bolognese, to smell espresso. I worried that hearing my favourite Italian word, “Alora”, might send me straight over the edge. You see, I fell in love with an Italian last year. If this has happened to you before, I needn’t say more. If it hasn’t, let me fill you in: His name ... Read Full Article

Finding Venice’s Secret Code

I'm always looking for a secret code when I travel. This is about a perspective, a unique and personal way to look at a place, and it is a bit contrarian as well. If most people traveling are paying attention to the monuments, I'm usually trying to figure out how the locals live, what makes them tick. Finding the secret code is also about discovering the perfect light at a perfect hour in a ... Read Full Article

Venice in Winter: Intrigue and Mystery

  Winter is a fine season to visit Venice. Finally, I get to mingle with actual Venetians, to rub shoulders with them on numerous vaporetto rides along the canals and to the islands and to haggle amongst Venetians over delicious fruit and vegetables  at the markets at the foot of the Rialto bridge. I am warmly welcomed in mom and pop shops, deep in the alleyways, when I enter and ... Read Full Article