A Crash Course in Polish Gastronomy in Poznan

Vine Bridge Pork Loin Dish

  One of the unintended effects of Communism in Europe was that it preserved traditional cooking techniques for a lot longer than in many other places in Europe. The Iron Curtain acted as a culinary time capsule: While much of the West was moving forward with the industrialization of its food production, people from Bucharest to East Berlin to St. Petersburg were still picking wild tea ... Read Full Article

Poland’s Craft Beer Scene

Rice Beer

  It is refreshing to find craft brewers emerging throughout Europe these days. While those traditional pale lagers pair naturally with a lot of Polish cuisine, sometimes a guy's just got to have an IPA with his pierogi. Fortunately, there is no need to import. Craft breweries are popping up all over the place in Poland, and at least a few of them make a good IPA, among other ... Read Full Article

The Insider’s Guide to Poznan, Poland

Market Square

  I arrived in Poznan, Poland, armed with a bunch of historical facts, figures and questions: how, for example, was this area the cradle of the Polish nation, how was it that the Germans fortified the city but were, nonetheless,  overrun by the Red Army in 1945, and what promted the citizens to rise up in revolt in 1956. I mean, isn't the study of history just how we contextualize ... Read Full Article