La rentrée – France’s Season of Change

The term la rentrée in it’s most literal sense means “the re-entry” or “the return.” However, it’s one of those French words that takes on myriad socio-cultural meanings, depending on who you talk to.  In general, la rentrée refers to the period after les vacances (vacation/break) in July and August. The closest thing we have in the U.S. to France’s la rentrée is “back to school.” However, la ... Read Full Article

Travel Reading: Books (and Magazines) That Make You Feel Like You’re in France

I love France and Europe in general. And, while I plan my next European adventure, I’ve found plenty of reading material to stoke my passion for my favorite French destinations. Taschen’s Paris by Angelika Taschen (2008) Eye candy for Francophiles, this beautiful hardcover volume is full of Dr. Angelika Taschen’s personal Parisian favorites- hotels, boutiques, restaurants, bars, cafés, and ... Read Full Article

Travel Reading: Food and Culinary Writings

This is the second in my “Travel Reading” series of posts. For a list of books that deal with French culture and politics in general (and are a great place to start your exploration), check out my post, “Travel Reading: French Culture,” Do you dream of buttery croissants? Have you ever quested to find the best salade niçoise or canard confit in France? Would you rather drive halfway across town ... Read Full Article

Le Grand Voyage: An Insightful French Film

In his directorial debut, Ismaël Ferroukhi give us the story of Reda (Nicolas Cazalé), a young man from the south of France who must accompany his conservative Muslim father (Mohamed Majd) on a pilgrimage to Mecca just weeks before his college entrance exams.  Together, they travel the 3,000-odd miles from the south of France, through Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan to Saudi Arabia, in their ... Read Full Article