Marvellous Montpellier – The Romantic, Wandering Gourmand’s Guide to a Medieval French Gem

Place de Comedie

Though you’re spoiled for choice in the European summertime, it doesn’t get much better than 10 days on the shimmering French Riviera—cue glorious sun, sumptuous food and wine, and cool, crisp dips in the azure waters of the Mediterranean. The only dilemma is where to go next. After filling our tanned bellies in Nice for 4 nights, we decided to venture west across the Cote D’Azur on a TGV, ... Read Full Article

Up Close Picture of the Week: a Souk in Marrakech

Souq in Marrakech

The illuminated Koutoubia Mosque looms high and imposing over the Djamma el-Fna, the centuries old heart of Marrakech. A call to prayer bellows into the ether; an Islamic crescent moon appears aptly in the deep indigo sky...this is Marrakech. And when in this ancient city, be sure to visit several of the colorful souks. Read more about Marrakech Magnifique! Written by and photo by Cam Hassard ... Read Full Article

Try Naxos and Paros in the Greek Islands for an Active Vacation


  Greek Island tourists are perhaps traditionally attracted to the volcanic vistas of Santorini, party-infused hedonism of Ios, and the ancient feel and uninhibited style of Mykonos. No doubt about it, these places afford a great time, but in the pace and action of the glossy draw cards, it’s not a bad idea to save some time for two of the larger and lesser frequented of the Cyclades ... Read Full Article

Flamenco, Feria, Bullfighting and Barbers in Seville, Andalucia


Capital of the southern Andalucía region, as well as Spain’s cultural and artistic core, Seville is aesthetically beautiful, intoxicating and graceful. Moorish and Arabic architectural sensibility dazzles in a city rich with Spain’s most archetypal cultural attributes. It is here that the bullfight, flamenco and tapas all originate, and it’s hard not to lose yourself in Seville’s authenticity, to ... Read Full Article

Not So Racey Rotterdam


  It’s fair to say that sibling rivalry is usually the dynamic found in any county’s two most populous cities. One hogs the limelight with its trinkets and bells, while the other sits in the shadow and gets on with its day. If Amsterdam is the flashy older brother, Rotterdam remains Holland’s ‘can do’ city, a gentle, aesthetically edgy younger sibling that too often flies under the radar, ... Read Full Article

Run with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain


  Muster the word ‘Pamplona’ and chances are your first thoughts will have something to do with “Bulls” and “Running.” Yet there’s so much more to this aged, fortified city than the Running of the Bulls, without doubt one of the most revered and infamous calendar events on the planet. As the wide eyed traveler will discover year-round, a visit to this proud old hub will yield so much more ... Read Full Article

Best Pubs in Western and Central Europe (well…some of them!)


  Usually, the thought of a tasty, ice cold brew at the end of a long trek is what keeps even the most intrepid traveler fueled and focused when life on the road gets a little hard going. Thankfully, pretty much everywhere you go in Europe you’re up to your waist in world-class brew, and better yet, a veritable variety of amazing venues in which to relax, unwind and meet great people while ... Read Full Article

Pamukkale: The Great White Travertine and City of Hieropolis

Pamukkale Travertine

  I stand at the foot of the great travertine terrace pools of Pamukkale (also known as Hieropolis) and am awestruck by how out of place it is. Brilliant, snow-white calcium basins line the cliff face, eccentrically stacked one on top of the other, an extensive white ridge, a petrified pseudo-North Pole, plum in the middle of dusty, barren Turkish countryside. The travertine was created ... Read Full Article

Galway – The Stunning Jewel of Ireland’s West Coast


While Dublin pulled well over it’s weight in nightlife craic (an Irish term for fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation), I’d been told by more than one Irishman along my brief stint in the capital city, that equal, perhaps even more glory might be found a bus ride away in Galway. Galway is located on the precipice of the stunning western peninsula. The western coastline of Ireland is ... Read Full Article

Bilbao: Guggenheim, Tapas and Basque Beauty


The fused scents of cigar smoke, charred wet stone and centuries of Basque history permeate the seven streets of the Casco Viejo, the cobblestone old quarter of Bilbao. I am dwarfed by ornate, 15th century six-story architecture, panoramic hills strafing the distance, and the cooling breeze from the Bay of Biscay fluttering my hair. This charming Basque city, once hardened and industrial, is now ... Read Full Article