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Waterford: Ireland’s Crystal City

The oldest population center in Ireland, Waterford is a beautiful medieval city with a long, proud history and a world-famous export: crystal. Waterford was founded in the 9th century by the Vikings. It was invaded by the Anglo-Normans in the 12th century and was the site for several religious battles and a civil war before becoming a tourist hot spot.

Waterford, Ireland

Waterford, Ireland

Waterford Crystal is the city’s long-standing claim to fame; the factory was built in 1783. With over two hundred years of experience, it is no surprise that some consider Waterford to be the highest quality crystal in the world. The factory is open daily in the summer (closed weekends November-January) and is easily accessible from the city center. The tour highlights some of the most famous products, such as the Time Square Ball, and explains the history, production process, and other interesting facts about crystal.

Waterford Crystal sculptor

Waterford Crystal sculptor

Crystal is not the only attraction in Waterford. Be sure to check-out Reginald’s Tower, a fine museum displaying a great historical perspective of the city and surrounding area. But the best treats are just outside the city; head to the  Comeragh Mountains for pristine walking trails and scenic natural beauty, including the beautiful Mahon Falls. And don’t miss Dumore East, a charming fishing village with some of the best seafood in Ireland; visitors swear by The Strand Inn.

Discover the stretch of seashore between Dungarvan and Tramore – called the Copper Coast because of the endless expanse of sandy beaches. Although the weather isn’t often suitable for sunbathing, the coast is great for exploring sea caves and cliffs. The harbour in Boastrand/Dunabrattin is a popular stop as is  Stradbally, another quaint, medieval village that is a smaller version of Waterford.

Comeragh Mountains

Comeragh Mountains

Brown’s Townhouse , within walking distance of the center of Waterford, is a great place to stay. Owned by a friendly couple, the Victorian townhouse is warm, spacious, and grandiose without breaking the budget.

Waterford, located on the southeast coast of Ireland is accessible by bus from both Cork and Dublin. Rail service operates daily to Limerick and Dublin. It is recommended though, to travel by car in order to have the most flexibility in exploring all of County Waterford.

Tammy Porter

Thursday 23rd of July 2015

we are planning a trip to Ireland for next Aug or Sept. My family was from Waterford and I have a pull to go back to Ireland since I was a child. IT is a beautiful country and if I could I would move back. All the castle and beautiful green land and the ocean oh it will be like I am in heaven. My heart is so at rest just by the pictures. Now that my dream is coming true I feel like a kid at Christmas. Thank you so much

Terri Fogarty

Friday 24th of July 2015

Have a wonderful trip!

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