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Visiting Italy’s Crypts

  The Italian word “ossario” (ossuary) can be traced back to the Latin word osseus, which means boney, and this is, quite literally, exactly what Italy’s ossario are. A resting place for the dead, they have been called crypts, catacombs, and tombs, but none of these words quite get the point across. Ossario are usually …

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Guide to Neapolitan-Style Pizza

  Neapolitan-style pizza has been heralded the world over for being the true pizza, however, those who’ve been to Naples know that no two pizzaioli (pizza chefs) make the same pizza. In short, there is no one authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, though many will argue otherwise. To discover which pizzaiolo’s pizza is your favorite, there’s no …

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White Knuckled Ride to the Place with no Horizon: the Amalfi Coast

Dodging cars, trucks and vespas along precarious one-lane hairpin bends, the bus ride along Italy’s Amalfi Coast brings new meaning to the term ‘white-knuckled’. But the mad traffic isn’t the only thing that’ll take your breath away. Mountain peaks loom over dramatic cliffs, embedded with Byzantine-era fishing towns and tucked away beaches.  Under romantic Italian …

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Enjoy a Cooking Class in Italy

Italy is synonymous with good wine and good food, so why not take a cooking class in Italy? Regional specialties vary – from bistecca alla fiorentina in Tuscany to pizza in Naples. No matter where your travels take you in Italy, you’ll find a cooking school where you can learn to cook the area’s traditional …

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