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Best Things To Do in Ibiza, Spain That Are Not Clubbing

Ibiza Holiday: Best Things to Do in Ibiza, Spain Ibiza, set in the Balearic Sea, has come to be known as somewhat of a party paradise, renowned for its clubs, parties and international music festivals.  But this shouldn’t deter you at all from visiting this gorgeous Spanish Island. This is because Ibiza is so much …

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My Own Private Ibiza

It can hit you upon arrival, or sneak up after a few days; the realization that you have found one of the most exciting places of your life. For me that was Spain’s Ibiza. You know right away when it happens. It’s something more than just liking the looks of a new destination. It’s when something in the spirit …

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Where to Stay in Ibiza, Spain

The island of Ibiza has a limited number of hotel options, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite  ‘where to stay’ recommendations. When choosing where to stay in Ibiza, it helps to know whether you want to enjoy peace and quiet or party all night in world-famous clubs. We have given preference to hotels in the …

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Spain: From Madrid to Benidorm

  We couldn’t have had a better first few days in Spain. After a 9 am landing on a cool, late-February morning at Madrid’s Barajas International Airport, our trip was about to go much better than we had expected. Arriving in relatively good spirits from Portland, my girlfriend Kate and I hopped on the Madrid …

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