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Best Things To Do in Ibiza, Spain That Are Not Clubbing

Ibiza Holiday: Best Things to Do in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, set in the Balearic Sea, has come to be known as somewhat of a party paradise, renowned for its clubs, parties and international music festivals. 

But this shouldn’t deter you at all from visiting this gorgeous Spanish Island. This is because Ibiza is so much more than just an all-night party playground. Blessed with stunning natural beauty, a beautiful coastline and an array of charming villages to explore, Ibiza has so much more to offer and there are a ton of things to do in Ibiza that are not related to partying. 

Ibiza Dalt Vila downtown at night with light reflections in the water, Ibiza, Spain.
Ibiza Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town

In this guide I’ll outline all you need to know to help you plan out the perfect visit to this Balearic delight on your next visit to Spain! 

Ibiza Guide: Top 8 Things to Do in Ibiza

Ibiza is known for its reputation as a party island. While it has definitely earned the title as the ultimate destination to cut loose, Ibiza also has other attractions.

Picture gorgeous stretches of sandy beach and sparkling turquoise waters. Adventurous types will love the outdoor activities – think hiking, windsurfing and flyboarding. For those with a love of history, the old town of Ibiza will appeal. 

Ibiza Canal d en Marti Pou des Lleo beach in balearic islands of Mediterranean sea
Ibiza Canal d’en Marti Pou des Lleo

There’s no limit to the number of things you can do on this beautiful island. But just in case you’re not sure where to start, here are five ideas to help get your imagination going. 

1. Hit a Boat Party

Ok, we said no partying, but there are also more refined ways to party in Ibiza and we highly recommend it. Boat parties are considered to be a pillar of the clubbing scene on this island. You have to experience some great tunes, exotic drinks and dancing while out at sea. 

Group of young people having a boat party. Friends sitting at the back of a yacht and partying.
Boat Party in Ibiza

There are several boat party companies that sail out from San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa. Choose a boat, book a ticket, and embrace a day out on the water surrounded by excited friends, awesome beats and an electric atmosphere. 

2. Visit Formentera Island

If you’re visiting Ibiza island, think about hopping on a ferry to Formentera. This neighbouring island has a unique ambience that sets it apart from other Mediterranean destinations. The beaches resemble the sandy stretches you would find in the Caribbean – white sand and clear blue waters.

Formentera beach illetas a white sand with turquoise water perfect Balearic paradise
Formentera beach – Balearic islands are paradise

Different ferry operators (Aquabus, Mediterranea Pitiusa and Trasmapi) all offer a quick 30 min ferry ride across to Formentera that ranges in price between €15 – €20 for a one-way ticket per adult, or slightly cheaper if booking a same day return ticket!

When you reach the island, you can hire a bike and make a day of it. Explore the winding, dusty tracks that cover the island and stop at Formentera’s numerous beaches. Some of the most beautiful and popular of these beaches being Platja de Llevant, Platja de Ses Illetes and Platja da Migjorn. 

3. Explore Dalt Vila

Besides music and beaches, the island also offers history. Dalt Vila, which means ‘High Town’, is the older half of Ibiza Town. San Cristóbal de La Laguna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an excellent place to soak up Ibiza’s culture and past. 

Panorama of Ibiza old city - Eivissa. Spain, Balearic islands
Panorama of Ibiza Town’s old city Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila is filled with various museums like the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. You and your friends can tour the old city on bikes with local Ibiza guides and see the beautiful architecture, like the seven bastions. You can visit the Santa Lucía bastion to see an 18th-century powder magazine and marvel at the views of the harbour. 

4. Try Yoga on the Beach

If you like a bit of balance on your holidays, try some yoga on the beach. It’s the perfect way to take some time out, connect your mind and body, and secure some inner peace. 

caucasian fitness woman practicing yoga at sunset
Yoga in Ibiza

Picture being seated in a calming lotus position on the sand, staring out over the sea, while drawing in deep and relaxing breaths. You can take your pick as there are a number of companies that offer yoga classes in unique places, like the beach and on clifftops.

5. Punta d’es Moscarter

Ibiza may be small, but it still has some surprises. Covered with pine forests and farmland, the northern tip of the island has a remote and wild feel about it. This is only interrupted by the existence of little holiday communities around coves scattered along the coastline.

a view of the Mediterranean Sea, the Far des Moscarter lighthouse and a cliffy landscape of the northeastern coast of Ibiza Island, in the Balearic Islands, Spain
Far des Moscarter Lighthouse

Punta d’es Moscarter is one of the best Ibiza destinations for getting off the beaten track, and away from the beats and tracks! Put on your walking shoes and climb the trail over the cliff-tops from Portinatx to the famous lighthouse. The hike may be a bit of a challenge but the photos and memories make it worthwhile.

6. Indulge in some water sports 

Ibiza of course is known for its gorgeous crystal-clear waters and what better way to enjoy the best of the Balearic Sea by enjoying some watersports.

With so many fantastic water tours & experiences to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. Enjoy a 5-hour beach hopping cruise with paddle boarding included or explore the beautiful coastline cliffs and caves as you partake in a 3-hour kayaking and snorkeling adventure. 

Tourists in kayak paddling on blue sea water of Cala Portinatx bay, Ibiza island, Spain Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands.
Cala Portinatx Bay, Ibiza, Spain

For the thrill-seekers amongst us, there are plenty of fast paced watersports options too. Take a one-hour jet boat ride or rent a jet ski and enjoy the pure thrill of jetting around in the ocean surrounding Ibiza!

Want to get up close and personal with Ibiza’s aquatic life? Then a snorkeling trip is just the tour for you. There are several operators who offer these snorkeling experiences that allow you explore the striking Ibiza sea life first hand. Choose from a shallow or deep water tour that includes snorkeling equipment as well as the boat ride to the designated diving spot too.  

7. Explore the Island by Mountain Bike 

With over 20 biking routes, Ibiza is a fantastic mountain biking destination for any outdoor enthusiast. And, let’s be honest, what better to explore the charming villages, off the beaten track paths and gorgeous coastline and cliffs than by biking along the islands varied and beautiful terrain.

With trails ranging from easy to difficult for the more experienced riders, there’s a trail suited for any biking level. 

bicycle on Balearic island of Formentera near Barbaria cape Lighthouse
Biking in Paradise – Formentera Island

For an even more immersive experience why not book a guided biking / e-bike tour in Ibiza? You’ll be accompanied by an experienced local guide who will not only lead you through a predefined route, but also share history and stories of the island and stops along the way, allowing you to gain first hand local knowledge of Ibiza.

8. Go wine tasting  

Perhaps not the likeliest place to find wineries, Ibiza has a surprisingly long history of winemaking dating back to the 7th century BC when the Phoenicians first began planting vineyards in Ibiza.

Today Ibiza’s wine trail encompasses a handful of wine estates that produce a variety of wines including reds (most notable using Monastrell grapes) and whites (most well-known with Macabeo grapes) and sparkling wines and is classified under the denomination of ‘Vino de la tierra’.

Grapes in a vineyard, Ibiza (Spain)
Grapes in a vineyard, Ibiza (Spain)

Some of the most well-known wineries include Sa Cova Winery near San Mateu, Ibizkus located nearby the quaint village of Santa Gertrudis, Can Maymo Winery as well as Can Rich Winery situated on the West coast of the Island. 

Visit these wineries all year round for a wine tour and tasting experience and sample the best of Ibiza’s wines!

Travel to Ibiza

The Balearic island, Ibiza is positioned just off of Costa Blanca (the “White Coast”) on the southeastern side of Spain. Since it’s an island, finding your way to Ibiza is not as easy as taking a car or getting on a train. 

So, are you wondering how to get to Ibiza? Luckily, there are plenty of ferries and flights you can catch to get yourself to the land of thriving nightlife, sunny beaches, and sandy coves. 

Panorama of Ibiza old city - Eivissa. Spain, Balearic islands
Panorama of Ibiza old city

Travel by Ferry

One way to travel to Ibiza, Spain, is to take a ferry from the mainland. There are three main Spanish ports you can take the ferry from. The one you choose will depend on your location.

You can take a ferry from:

  • Barcelona
  • Denia
  • Valencia


Football-crazy Barcelona is located on the coast of northeastern Spain. It has regular ferries departing to the island, but only serves the port of Ibiza Town. 

The ferries running from Barcelona offer overnight sailing. An overnight trip makes sense considering the duration of the journey is about 9 hours. 

a pile of signs with Ibiza written on them
Things To Do in Ibiza Spain


If you’re looking for a shorter ferry trip, Denia is the best port for you. It offers the quickest connection to Ibiza island at about two-three hours in length. 

This small city is based on the Costa Blanca, south of Valencia. It has regular ferries that travel to Ibiza and other islands. You can reach both of Ibiza’s ports from here; these being San Antonio and Ibiza Town.


The last ferry travels from Valencia to Ibiza. The ferry trip lasts between five and seven hours. 

Valencia, situated about 4 hours drive south of Barcelona, is the third-largest city in the country and is located on the eastern side of Spain. The ferries depart to both Ibiza Town and San Antonio.

Picturesque Cala d'Hort beach. Ibiza, Balearic Islands. Spain
Picturesque Cala d’Hort beach. Ibiza, Balearic Islands. Spain

Travel By Air

Catching a flight is the quickest and most convenient mode of Ibiza travel. You can easily book a flight from one of Spain’s larger cities, like Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. 

If you’re flying into Spain and plan to connect to Ibiza, you can get there from a number of other cities:

  • Alicante
  • Bilbao
  • Malaga
  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Seville

Ibiza Airport acts not only as a hub for the island but also for its neighbor, Formentera island. This busy airport receives flights from all over the continent. This is great if you’re looking to extend your Ibiza trip by getting up close and personal with the rest of southern Europe.

Where to Stay in Ibiza

When you travel to Ibiza, you have multiple options on where to stay. If you don’t have a rental car and want to be close to the main sights, we recommend staying in Ibiza Town. Read our recommendations on where to stay in Ibiza Town here.

detail of some beds and sunloungers in a beach club in a white sand beach in Ibiza, Spain
Beach Club in Ibiza, Spain

If you want to get away from the party crowd, we recommend Santa Eulària des Riu or Playa de Portinatx. And if you want to join the party, San Antonio on Ibiza’s southern coast is where you want to be.

Ibiza Travel Guide: Getting Around the Island

There are a number of options to help you explore Ibiza. You can see more of this exciting island by walking, cycling, and renting a moped, motorcycle or scooter.

If you prefer your transport to have four wheels and want to traverse the road trails and reveal Ibiza’s undiscovered charm, take a look at these options. 

Picturesque view of the mysterious island of Es Vedra. Ibiza Island, Balearic Islands. Spain
Picturesque view of the mysterious island of Es Vedra, Ibiza

Car Rental

It’s affordable to rent a car in Ibiza and there are plenty of car rental companies on the island. If you want your own independence and are travelling to Ibiza as a group, this is a good choice for getting around. It also means you can journey around at your own pace. 


Taxis are comfortable and convenient. If you’re planning on enjoying a few drinks on your Ibiza trip, hailing a taxi is the best way to go. This is especially true if you’re in a group. It also means you can split the fare and save some money. 


Buses are the cheapest mode of transport on the island. They’re also easy to come by as they have regular routes. The bus system covers the whole island and connects to the major resorts and popular beaches. The best part is that they are also comfortable and air-conditioned. 

Couple sitting on a motor scooter laughing, Ibiza, Spain
Getting around in Ibiza, Spain

Best Time to Visit Ibiza

An Ibiza travel guide wouldn’t be complete without suggestions on when to visit. However, the best time is dependent on your preferences as a holiday-goer. 

If you’re a party animal, beach fanatic or music lover, the best time to go is late May to early October. The temperatures are hot and the parties are unbelievable. These months see plenty of action and tourists. This period is also great for people looking for cultural experiences and nature-based activities like hiking.

If you want to avoid the crowds, then plan your trip for April or late October. Make sure to plan ahead and find out where to stay in Ibiza first. 

View of Sa Penya District in Ibiza Town, Balearic Islands, Spain
Sa Penya District in Ibiza Town

Ibiza Holidays – Plan Your Perfect Ibiza Trip

Despite its die-hard party reputation, Ibiza is a surprisingly diverse Island to explore that offers not only a beautiful coastline dotted with stunning beaches and hidden caves, but also serves up loads of personality and charm through its villages, people and other activities. So, don’t discount this Balearic jewel the next time your thinking of planning a Spanish Isles getaway!

Best Things to do in Ibiza was contributed by Marco from Travel-Boo. Born and raised in South Africa, Marco Santos from Travel-Boo, together with his partner moved to sunny Lisbon over 3 years ago. With an absolute love for Europe, he is on a mission to rediscover his own Portuguese heritage along the way. Marco has set out to blog and share his passion for traveling through and exploring both Portugal, Spain and throughout Europe, through his blog Travel-Boo. Follow his trips on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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