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Alba Truffle Festival – A Must For Italian Truffle Lovers

Alba Truffle Festival One of the most important festivals in Italy, the Alba Truffle Festival, celebrates one the rarest and most highly prized cooking ingredients in the world: the white truffle. In the fall, the famous Alba, Italy Alba White Truffle Festival fills the town with thousands of gourmets looking to sample and procure the exotic …

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Where to Eat in Dubrovnik

The Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik – Where to Eat in Dubrovnik Dubrovnik teems with restaurants, but the city’s culinary reputation isn’t very good. Investors have opened sub-par restaurants beside classic restaurants, and, between the menu and the decor, it can be tough for the visitor to tell the two apart when deciding where to eat …

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Where to Eat When in Krakow, Poland

Choosing a restaurant in Krakow can be a challenge. Poland, the land of pierogis, borscht, and oscypek, serves up traditional foods that are as delicious as they are difficult to pronounce. This article will get you past the quasi-hieroglyphic names so that you can eat at some of the best restaurants in Krakow while savoring …

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France’s Marvelous Macarons

I’ve mentioned macarons (“macaroons” in English) in my past posts. These small meringue-like cookies filled with a thick layer of cream have always played a prominent role in my European culinary adventures. I realized the other day that, even though I’ve been known to plan a day around a visit to a famed macaron shop …

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German Appetizers and Cocktails

  Feierabend and Appetitanreger in Germany As is the case with most German cuisine, German appetizers tend to be a bit heavier than their neighbors’ to the west and south. That’s OK, they also have plenty of refreshing beers, light wines, and German cocktails to lighten your stomach’s load (at least it’s easy to tell …

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