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Winter Ice Skating in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland

Traditional outdoor winter ice skating has soared in popularity in recent years, both amongst children and families, those just wanting to have a go on the ice and, of course, the serious skaters. Each year, special outdoor rinks are installed in various locations throughout Scotland to indulge one’s skating passion. Like England and Wales, some excellent outdoor skating …

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Tour Edinburgh’s “Real Mary King’s Close”

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is well known for having great views, shops and restaurants, not to mention historic sites like Robert Knox’s House, Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood House. But far beneath the City Chambers building on the High Street is a world long-since abandoned. Across the street from St. Giles’ Cathedral is a small entrance to The …

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A Scottish Wedding

It came as a surprise to find out that there was an enormous upside to arriving in Edinburgh at four in the morning, over 13 hours later than planned. My girlfriend Kate and I had left our home in Portland, Oregon 36 hours earlier and after enduring delayed flights, missed connections and a three hour …

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The Secrets of Rosslyn Chapel

Ten years ago, if one visited the quaint village of Roslin, a short bus ride out to the outskirts of Edinburgh, one could tour the local chapel by simply inquiring with the caretaker to obtain a key and letting yourself in.  In 2003, Dan Brown published the DaVinci Code, and everything changed. Suddenly Roslin was …

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Edinburgh Insider Guide

Edinburgh, or ‘Auld Reekie’, is Scotland’s capital city and a crown jewel in the band of wonderful cities found in the United Kingdom. The city strikes a wonderful balance between old-world charm, with its sweeping Georgian architecture and blackened skyline, against more modern sensibilities (think chic cafes, cosmopolitan cuisine.) The city centre can be easily …

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