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Remember when Flying was Fun? It still is with Singapore Airlines!

Singapore Airlines Review - Best Airlines To Fly - Which Airline should I fly?Can Flying still be Fun? Singapore Airlines Review

Do you remember the days when flying was still fun and something you would actually look forward to? Yes, that was a long time ago, right? But recently, I had a flight experience that reminded me of how it used to be. I flew from Los Angeles to Singapore (via Seoul) on my recent trip to Indonesia and here is my full Singapore Airlines review and why it was actually fun to sit for 17+ hours in a tin can above the Pacific.

Singapore Airlines Review – The Food

Singapore Airlines Review - Best Airline Food - What is the Best Airline to Fly

Now let me get started with the actual highlight of my flight with Singapore Airlines: The FOOD! Airline food a highlight? Before you ask me if I have a fever or if I hit my head recently and offer medical advice, hear me out. I am a self-proclaimed Ethnic Food Snob. Nothing makes me happier than a decent, authentic Asian meal, whether it may be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Philippino, Thai or other cuisines that I fell in love with when I lived and traveled all over Asia. And honestly the last place I would have expected to find such a meal was on board of an airplane. But Singapore Airlines surprised yet again!

After boarding, I was handed a menu with all different food options available during the flight. We could choose between a Western-style menu and a Korean-style menu. I opted for the Korean menu of course.

Was it the best Korean food I have ever had? No. But the Bi Bim Bap I ate was very decent. The rice was soft and didn’t taste reheated. The vegetables still had that fresh crunch and juiciness and the Gochujang sauce added a nice little kick and lots of flavor to the meal. The beef was nicely browned and didn’t have that chewy texture that meat on airplanes usually has.

Delicious Korean Food on Singapore Airlines - Singapore Airlines Review

Why is it so good? Because Singapore Airlines went a step further and hired Michelin star winning chef Yim Jung-sik to create the menu. When he designed the menu, he adapted his dishes to fit the unique challenges that airplane food has to overcome. Due to air pressure, our palate changes and we cannot taste sweet and salty as well as on the ground.

“Chefs have to work with a limited number of cooking equipment in the air, so the process of putting together a good meal was quite a challenge,” said Yim.

“I tried to put together traditional Korean dishes with enhanced food texture.”

Very low humidity and the use of convection ovens dry out the food and give it that leftover taste and texture. While most airlines do make adjustments to the recipes they serve, Singapore Airlines goes a step further. Their food supplier SATS tests the recipes in a pressurized airplane kitchen to make sure that the food is as good as it can be at 35000 feet. Pretty cool, hm?

Singapore Airlines Review – The Airplane

View from Above - Singapore Airlines ReviewI am by no means an Airline geek, but the Boing 777-300ER is a beautiful plane and probably one of the best long-haul planes there is. Their 3-3-3 configuration in Economy gives you a little more room and if you are lucky like me and get an Emergency exit seat, you’ll also get ample of leg room.

Every seat has a power outlet and a USB charger, which is good and bad: Good, if you forgot to charge your phone and bad because you can’t use a dead laptop battery as an excuse to not get any work done. No matter what though, it will make the time in the air pass much quicker, when you can entertain yourself and keep busy.

Singapore Airlines Review – Amenities & Service

Remember when service in an airplane, yes even in economy, felt like a visit to a fancy restaurant? Elegantly dressed flight attendants were smiling as they handed you a hot, steamy towel before landing to freshen up. I know! I miss those days too.

But there are still a few airlines that give you that special feeling. Singapore Airlines is one of them. The service throughout the 17+ hour flight was remarkable. What was so special about it? Honestly, it wasn’t anything big, but 1000 little things, like:

  • The flight attendants were helpful, courteous, and attentive. I sat in the emergency exit row and didn’t have a seat in front of me, so I had to put my purse in the overhead bin. The flight attendant did not only put the purse up for me and the girl next to me, she also gave them back to us after take-off without us asking for it.
  • I thought hot towels were a thing of the past, at least in Economy. But on my flights to Singapore, I received hot towels not only once, but twice!
  • Onboard service was fast, efficient, and Los Angeles-Singapore with Singapore Airlines Reviewconstant. The flight attendants were constantly walking up and down the aisle offering us drinks and treats or collecting trash.
  • From check-in to leaving the airplane, every crew member and Singapore Airlines personnel that I encountered was going out of their way to help me and make my flight more comfortable and they always had a smile on their face.
  • We received a little amenities bag with an eye mask, a toothbrush, and a tiny travel size toothpaste. It has been a long time that I have received an amenities bag on a flight in Economy. In the bathrooms onboard, they also offered mouthwash and hand lotion, which is always welcome to freshen up on those long flights.
  • The Entertainment options are more than satisfying. There are many new movies, documentaries, and TV shows that will keep you entertained and satisfy your binge-watching needs.

Singapore Airlines Review – My Verdict:

I know that even with all those amenities, flying will not be the most favorite part of the trip for most passengers. I would love to beam myself instantly to my dream destination, and if it were possible, I am sure you would as well. But alas, we are not there yet and in the meantime, my trip with Singapore Airlines from Los Angeles to Singapore and back was as comfortable as one could hope for in Economy. Singapore Airlines and their awesome staff did everything in their power to make my time with them as pleasant as possible and I really appreciate it.

As a frequent flyer, I have traveled with many airlines, but Singapore Airlines really stood out in their service and even if prices were slightly higher, I would choose this airline for my next flight. They offer quite a few destinations in the US and Europe, definitely keep an eye out for them, when you book your next flight.

I want to give full disclosure: I did not pay for these flights. However, I also did not receive any special treatment on the flight. The people around me received the same service and were treated just as courteously. As always, my opinion remains my own (please see full disclosure below).


Disclosure: My trip to Indonesia was courtesy of the Indonesian Consulate in Houston, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the local Tourism Boards of South Sumatra and Riau Islands. They organized and sponsored my trip, while Singapore Airlines graciously covered my flights, however, my opinion on this blog remains my own and I am sharing my experience and adventures in Indonesia as objectively as possible.

Singapore Airlines Review – Pin for later:

Singapore Airlines Review - What Airline Should I fly? What is the best airline?

Radha Raghunath

Sunday 17th of December 2017

I have always thought the same but yesterday I returned to shanghai from chennai. I had requested for Indian vegetarian meal as usual. Hey served breakfast which is understandable for a 7:35 departure bit. As the only meal on a flight arriving at 12:35, add the time it takes to get home from pudong airport, you leave the airport starving. On top of that, the uthappam wasn't cooked. I could taste the batter on my first bite and didn't touch further. I was shocked that this was Singapore Airlines. Rest of the service was good.


Saturday 16th of December 2017

Tasty food on an airplane does sound like something incredible! I have only had really good food in the air a couple of times, and I fly at least once a month return! Heck, most of the time there is no food at all, but of course I don't do that many long haul :D


Saturday 16th of December 2017

That sounds brilliant. Attention to detail is always great, and I love that you got proper crunchy veggies with your meal; it's so noteworthy to get something interesting to eat on board. The amenities kit is a nice touch too.


Saturday 16th of December 2017

I flew Singapore Airlines business class from Newark to Singapore and it was amazing. I wish more airlines followed their lead.


Saturday 16th of December 2017

This looks like such a great time! I’ve never flown with Singapore Airlines before but it’s on the top of my list for when I finally make it out that way!

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