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Eating in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District

Copenhagen is giving new meaning to the idea of dining at the source, and the Meatpacking District is experiencing an interesting transformation: from butcher shop to upscale restaurant venue.

This neighborhood dates back to the 1880s and was known for one of the highest concentrations of butchers in Europe. But now, the white coats and cattle stables have been replaced with art galleries, energetic nightlife spots, wine bars, and fine restaurants serving delicious food.

Venture to the Meatpacking District—in Danish Kødbyen, literally translated as “the meat-town”— to dine amongst Danes seeking some of Copenhagen’s best fish, tapas, and of course, meat. Do not miss the following restaurants during an exploration of Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District.

Recommended Restaurants in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District


It might be counterintuitive to go out for fish in the Meatpacking District, but take a seat at Fiskebaren and you will see why this restaurant is one of the most popular in the neighborhood. The best seats in the house are right at the bar, where you can watch the chef shuck fresh oysters. Some visitors might prefer to sit near the jellyfish aquarium or on a warm night, outside on the patio. Local Danish seafood—from razor clams to blue mussels to trout—are all on the menu here.


One restaurant that fits right into the Meatpacking District is Nose2Tail, a sustainable kitchen that is devoted to using the entire animal with minimal waste. All meat and vegetables are sourced locally and chefs get creative with whatever they have on hand to create the day’s menu. Kick off your meal with a board featuring Danish cheeses and sausages. For a main course, choose between the meat or fish daily special. On the day of my visit, I sampled both a hearty fish stew and tender braised pork neck over lentils.

Paté Paté

Buildings in the Meatpacking District have found new life. What was once a liver paté factory has been reimagined as a comfortable wine bar. If you feel like grazing on tapas and sampling wine, this modern bistro is the perfect spot. They are also open for breakfast, lunch, or even grabbing a cup of coffee during the day. Check out the blackboards for the current menu and don’t miss their delicious homemade breads.


One of the most unusual restaurants in the Meatpacking District is BioMio. When you walk in, you are handed a menu and an ordering card. Instead of sitting at a table and ordering with a wait person, you hand the ordering card to one of the chefs at the open kitchen. In this environmentally friendly restaurant, you will have the opportunity to interact with the chefs when you order and pick up your own food right at the counter of the kitchen. This is a large space, so expect a bustling atmosphere (not the best choice for a quiet, romantic meal).

Beyond dining, there are other reasons to wander through the Meatpacking District. If you’re interested in art, check out the work of emerging artists at V1 Gallery or photography exhibitions at DASK. After dinner, check out local cocktail or nightlife venues. Listen to live music at Jolene Bar or sip a beer at the cozy Mesteren & Lærlingen.

Copenhagen is full of classic sights, but for a taste of how Copenhagen is changing, venture to the Meatpacking District.

Written by Jessica Colley for

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