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Best Places to Stay in Edinburgh

Lets have a look at some of the best places to stay in Edinburgh for all sorts of budgets. But, first things first. If you are planning on visiting Edinburgh during the festival months of August and September, make sure you book accommodation in advance. The town is at its buzzing best during these months but finding a last minute room may be next to impossible. Particularly if you are operating on a budget.

With that said,  we’ll start with the cheap and cheerful. For some of us, all we need is a bed to get a few fitful hours of sleep and a shower down the hall. If this is you, consider one of Edinburgh’s many great youth hostels.

And you don’t have to be a youth to stay at one. I’m well into my 30’s and wouldn’t hesitate if it fit my needs. And, hostels sometimes offer private rooms that can be had at the fraction of the cost of a hotel room.

Some of Edinburgh’s better hostels are  Castle Rock Hostel, High Street Hostel and the Royal Mile Backpackers. Keep in mind that youth hostels are very social places so if you are looking for privacy, head elsewhere.

Edinburgh is home to a great number of inns, guesthouses and B&B’s. These always vary in price but usually aren’t as expensive as hotels. 19 Meadow Place just across from Edinburgh’s version of Central Park, the Meadows, offers affordable accommodation in a beautiful setting.

With modern, comfortable rooms and a great location, 19 Meadows Place is a good example of what can be had in the £40 per night price range. In addition to the Meadows, other good areas to look for similar accommodation are the Grassmarket, New Town and Stockbridge. Both of these locations have restaurants, nightlife, and cultural activities within walking distance and are either walkable or a short bus or taxi ride from the Royal Mile.

Another option for B&B’s and guesthouses is on the Mayfield Gardens. Mayfield Gardens is a road that is home to a nice collection of stately B&B’s that offer a quiet alternative to Royal Mile area accommodations. They are on the outer edge of walkable but situated a five to ten minute bus ride from the Royal Mile. An excellent choice is 23 Mayfield Gardens.

For luxury accommodation, look no further than the grand Balmoral Hotel. Located at the foot of South Bridge just off the Royal Mile, the Balmoral is an Edinburgh landmark. And, the Balmoral is about as close as you can get to staying at Hogwarts. The Balmoral is where author J.K. Rowling put the finishing touches on her last Harry Potter book.

The Howard Hotel in New Town, the Scotsman Hotel just off the Royal Mile and the Radisson Blu Hotel right on the Royal Mile also offer upscale accommodation in historic, convenient and luxurious settings.

 Written by Robert Lovik for

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