My Favorite Foods of Europe

Yummy Stroopwafels

To travel is to taste the world. And Europe presents a particularly eclectic hotchpotch of flavours. From the strange to the sublime, I’ve sampled various dishes and foodstuffs throughout my jaunts across the continent and here (in no particular order) are some of my personal favourites: Gran Canaria Though the Atlantic archipelago presents a popular European mix of English, German and Italian ... Read Full Article

Tune in to Germany’s Business Culture

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Doing business in Germany can be an unfamiliar experience for someone from an English-speaking country. And the differences can start right from a first meeting. Seniority within a company is important, so it’s good to be clear about someone’s job title and responsibilities. The distinction between the executive role of managers and the monitoring role of directors is quite clear-cut. The ... Read Full Article

10 Top Sights in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

The top sights in Berlin range from world-class museums to WWII memorials. The Nazi regime brought the city to its knees, and several sights tell of the atrocities and crimes committed by the Nazis. Visiting these sights can be both painful and educational. Other top sights focus on world history and art. Berlin, for example, has amassed one of the best collections of ancient Greek and Egyptian ... Read Full Article

Classic Sights in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin is an exhilarating city full of art, music, café culture, and nightlife. While the German capital has a palpable creative energy today, there is also plenty of history worth exploring. Before wandering to buzzing neighborhoods like Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain, get your bearings by visiting some of Berlin’s most classic sights. Not only are these sights fascinating from a historical ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Berlin: Editor’s Picks

Adagio Berlin Kurfurstendamm

The exuberant city of Berlin provides a huge number of  'where to stay' options; and we’ve put together a list of the best hotels for every price-point. These hotel recommendations also provide information on how close the hotels are to the major sights, a description of the neighborhoods in which the hotels are located, and descriptions of the rooms and their amenities. 5-Star Hotels in ... Read Full Article

Berlin or Paris …Take Your Pick

The Tuilleries in Paris

So … you have a long weekend, or a long week, or maybe two weeks to spend in a single European city and you’ve narrowed your choice to Berlin or Paris. For me, the choice is far from easy. Being a lover of large, international, bustling cities that ooze history, the cultural arts, and untold numbers of captivating attractions, I vacillate between these two dynamic European capitals. And ... Read Full Article

Top 10 Reasons Why Berlin is the Greatest City on the Continent


In 2010, Berlin-Without-A-Wall celebrated its 21st birthday. It officially became a grown-up, able to party and vote and go to war. But hear this: the war is over, the city has voted in a gay mayor, and don’t tell anyone, but Berlin started partying a long time ago! Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Berlin is the Greatest City on the Continent. 1. Recent, and Relevant, History Your grandparents ... Read Full Article

Schokofabrik, A Guesthouse in the Heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg District

The exterior of Schokofabrik a former chocolate factory and now a guesthouse in Berlin's Kreuzberg district

Many visiting Berlin opt to stay in the city center, amidst the more famous tourist sites, perhaps within walking distance of the Brandenburg Gate or near the chaos surrounding Checkpoint Charlie. A unique approach to Germany’s capital city is to stay in a residential neighborhood, such as Kreuzberg, a historically Turkish district and now an increasingly trendy area. Schokofabrik, a guesthouse ... Read Full Article

Berlin’s Infamous Olympiastadion

Olympia Stadion Entrance

One of the world’s most infamous sports stadiums sits just to the west of downtown Berlin. The Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium) was erected at the request of Adolf Hitler ahead of the 1936 summer Olympic as a demonstration of the power of the newly elected Nazi party. It was designed to resemble the Roman coliseum, but on a much larger scale. Despite the destruction of much of Berlin in the late ... Read Full Article

Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial

memorial 02

  Beyond the Brandenburg Gate, past the Reichstag, ignoring Checkpoint Charlie, one of Berlin’s most fascinating sites is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, known as  the Holocaust Memorial. Situated near some of Berlin’s most renowned monuments, the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial stands in stark contrast to those more famous sites. A paved area ... Read Full Article