Copenhagen and Tallinn: A Fine Vacation Pair

eating when visiting Copenhagen and Tallinn

Copenhagen and Tallinn are just a short flight from each other. If you are visiting lovely Copenhagen, be sure to take a side trip to Tallin. Visit Copenhagen Copenhagen’s famed art and design museums, grand historical sites, lively urban parks, and dynamic restaurant scene makes it an easy city to love. Flat and manageable in size, the city center’s streets are abuzz with walkers and cyclists. ... Read Full Article

Review of Hotel Bern – Tallinn, Estonia


Hotel Bern sits in a very convenient location on the eastern edge of the Old Town (city center) of Tallinn, making it an excellent starting point no matter which direction you wish to explore. The main city square is a 5 minute walk, the Toompea (Upper Town) and ship port are both a 10 minute walk, and some of the best restaurants and attractions are right in between. The Viru gate (the entrance ... Read Full Article

Europe’s Spas: Getting Naked With the Locals


Europeans are nothing if not total hedonists. They love good food, good wine, and at the end of the day, they love a good spa. From Iceland to Estonia, spas are an integral part of life and often one of a city's major tourist attractions. But these aren't new-age, luxury spas where you have chocolate massages and drink matcha tea. These European spas are hot and sweaty, in centuries-old buildings, ... Read Full Article