A Tour of London’s Street Art

Crane by Belgian artist Roa

Next time you're in the East End, take a moment to soak up London's street art. It's bold, witty and often subversive, much like the city itself. The works of artists who revel in pseudonyms like Jimmy C, Stik, Ronzo and, of course, Banksy, have turned the formerly mean streets of Spitalfields and Shoreditch into a continually evolving open air art gallery. Once, not so long ago, the East ... Read Full Article

A Victorian Valhalla: Meeting London’s Famous Dead at Highgate Cemetery

Visitors come to a dead stop when they first see the gateway to Egyptian Avenue. Flanked by two pairs of columns with lotus bud capitals and a forbidding overhead archway, it leads to the “Street of the Dead”.

London’s renowned Highgate Cemetery exudes its own distinct spirit as you stroll through its long, narrow winding gravel paths. Shaded by a forest canopy of ancient, leafy, towering oaks, alders, willows, and silver birch and chestnut trees, you can see all of England’s quintessential natural beauty within the 37-acre confines of this park-like necropolis. At Highgate, nature’s ground cover ... Read Full Article

York’s Medieval Streets Resound With History

Yorkshire Museum. Although this museum is last on my list, it’s definitely not the least!

  The Romans knew it as Eboracum. To the Saxons it was Eoforwick. Then the Vikings named it Jorvik. Today we know it as York, England. In Roman times York became such a well-established political and commercial center that people lived on here for millennia afterwards. The city still bears evidence of all its eras and occupations.   Due to the numerous uncovered artifacts ... Read Full Article

Eight Ways to Beat Jet Lag in London

Up at the O2 Arena

Thanks to free museums and stunning architecture, London is frequently the first stop for many travelers going to Europe. This means that London is also where many travelers face jet lag. Thankfully, this dynamic city offers plenty of fun and surprising activities to keep you awake, from climbing to the top of its O2 Arena for a bird’s-eye view to sipping some of the best coffee in the world. Here ... Read Full Article

The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

17th century house

You’ve got to hand it to the English—they do a marvelous job of preserving their heritage, especially in museums. But the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum has taken preservation of ancient buildings to a whole new level. In the middle of the rolling green hills of rural Sussex, about 50 miles southwest of London, you’ll find an enormous 50-acre farm dotted with 45 historic homes, farms, and ... Read Full Article

Tarry a While at England’s Medieval Festival, Herstmonceaux Castle, East Sussex


  Drawing on their authentic medieval heritage, the British do a superb job of re-enacting the life and times of their forebears. And no re-enactment is better than England’s Medieval Festival, held in late August every year, near the tiny village of Herstmonceaux in East Sussex, a 1.5-hour drive southeast of London. Two things make this event especially noteworthy. It’s the largest such ... Read Full Article

Top 5 Coastal Walks in Cornwall

Lizard Point

  With its miles of stunning coastline and rolling hills, it’s not surprising that an estimated 5 milllion tourists visit Britain’s most south westerly county each year. Along with the surfers, sunbathers and stag parties come thousands of ramblers to take advantage of the many beautiful walks in Cornwall. Twelve separate regions of Cornwall have been named as official ‘Areas of ... Read Full Article

Kensington Palace: Romance, Tragedy and Scandal in the Royal Residence

Kensington Palace in London

On a recent visit to London, I only had a morning to spend sight-seeing so I chose a visit to Kensington Palace. I had no idea when I went there how much I would learn about the romance, tragedy and scandals of the royalty who had occupied the palace over the centuries. Kensington Palace has been a royal residence since the 17th century and some of the most important moments in royal ... Read Full Article

London’s Alexandra Palace: The People’s Palace

The Alexandra Palace

When I was a youngster, growing up during WWII, every evening I’d sit in my grandparent’s kitchen and together we’d listen to the wavering voice of the BBC broadcasting the war news from London England. My father was serving as a chaplain at a field hospital in Holland. So after the news,Grandpa and I would put coloured tacks on a map over the table that showed, from the news, where the action of ... Read Full Article

A Visit to the Coronation Church – Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey Interior

I, like millions of others, watched the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton in 2011, and the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. So, on a recent trip to London I couldn't wait to visit Westminster Abbey, the scene of these celebrations. Westminster Abbey was founded by Benedictine monks in 960. In 1245, Henry III began building the present church and ... Read Full Article