A Fashion Road Trip through Eastern Europe

Beautiful fashions at 7tm

Americans love road trips. Americans love shopping. So, it seemed only natural that we fashionistas would combine our two favorite pastimes and plan a mini road trip through Eastern Europe, all in the name of shopping. The plan was to start in Prague, travel through the Czech Republic into Austria, then Slovakia and end up in Budapest. As usual, we wanted first class accommodations ... Read Full Article

Bratislava, the New Capital of Cool

St. Michaels Gate in Bratislava

If Prague’s carousing stag parties wore you out, Vienna feels too much like a museum, and Budapest seems too sprawling, the cure is Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. It is a charming, compact city, rich in architecture and history, buzzing with energy and seriously underrated. It is also cheaper and much less crowded than the other cities on the Central European loop and well worth a ... Read Full Article

Discover the New Heart of Europe: Slovakia

Slovakians inherited some of the best aspects of its five border neighbors: they enjoy Czech-style brewing, Polish diligence, Austrian architecture, Ukrainian good looks, and Hungarian stews. The one thing Slovakia can claim outright is the fact that it’s an undiscovered travel jewel. Culturally and geographically diverse, it’s simply a beautiful bargain. Want to experience classic Europe ... Read Full Article