What to do in Valencia in Summer

A view over Valencia

 If you can stand the heat, Valencia is one of the best European cities to visit in the summer. As the third biggest city in Spain, the centre of Valencia has a real neighbourhood feel and almost everything is within walking distance. And thanks to its array of attractions, restaurants and nightlife, there's really something for everyone. Free activities in Valencia In the historic centre of ... Read Full Article

Burning Down the House (Literally!): Celebrating Valencia’s Las Fallas Festival

The Spanish city of Valencia is a fun place to visit at any time of year. But for five days in March, something extra special takes place. Processions wind through the city streets, with thousands of locals dressed in gorgeous traditional costumes. Parties and concerts begin at 1:30am and last until the next day. Parades liven up the afternoons and fireworks light up the midnight sky. There is ... Read Full Article

Valencia, a City in Seven Markets

If you’ve been to Spain, you’ll know that life there is lived by night: evening strolls, late dinners and drinks in the cafés, tapas bars and nightclubs. To feel the real spirit of Spain, you must stay out late. However, there is one thing that gets even the latest night owls out of bed before noon: the street markets. Spain is renowned for its bustling mercadillos; stalls set up in the streets ... Read Full Article

EuropeUpClose Picks for Best Cities in Europe for Canoodling

Rome at Night

Looking for romantic Europe?   From the cozy canals of Venice, to sophisticated Paris, to mysterious Valencia, Spain, Europe offers romance around every corner. You can find romance anywhere, but these cities are our favorites for finding that special spot for canoodling. Venice, Italy The city of quiet canals and music is our choice for the best city in Europe for canoodling. What is more ... Read Full Article

La Tomatina: Spain’s Slippery Free-for-All

La Tomatina is the wildest, sloppiest and silliest event on the European festival calendar. On a day when restaurants in Spain must be scrambling to find tomatoes, this event is a lot of fun. And like all good and messy festivals, it takes place in Spain. The night he returned  to London, Kyle noticed something strange happening all over his body. “There was a rash, and welts, breaking out on ... Read Full Article

Put Valencia, Spain on Your Bucket List

With a metropolitan area population of over 1.5 million, Spain's thriving Valencia is the third largest city in the country.Valencia was founded by Romans in 138 BC, and is now a haven for tourists and sun-worshipers because of its year-round warm climate, wonderful beaches, and fine cuisine. We spent our first half-day in Valencia by accident. We left our mid-summer tour early in the morning ... Read Full Article

Two Short Weeks in Spain

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

A few years ago, my husband Bill and I, along with several other bloggers, were invited by the Land of Valencia Tourist office on a trip to experience the Valenciana  area of Spain and the FIB Music Festival, held for the past 17 years in Benicassim. Although we have traveled to Europe more than 40 times, this was our first trip to Spain. We were delighted with the invitation, and we ... Read Full Article

Visiting Valencia, Spain

  Located on Spain’s eastern coast, Valencia is the country’s third largest city. Valencia’s 811,000 inhabitants enjoy life in one of Spain’s most vibrant and historic cities. Where to go in Valencia I recommend beginning your visit in the old quarter. Until the mid-nineteenth century, this part of the city was defended by a peripheral wall, fragments of which can still be seen as you ... Read Full Article

Spain’s Best Culinary Experiences

Spain is a culinary wonderland as diverse in tastes as it is in landscape and culture. From the hot, dry south of the Andalusia region to the hilly northern Basque country, Spain offers delicious delights at every turn. Here are some of the top tastes to try when visiting Spain. Rioja Wine Spain’s famous wine region is a can’t miss destination for any wine lover.  There are over 500 wineries ... Read Full Article